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Cheap and Chic NYC

Going to NYC for the first time for a girls weekend. Because of certain circumstances we are all broke. Any recommendations for cheap but good food in the city. I am up for anything!

Jun 04, 2008
pluffmud in Manhattan

uses for pickle juice

I have heard that Chic-fil-a uses pickle juice to marinate the chicken they fry. Yummy!

Jan 30, 2008
pluffmud in Home Cooking

shopping in hilton head

no, the closest thing is sams. mid island.

Jan 30, 2008
pluffmud in Southeast

shopping in hilton head

Restaurants not to miss:

Sage Room... Hilton Head

Excellent dinner, gourmet from around the world. Always extremely fresh. Food you wont find elsewhere, specials can be from Alaska, Tasmania, South Africa - never frozen.

Santa Fe... Hilton Head

Upscale Southwestern food, if you are brave go for the big ribeye. All food is excellently seasoned.

Walnuts is the place to go for brunch... Bluffton

French toast is amazing, and almond crusted. If you are in need of a sandwich go for the turkey, brie, and pear. Homemade potato chips.

Fried Green Tomatoes:

Go to Peppers Porch... Bluffton

You are deep south enough to have incredible chicken livers, fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, Fried Chicken the way grandma made and deep fried strawberries with powdered cinnamon sugar for dessert.

Stay away from:

Crazy Crab
Hilton Head Diner
Old Oyster Factory

Any more questions, or if you need directions, my email is:

Jan 29, 2008
pluffmud in Southeast

How/Why did you pick your screen name?

Pluff mud is a lowcountry term to describe the dark soft soil in the marshes. It assisted the lowcountry (coastal areas from Savannah to Charleston) in making rice our cash crop in the 17-1800's. Pluff mud typically has a distinct odor that could disgust anyone from "outside" the lowcountry.

For those of us lucky enough to be born in this area or spend much time here, the smell reminds us of a nice hot summer day on the water. The smell reminds me of my childhood and could not think of a better name, however there is another 'hounder who is "plufmud" and I did not know this before I chose my name. Sorry if it confuses y'all or if I stole your thunder plufmud!

Jan 13, 2008
pluffmud in Site Talk

Heading to Charleston

Mellow Mushroom - Charleston and Mellow Mushroom - Hilton Head are both great. Get the Kosmic Karma pizza or BBQ Chicken. All salads are fresh and wonderful as well. Have fun.

Charleston wine & cheese venues

Avondale Wine and Cheese or Social... both are on East Bay. Here is the link for social:

Have fun!

Hilton Head Island Rec's

Captain's seafood went downhill when it moved, for good divey seafood go to The Sea Shack on Pope Avenue Exec. Park Rd. Another good seafood lunch option is Captain Woody's in Palmetto Bay Marina.

For a nice dinner my two favorite restaurants are Sage Room and Santa Fe. If possible try to reserve a seat at the chefs table. It is an awesome experience. If you call this far in advance they should be able to accommodate you but it usually fills up fast. Santa Fe is wonderful as well. Go for dinner not just drinks. These two are a staple for good dining out on Hilton Head.

If you are looking for a great farmers market try Cahill's in Bluffton off of Hwy 46, great veggies and jams and jellies and such. If you are looking for fresh seafood go to The Bluffton Oyster Factory right up the road from Cahill's. Both places are family owned and operated. I have known the owners since birth and they will take great care of you. If you must stay on the mainland (not recommended, go to Bluffton for an afternoon) you should go to Benny Hudson Seafood and Mr. Grant they are a stones throw apart from one another.

Jazz corner Hilton Head

The Jazz Corner is amazing. Great entertainment and great food. I went there for my birthday this past year with my aunt and uncle, cousins and parents... when the server found out it was my birthday he sent over 3 desserts for the table to share. The musicians were teaching my cousins (ages 10 and 12 which is rare there) how to play the drums after they were done for the evening. It was a wonderful time. Highly recommended!!

Charleston Bound! Advice Needed

I am new to Charleston and got the recommendation for Cru Cafe. Lunch was amazing. Go early it is in an old house and will get crowded fast. They have a website: Great soup, ham and brie sandwich, and sweet tea. Everything was wonderful. I wish I had room to have dessert.

New to Savannah: Looking for good NON-chain places

I have had oysters at Uncle Bubba's... amazing. They were a new take on something I have had a million different times.

One of my favorite restaurants in Savannah is Toucan Cafe. It is a sister restaurant to Sweet Potatoes mentioned in an earlier post. You can link to Sweet Potatoes from there. Great food, great mint sweet tea. Menu suggestions: for lunch have the Jamaican jerk chicken, the filet for dinner. While you are there try the homemade garlic pickles.

Have fun!

Nov 24, 2007
pluffmud in Southeast

Chic food in Charleston

Cru Cafe was amazing. Wonderful food, ambience, service, the list goes on. It is getting pretty chilly here, but with the sun it was just right for lunch on the patio and a cup of soup to take the chill off. I had the tomato basil and my friends had potato and sausage to start. Soup was served with hearty bread perfect for dipping. For lunch I had a black forest ham, Brie, and arugula sandwich that I would definitely order again. The sweet tea tasted like my moms. Overall the restaurant was a great choice. Great recommendation! Thanks for all your help.

We met again for dinner and ate at a great pizzeria on King St. called Monza. Very authentic with thin crust pizza and red wine served in a stemless glass. Also has very reasonable prices.

Chic food in Charleston

These places sound great, Are they expensive? I forgot to mention most of us are young and though we love good food we are also on a budget. SNOB's lunch menu didn't seem too pricey, maybe I will give that a try. Thanks so much for all of you suggestions!

Chic food in Charleston

Just moved to Charleston, SC and looking for some good food for lunch with the girls. Possibly somewhere downtown that has a good bloody mary. Any suggestions?