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NY foodies going on last minute trip to LA...overwhelmed with food choices

Sorry if I'm all over the place with this. We are staying in Santa Monica-willing to travel for dinner- would like to stay in the Santa Monica area during the day. Looking for dinner recommendations price is not a factor. We really enjoy Napa style cuisine (does that make sense?). Super fine dining is not really our thing because of my picky protein palate (chicken, beef, pork no seafood). I would also love lite meal recs for lunch in the Santa Monica area maybe a mexican/taco spot type place? If you feel there is a "must go/can't miss" spot in Santa Monica for anything (dessert/bakery/snack/food/cocktail) please let me know. My vacation is all about the food! Thank you Thank you

May 05, 2013
gmalsgirl in Los Angeles Area