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Wine in Tokyo

Thanks, I'll add those to my list.
Any j-board regulars have advice -- Asomaniac? Uncle Yabai??

Aug 10, 2009
raijin in Japan

Wine in Tokyo


Wine-lovers in Tokyo, can you recommend me any outstanding places to visit?
Bars, Restaurants, and Cellars/Wine shops are all fine -- I will probably be buying as well given that the prices can be better than elsewhere in Asia.
I'm especially interested in places with interesting/off-beat selections, as well as places with a stock of mature burgundy.

Last time I was very impressed by Elevage and am going to return, but I would like to expand my horizons!

Aug 05, 2009
raijin in Japan

Decent bars in Hong Kong -- Do they exist?

Thanks a ton!
I will definitely check that place out.

Mar 04, 2009
raijin in China & Southeast Asia

Decent bars in Hong Kong -- Do they exist?

Hey All,

I've been lurking for quite a while, but felt the need to come out and ask this question.
Currently living in Hong Kong, but often traveling within Asia, especially to Japan. On a recent trip to Tokyo, I made it to some Ginza bars. I was incredibly impressed by the skill of the bartenders. Which brings me to my question: Is there anywhere in Hong Kong that puts a decent amount of care into the serving and preparation of their drinks? Touches such as the use of hard ice where appropriate, etc. I have been making the rounds of some hotel bars, but have been disappointed thus far. I have no expectation of perfection and detail of japanese bartending, just somewhere that puts some care into it!

Much Thanks!

Mar 01, 2009
raijin in China & Southeast Asia