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Costco - 8qt oval Le Creuset, erg, I mean "Kirkland Signature" French Oven - $79

I just found it marked down to $59 at a local Costco. That sucker is huge. BUT for that price, given its the last of the stock available, I nabbed it right up. I mean really...a French made DO for $59?? That's unheard of...and with Costco's satisfaction membership style guarantee backing it up, I decided to buy it and see what happens. Yeah, it's 8 qts and yeah a 6 qt round may be more versatile many dishes or for searing/ browning the meat to start a recipe, but for this price I'll wrestle the darn thing a bit and see what happens. I still can't believe it...$59 for a French Oven. That's crazy!

May 01, 2013
Thompsonaccount in Cookware