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Best Amaro, available in Rome not Chicago

I should have posted this question here (as well as on the Italy Board).
A friend of mine loves Amari, and she has tried a lot of them. Only a few kinds are available in the Chicago area. I am in Rome, and I wanted to get a nice bottle for her (one that she could not easily get in the States). Any suggestions?

Jan 05, 2013
Pappardelle in Spirits


I would like to buy a nice bottle of Amaro for a friend in the States who is in love with it. She has tried all the ones that are available in Chicago/Milwaukee, but while in Rome, I was hoping to buy her a nice bottle. She loved Amaro di Abruzzo, which I brought back a couple years ago. Any suggestions on what to buy or where to go in Rome?

Jan 05, 2013
Pappardelle in Italy

2 restaurants near university

Well, they are both written up in GR as being on the lower end of good places to eat. Burro e sugo might be a haunt for college kids. I Butteri apparently is enormous. I have decided to save my money for a couple of wonderful, more expensive places recommended on this board. I am near Trionfale market, and I can cook at home while I am here for the month!

Jan 05, 2013
Pappardelle in Italy

2 restaurants near university

I am just back in Rome after being away for a couple of years. I lived here for many years (when things cost a lot less!!). I got some recommendations for inexpensive restaurants near the university, and I was hoping for some feedback: Burro e Sugo and i Butteri.

Dec 29, 2012
Pappardelle in Italy

Minneapolis weekend

Dear all,
Your feedback on Minneapolis was excellent. The two best meals we had -- Travail and Blackbird -- are ones you all had suggested but that I had not originally listed. I went to Travail with 3 others, and we all had the tasting menu for 40 dollars. We were all pleased with everything. I especially loved the pasta dishes and the hamachi. Everything was beautifully plated. The wine pours were very generous. At Blackbird, everyone loved their meals -- the potato pancakes with poached eggs and cured fish were a favorite. I, however, devoured my Bahn Mi sandwich! For one dinner we ended up going to Bar La Grassa, which was very good, although some of the flavors got a bit redundant. Spare ribs were very good and the fresh pastas were well prepared. Lucia's was pretty good for brunch, but some things were so so (salad with shrimp). The sweet dishes seemed to be a hit. All and all, it was quite a successful Chowhound experience, and I have only you all to thank for it!

Minneapolis weekend

Thanks for your great recommendations for Minneapolis. In a little while, I am going there for a weekend with some other foodie friends. How does this look below? Also, I was wondering if people could suggest some good "cocktail" locations - vintage drinks with local ingredients perhaps?

#1 Dinner choice
#2 Choice for dinner, lunch; definitely brunch!
#3 Choice for dinner, lunch or maybe brunch
Strip Club - drink/small plate?

Vietnamese LUNCH!!!
Upscale: (YUM possibility)

Abruzzo - national parks? or Le Marche?

Dear all,
Thanks so much for your recent Rome posts. I lived in Rome for 4 years, and now after a couple of years of being away, I am here for a month housesitting, and I have found your suggestions to be very helpful. I will report back with a full report on August eating in Rome - I promise. My dear friends live in a little town in Abruzzo near Teramo, and I have eaten countless unforgettable holiday and non-holiday meals with them. I will be visiting there this weekend. But, for the first time, I will be venturing out in their region alone for one night, or with my American traveling companion. We have no plans as of yet, and we were thinking of heading around by the national parks, but everything is up in the air (including the precise evening). Does anyone have any suggestions for evening restaurants in the region of Abruzzo, perhaps near the national parks? L'Aquila? My friends produce virtually everything they make at home with stuff from their garden. They never eat out, and, frankly, we are telling them we are going farther away from them so they don't insist we stay there another night! Le Marche is also an option. Our travel plans might be dictated by a really good foodie location.

Aug 09, 2011
Pappardelle in Italy

Green Tea Two thumbs up

This is great, inexpensive sushi in Lincoln Park. I can't believe I haven't known about this place until now. The shrimp maki special is lovely. There are like 5 tables and no reservations so plan wisely (and only go with one or two others).

Just came up from air after crazy academic year and now I am frantic to have as many delicious meals as possible before leaving Chicago - for Milwaukee but still :(

I will be searching the boards this summer!

May 20, 2010
Pappardelle in Chicago Area

Superb meal at Joshua's in Wells, Maine

A few weeks ago my friend and I (both from Chicago) spent a weekend in Maine. It was a chilly weekend so naturally we wanted to make it up by eating a ton of yummy food. Joshua's did the trick. We actually ate there two nights in a row because we didn't want to risk being disappointed the second night!

