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3 days near Capitol

i'm staying at the hyatt. looking for good--

healthy and/or organic and/or vegetarian restaurants/cafes and
bakeries/places to get good baked goods

is DC known for anything? i've been here before and ate at daily grill for brunch which was very good.

please let me know of anything else thanks!

The Cupcake Shop - Raleigh

i recently went back to the cupcake shop and had a strawberry cupcake. the icing was a rich buttercream with real strawberry and tasted delicious. the cake was fresh. the presentation of the cupcakes was much better. i think they've actually improved very much and are worth a trip though not worth the rachael ray write-up.

old italian recipe--eggs and sauce

does anyone know how to make this old neapolitan recipe? my grandmother made it but i can't recreate it. there were hard yolks in it and a red sauce but not gravy--i think she used a can of tomatoes. thanks!

Nov 25, 2007
hungryman123 in Home Cooking

The Cupcake Shop - Raleigh

i also gave this place a few tries. i find the cake on many flavors to be dry. i also think the icing can be tasty, but there's too much of it. you can't eat it with your hands, you have to use a fork. also the appearance of the cupcakes are sloppy. the edges of the cake are brown. for the price, you should be getting a perfect cupcake. i used to live in nyc and this is no magnolia bakery. the shop itself is cute and the idea is great but the cupcakes aren't. plain and simple. i don't know if it's that the cupcakes are not selling and they are stale or if they are too dry. i suspect it's the former.

bakeapple jam? [Moved from Canada board]

i wanted to order this online but found that i can't buy it from canada in the US. is there anywhere in the US that you know of where I can get it? (not sure if this is in the right board...sorry if it's not.)

Nov 14, 2007
hungryman123 in General Topics