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Best Instant Noodles I've Had!

I'm going to lay it on the line here. The other day I tried "The Best" instant noodles--from Wei-Chuan brand. The actual dish with these noodles was a beef noodle soup. There might be some skeptics out there who would say, "Well, instant noodles aren't all that great. My favorite instant noodles are.." (and blah blah).

For those who have not tried this out before, it is a "Must-try". The beef was flavorful and good quality (for being in an instant noodle package) and the noodles had a nice, chewy texture to it. Also, (again it being an instant noodle package) the quantity they give is huge!

I actually have some nice pics to go along with it:

I would implore you all to try this out. A fast and easy dish to make, and most importantly the taste is superb!

May 23, 2013
TheNoodleGuy in General Topics

Did anyone know there was Udon Ramen?

Sorry about all the confusion. Had a long day yesterday and wasn't really paying attention when I wrote Ramen. What I meant to say was Instant Noodle instead of Ramen.

Just wanted to get some feedback on these instant noodle bowls, that's all.

Again, sorry for any confusion.

May 15, 2013
TheNoodleGuy in General Topics

Did anyone know there was Udon Ramen?

Yes I've seen them as well in asian grocery stores. I guess it's pretty great to see that major chains like Costco are beginning to sell these :) I suppose that Instant Ramen from Maruchan is going to get major competition now

May 14, 2013
TheNoodleGuy in General Topics

Did anyone know there was Udon Ramen?

So I went to Costco the other day to do some regular shopping and saw a Nong Shim Udon Noodle Bowl for sale. I never seen a Udon that's a ramen before so I had to try it.

For those that haven't tried it, I would suggest that you try it if you like Japanese Udon noodles. I think only certain Costco's carry this Udon from some research I did but for sure they carry it here in the Bay Area.

The amount they give you in this bowl is a lot more than your regular packaged ramen.

Let me know what you guys think if anyone has ever tried this Udon Ramen Bowl!

May 14, 2013
TheNoodleGuy in General Topics

Has Anyone Tried An The Go Food Truck?

going to have try that sometime :) reminds of a good salmon crispy roll from The House on Grant Ave in North Beach. I love the combination of seafood and a crunch to it!

Has Anyone Tried An The Go Food Truck?

So the other day, I tried a food truck which I've tried a few times before. I actually went back to this place because it was right near my work. And after each time I've gone back, I always try to convince myself that the garlic noodles (which I regularly get) here would be good or better than last time.

Not sure how long I can keep occasionally going to this place, but I just thought I'd share my experience with it and if anyone has ever tried An The Go--perhaps shed some light on your own experience?

I am not a real big fan of food trucks, particularly Off The Grid which I'm sure most people know who live in SF or other parts of the bay area, that they're pretty popular among the "foodies".

Dry Noodles in San Jose and San Francisco

Thanks drewskiSF! I'll be checking this one out soon :)

Dry Noodles in San Jose and San Francisco

Good to know Melanie and thanks for the pics :) The hu tieu nam vank kho looks delicious. I'll try that sometime.

My Favorite Noodle Spots in San Francisco

I actually tried that place out last week for the first time! I tried their duck egg noodle soup :)

The broth at Pho Tan Hoa is very clean and flavorful which I always look for in pho. Also, it didn't taste like it had MSG in it either which is a WIN as well.

Dry Noodles in San Jose and San Francisco

Yah I think I have tried this place before in Oakland. I honestly don't remember how the dry noodles tasted. I'm going to to have to try this place again as well

Dry Noodles in San Jose and San Francisco

I agree with that lol. Headaches are the fatal results of eating Hu Tieu. I'm going to have to try this other place out Nam Vang-thanks!

Dry Noodles in San Jose and San Francisco

This last weekend, I tried a Vietnamese place that a friend of mine recommended to me a few years back. I just had to recommend this place to people who are ever in the San Jose area.

The name of the place is called Dalat Restaurant and they are known for their Hu Tieu dry noodles. Since summer is vastly approaching, I'd figure I share a great place to get good dry noodles since cold/dry noodles are a perfect choice for hot weather :)

I must admit though, that the noodles were a bit soft and harder to chew since they were of the wider type. The broth that came with the noodles was a good compliment to it.

An alternative, if you're ever in the San Francisco Area is Pho Ha Nam Ninh which is in the Tenderloin area. Now their dry noodles are amazing--ask for #25 DRY and Large!!

Trust me, once you try this dish out and whether you live in SF or coming from San Jose, it's well worth it :
Oh and please let me know what Dry Noodle places any of you have tried before. There's a possibility that I might not have tried a place somewhere in the bay area.

Feeling Italian Today!

True indeed. Great Italian food is certainly not cheap, but for the price and quality depending where one goes for pasta, I wouldn't mind paying a few extra bucks ;)

Feeling Italian Today!

thanks Robert for the recommendations. Seems like you frequent or have been to many Italian eateries. I have heard of Perbacco but their prices are pretty high aren't they?

Feeling Italian Today!

gosh that sounds amazing! thanks for the recommendation. gonna have to try these places soon!

Feeling Italian Today!

I have been to a few Italian restaurants in San Francisco: 1) Buca di Beppo for a nice big, family-style spaghetti 2) Tony's Pizza, for a New York style slice 3) North Beach Pizza for a little bit of both ;)

Any recommendations or favorites on good Italian eateries around the bay?
Keep in mind, that I love noodles and if it's going to be Italian then any type of pasta would suffice!

My Favorite Noodle Spots in San Francisco

Thanks for that update!

My Favorite Noodle Spots in San Francisco

Ahh you beat me to it! I was going to update haha. Anyways, the broth at Pho 2000 in my opinion does taste a little sweet. Compared to TT, the broth at TT is more clear, not too heavy, and just love the Chicken Pho Ga.

I would recommend just trying Pho 2000 for the experience and more importantly, there portions are quite HUGE--that is if you like big portions :)

My Favorite Noodle Spots in San Francisco

This is just a small list of noodle restaurants that I visit frequently:

1. Kirimachi-
450 Broadway St
(between Kearny St & Rowland St)
San Francisco, CA 94133

2. Pho 2000-
637 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

3. Turtle Tower
501 6th St
(between Brannan St & I-280)
San Francisco, CA 94103
**This one is the 2nd location. The other one, which is the first and popular one to go to has been moved to a different location. Before it used to be in the Tenderloin on Eddy. I believe the moved to someplace on Geary (will keep you all updated).

4. Katana-Ya
@ Union Square, San Francisco
430 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102

5. Pho Tan Hoa
@ Tenderloin
431 Jones St
(between Antonio St & Ellis St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

If you want to see a complete list of all the noodle places I've visited, especially in the entire SF Bay Area check out:

Also check out the top 21 Bowls of Noodles in Bay Area:

Hopefully you all have found a favorite out of this list :)

Looking for humanely priced ramen? Help may be on the way with Raijin Kitchen on Taraval [San Francisco]

Yes most certainly. The ramen world is certainly a phenomenon. I'd have to say that I love ramen and pho since the places that have them are near my work area. I usually go to eat pho during lunch time. I am a loyal patron to great pho places such as Pho Tan Hoa, Turtle Tower, and Pho 2000.

Looking for humanely priced ramen? Help may be on the way with Raijin Kitchen on Taraval [San Francisco]

seems like a great spot :) Yah average price for a bowl of ramen, particularly here in San Francisco is like $12-$13. I used to go to Katana-Ya alot on Geary, but my go to spot now, specifically in the North Beach area is Kirimachi on Broadway and their ramen bowls average around $9-$10.

I actually have a blog post about it:

It's great to know that there is another fellow ramen lover!