I had thee lobster pot pie one night and then lamb the second night. My friend had haddock and then the vegetarian gnocchi dish. Everything was incredibly fresh and had lovely flavor. I am still dreaming about the lobster pie! The gnocchi were so tender they melted in your mouth. The mashed potatoes rocked my world and, generally, all of the vegetables were perfectly prepared. Everything was truly amazing. We appreciated especially the flavor and texture of the different broths we tried, which came across as rich in flavor but not too rich. Every dish seemed so carefully conceived and constructed. Even though there was a packed restaurant, there were no corners cut, etc. - a sign of a quality institution.

One night Joshua also had yummy cosmos made from strawberries grown on their organic farm. He recommends going there in the high vegetable season later in the summer because they are able to all (or mainly?) the produce grown on the family's land (just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the restaurant).

This place is such a gem, and the Mather family creates an elegant atmosphere without being stuffy or overpriced. Make sure you call ahead to reserve though!

Eggs - what's your favourite preparation (dinner)

My favorite egg dish is braised lentils - just sauteed aromatics and rosemary - in beef, chicken, or vegetable borth - with poached eggs on the top.

Mar 19, 2009
Pappardelle in Home Cooking

Is this a good Bolognese Recipe?

Many Italians go by the "rule" that onions and garlic together cannot go in the same sauce. At least in Rome (where I lived for several years) onions and garlics are viewed as divergent flavors that do not complement one another in a sauce. For Bolognese, I omit garlic and stick to traditional Italian soffrito (onion, celery, and carrot). I love Hazan's recipe but I always manage to alter it every time I make it. I add a bay leave when cooking the soffito for example. I use olive oil with the butter often and do half beef, half pork. I love how the milk tenderizes the meat and the white wine flavors it. I find that the drier the wine, the better the taste. Another great recipe of hers is a tomato-based sauce with soffrito, rosemary, and pancetta - so sweet and yummy.

Jan 07, 2009
Pappardelle in Home Cooking


I had dinner at Spring last night. What an experience! My party and I did the tasting menu + wine pairings, and I am so glad we did. For those of you who don't get the tasting menu, I highly recommend the lemongrass soup with oxtail dumplings. It was out of this world. They also did a tuna sashimi alla salad nicoise.

Jan 04, 2009
Pappardelle in Chicago Area

Reviews for La Brochette ?

I have never had Moroccan food but I went here on Friday night with my girlfriends. I am not one to care much about service, but it was very slow. The guy was nice and very apologetic about everything, and after a few glasses of BYOB red, who cares?

Friends' dishes were good but mine was very good. Lamb Tagine with fried spiced potatoes. I highly recommend getting that. It was very sweet - with raisins and potatoes. I will go back and order that same dish as it is in the hood and BYOB!!

Dec 15, 2008
Pappardelle in Chicago Area

New Year's Eve Downtown

Sorry for taking so long! My friend came up w/ this list from I believe "open table," and I have seen some of them on Chowhound, and some not so recent reviews. Supposedly, these are in our price-range (100 dollarish) with fixed price menus. However, I am unsure as to whether these options are still in our price range on New Years (or if they have a more uppity menu/price for the night.). Given this very important piece of information that we have yet to acquire, can anyone speak of these specific places for a New Year's event? We are totally open for dinner - I don't particularly care if we ring in the New Year there or before.

Antica Trattoria
Cafe Claude
Flor d'Italia
Iluna Basque
Jack Falstaff
One Market (I think Z and I went here on New Years once and it was mediocre)
Rue Saint Jacques
Zingari Ristorante

New Year's Eve Downtown

I am wondering if you could suggest a venue for New Year's Eve dinner.

It will be 2 couples in their early thirties. We would like a place that we could reserve and sit down perhaps to a fixed-priced dinner, but that is close to cute places for an after dinner drink. It could be moderately expensive (75-100 dollars a head, including wine). We can research fixed priced menus but if you could recommend a few nice places for New Years, I'd really appreciate it.

We were thinking of Chinatown for New Years. Would anyone recommend going there on New Year's Eve?

Rome - Open in August?

These are some suggestions from the Gambero Rosso's "mangiare in agosto" section; many have gotten some discussion here. They probably all have websites.

Al Bric
Sanpietrino - ghetto - good, moderate food.
Le Tre Zucche - Ostiense neighborhood - elegant and supposed to be excellent for the price. It has a 35 euro tasting menu
Sora Lella - apparently not "all that" now but conveniently located on Tiber island and probably considered quaint.
Pizzeria Pariolina - Great pizza in Parioli, a neighborhood not too far by taxi from the Hilton.
Velando - a ristorante near Vaticano on Borgo Vittorio
Antico Arco - pricey if you go all out, but excellent and high quality on the Janiculum.
Arancia Blu - a vegetarian restaurant in San Lorenzo.
Asinocotto - this is supposed to be a great fish restaurant in Trastevere
Cul de Sac - wine bar with good food in the center of everything in Piazza Pasquino near Navona.
Roscioli - "Wine bar"/restaurant near Campo dei Fiori.

Jun 09, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Feta and Herbs

As for briaberger's question (I had the same one). I was going to try steaming the peppers until basically cooked (w/out stuffing of course), then stuffing them and putting in oven (325 F?). If I try it and it works I will let you know.

Jun 07, 2008
Pappardelle in Recipes

Rome - Must Do Foodie Pilgrimmage Stops?

I would say PALATIUM (sp) on Via Frattina near piazza di spagna. It is a place that just does food and wine from Lazio. During a short visit in Rome, this enoteca will give you a sampling of the regional food culture. I would advise to book ahead for weekends. I went there the other day for an aperitivo assuming I could have dinner but could not.

May 22, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

Dining in Rome this summer with children

"Moderate" in Rome is now at least 25 euro per person if you get pasta, house wine, and are sharing an appetizer or meat. Pizza in the center is about 15-20 if you are getting an appetizer, beer, and pizza.
Walking around the center doesn't take too long so even going to moderate places near Piazza Navona is an easy walk from the Pantheon. Desiderio preso per la coda on Via Palomba is a good bet. 8 euro pastas but creative stuff. Da Tonino on Governo Vecchio is cheap and open early, very local. La Foccaccia near Santa Maria della Pace is also cheap and open all day - it will hold many people in its basement. Baffetto for great roman pizza on Via Governo Vecchio. No booking possible for that one, so go early. Monte Carlo aroud the corner also pretty good pizza with great fritti.
Gelato and cafe (which you might need if traveling in 15 and with little ones) abounds in that area. San Crispino isn't to far. Mid-range restaurants near pantheon - Armando al pantheon, Da Antonio - next to Tazzo d'oro coffee bar - is supposed to be good and moderate. Take-away pizza near Largo Argentina discussed on this board good for take-away. Not too far away from the pantheon, near Campo dei fiori there is a Dar Pallaro (sp?) in the piazza with the same name which does a set menu 28 or 29 euro per person. Tons of food, so little kids can probably just pick off parents' plate and be fine!

May 15, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

Moldy Parmigiano Reggiano

I usually put it in a plastic baggie and in a tupperware. i had no idea how to store it properly. the paper towel then is the way to go. good to know.

incidentally the old, hard, cheese rinds of parmigiano are lovely to put in big batch of soup. obviously, after the mold is scraped off.
they add a nice salty flavor. i also chew em up after. that is some serious comfort food!

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in General Topics


Oh yes, I really enjoyed Gugelhof as well. So filling though. After appetizers, I could have shared an entree. I loved the atmosphere.

Quick suggestions on list of Barc. tapas and restaurants?

Thanks so much! I will report.

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Spain/Portugal

cheap good eats near the Vatican

The only good place I know near the Vatican is on Via Cipro - more convenient to the Vatican museums.
I think there are others on Andrea Doria or Giulio Cesare. It is so common, but if someone else has a local place they go to. Please let both of us know!

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

Quick suggestions on list of Barc. tapas and restaurants?

Based on your suggestions and threads - some pasted here - I have found a list of moderately priced restaurants and tapas.

Please let me know if you have any serious reservations about these places. Mainly, I am interested in your tapas suggestions because I need to narrow these down.


Bar Pinocchio: “in the La Boqueria market, just off Las Ramblas, is a gem of a place for good and freshly cooked tapas and refreshing cavas amidst the very colorful fruit, meat and vegetable stalls.” Any place in the Boqueria market is recommended, particularly El Quim de la Boqueria and Bar Pinocchio. Taktika Berri (València 169) is also supposed to be good and less crowded than Bar Pinocchio.

PARALLEL neighborhood, southeast of Las Ramblas
“Some of the absolute best tapas in BCN are at Quimet y Quimet. 25 Poeta Cabanyes and is truly a hole in the wall. Three bar stools and three high rise cocktail tables to stand at. If there is a wait, be patient and you shall be rewarded.” A lot of the tapas here is made from high quality canned foods.

Bar Jaica - Carrer de Ginebra: “It has a long bar with a few table indoors and several outdoor tables. Usually it is very crowded and spills into the street. It is on a small street off of the main street in Barceloneta. It is a tapas bar so lots of fried fish, croquettes, calamari, etc. Very smoky. Local but younger, 30ish crowd.”

Paco Merlago – "modern tapas bar with a great seafood counter (order the tallines = wedge clams, zamburinas = sweet small scallops and pepitos de ternera = veal sliders)." Considered to be one of the “best” by Chowhounders. OPEN SUNDAY!

Near Gaudi buildings - Rambla de Catalunya 100/Diagonal Metro
La Bodegueta - nice, rustic tapas place near….”the acorn fed jamon was delish!”


In El born neighborhood:

La Paradeta – 93-268-19-39 Call ahead Tues-Thurs 8-11:30pm; Fri 8pm-midnight; Sat 1-4pm and 8pm-midnight; Sun 1-4pm Address: Comercial 7. 20 euro w/ wine.

Senyor Parellada (Carrer Argenteria 37, Tel 933105094) “is “simple, traditional and good, with a lengthy menu. It's very popular so try to reserve or show up at 8:25 for the dinner opening at 8:30. Open for lunch too. [On the same street, Carrer Argenteria, the main street in El Born, there are several good restaurants and tapas bars. You can't go wrong with any of them]” 8 euro – 15 euro entrees

Santa Maria – highly recommended on this site and El Borne - C/Comerç, 17
36 euro tasting menu. “the chef worked both in el bulli and in japan, he created a combination of excellent twisted tapas and sushi.”

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Spain/Portugal

Italian Beef

ahhh, johnny's beef......i grew up so close to that one.

i used to order it "wet." definitely hot peppers....definitely.

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Chicago Area

cheap good eats near the Vatican

No problem! I know what it is like.

Pastas at Hostaria Giacomelli should be about 6 euro, but very big portions for Italy. Pizza is cheaper. You can walk out of there spending only a little over 10 euro a person for a big, delicious individual pizza and beer. They have an antipasto bar. I like their suppli and olive ascolane.

A rosticerria is a rotisserie where they sell hot "to go" dishes - including pastas, but usually the oven dishes are better, because spaghetti is only good right after it comes out of a pot of boiling water in my opinion. They usually have some places to sit depending on the place. The chickens are usually delicious, and I often enjoy a nice re-warmed eggplant parmesan - parmigiana - or a lasagna. They also have tomatoes stuffed with rice.
They usually have take-away pizza as well. I just know the one near my home, because I usually just eat at those when I am in a rush or really really lazy.

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

cheap good eats near the Vatican

More info is on the Year Review in Moderate eating in Rome:

But I would reiterate these, some which I have added:
Osteria del Angelo Via G. Bettolo - 25 euro fixed per person.
Similar trattoria and price but less know: Sagro del vino on Via Marziale - a solid, delicious, family-run place. People in the neighborhood have been going there for generations.
Dino e Toni - Via Leone IV for pizza or pasta - they have antipastos that are good and will fill everyone up.
Osteria Giocomelli - Via Faa di Bruno - huge portions of pasta - you can share. Cheap pizza, excellent.
Take away pizza at Pizzarium.
You are near a huge market on Andrea Doria - they have some pizza and breads and sandwiches, but it is mainly to take home and cook.
Most places will make sandwiches for you - La Tradizione on Via Cipro would be great for that. Have lots of picnics!
Supermarkets will make sandwiches...I think...
Rotiscerrie are the cheapest way to eat in Rome, and there is a good one on Via Cipro. You can get pasta al forno and rotisserie chicken, etc.
Insalata Riccas are pretty good salad places, and the foccacia is good. There is one in Piazza Risorgimento.

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

Toddler Recipes anyone? Help me with meatloaf!

maybe they have different name than pierogi but I used to volunteer at a literacy center and the polish students would always bring savory and sweet kinds of dumplings at the end of the year party. i tried blueberry and peach. my family is of lithuanian heritage, and we always had ones with lithuanian cheese or ground meat, always with a sautee of onions and bacon on top, and then the sour cream! or we had cepelinai as well. "zeppelin" style dumplings - big, fat, dumplings. i ate em all up when i was a kid, as well as potato pancakes, which my grandma said i used to ask for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - with apple sauce or sour cream. i know it isn't the healthiest food but it is much better than fast food in my opinion.

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Home Cooking

Year Review of Moderate Roman dining

Here is a summary of my Rome recommendations, some which have been reiterated by CH here, some not. As I am about to leave Rome in a month or two, I want to share with people some of the places I have frequented this year, and, hopefully, get a few recommendations to top off my gastronomical experience! All restaurants apart from Antico Arco and Primo are in the cheap/moderate range - 25 - 45ish euro w/ house wines. Keep in mind that I never eat dessert, I don't get first and second all the time though, and I often share plates with my partner. I am no expert, but I have been eating out in Rome for years and have recently tried a lot of the less expensive recommendations on this site or in Gambero Rosso. I know I am forgetting some places.

VATICAN/PRATI area, which is my neighborhood:

Bibi e Romeo - Via della Giuliana 87 - A traditional, Roman fish restaurant I found in Gambero Rosso; Great Rombo e patate al forno - one of my favorite Roman dishes of all time that I hope I will someday learn to make well at home!

Trattoria Micci - Via Andrea Doria - I haven't been floored by pastas but I adore their pizzas, which have a very original crust - it tastes almost buttery or something. I get 4 formaggi con rughetta, and they remember every time, because I think it might be a bit weird!

Hostaria Giacomelli - Via Faa di Bruno 25 - it has great, cheap pizza in a very Roman atmosphere; I always get the pizza with zucchine. Never tried their pasta but the portions are insanely big. I like that there are three sizes to their pizzas.

Osteria del' Angelo - Via G. Bettolo - solid, Roman food, yummy polpette with pine nuts and raisins or something, cicoria passata, 25 euro fixed price for dinner.


Antico Arco - I had an amazing experience for my 30th birthday this year - the risotto and cacio e pepe are out of this world.


Le Mani in Pasta - I can't remember street - good pasta and fish.

PARIS - lovely place with delicious Roman food. Spaghetti con vongole - another favorite of mine.

Bir e Fud - Via Benedetta 23 - molto trendy pizzeria near Tiber - good beer, wonderful ingredients - pizza parmigiana e the pizza with extra bufula mozzarella on it - perfect. They own Pizzarium, the take-away pizza place off Via Cipro near the metro, also delicious


Il Sanpietrino - Piazza Constagiuti - better than all the other moderate places in the area. Fritti are amazing. They had fried blood oranges and exquisite carciofi when I went in January. I had a Sicilian pasta dish - their tomato sauce was something special.


Settimio al Pellegrino - Via del Pellegrino 117 - simple, fresh, traditional Roman - great involtini.

Crudo - Via degli Specchi 6 - when broke, I get an aperitvo and their yummy antipasto buffet with lots of carb salads to fill up.


La Piazetta - best Rombo ever! Thanks, Maureen, if you are listening!

Cafe Cafe - great for wine, panini, and salad with guests in town. Why am I forgetting the street!


Paladium wine bar - Via Frattina - yummy wines and cheese from Lazio - a great deal for the quality! There are also firsts and seconds. Are they good?


Desiderio preso per la coda - Via Palombo - innovative, seasonal ingredients, but inexpensive. I haven't been there in several months, I always liked their risotto. A friend thought her primo was over salted but a lot of people say that about Roman food when they aren't used to the salt.

Da Tonino on Governo Vecchio - Cheap, old school Roman trattoria - I know it isn't top knotch, but it scratches an itch in an area with insanely priced food.

TESTACCIO - Pyramid stop

Da Felice - Via Mastro Giorgio 29 - Traditional Roman, very good deal for the quality.

Da Oio a Casa Mia - Via Galvani 43 - Known for their meats, especially "inner" ones.
There is something about the Carbonara that is so yummy. I know it is more soupy but so satisfying.

Hang Zhou - Chinese - certain dishes are yummy - maiale con cipollina and qualcosa - and a lot fresher than typical Chinese places here, which are hands down NAST! I haven't tried Green T near the Pantheon, because it seems on the pricey side but it is praised here.

Primo - Via del Pignetto - Very good but not all that. I had the infamous artichoke with squid. Tasty but not as good as the pork, which is something special.
Atmosphere: I felt like I needed a complete makeover afterward which, for me, detracts from the experience of chowing down - my greatest pleasure in the world! I get nervous and distracted in places where everyone looks super primped and trendy, but maybe that is because I am a midwesterner!!

Apr 27, 2008
Pappardelle in Italy

Toddler Recipes anyone? Help me with meatloaf!

how about sweet and sour meatballs? no recipe but they are sweet and high in protein. i am sure they have healthy versions of it.

how about dumplings? these are easy and great to freeze and nuke. you can add meats or make them pierogi style with fruit.

Apr 26, 2008
Pappardelle in Home Cooking