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graduation dinner for 9- italian (not family style, traditional, little italy type)

my family is coming to town and we are having a celebratory dinner for my graduation. we have all agreed we want italian, and i would like to take them somewhere similar in style to osteria morini. I loved the food there, but it was very loud, and they only do prix fixe for large parties- we are 9.

I have called several places and its apparently very hard to make reservations for large parties. i don't want a prix fixe menu or be required to eat at either 6 or 9 pm, which is what some restaurants are doing so their large table is always in use.

any suggestions? Somewhere between midtown and tribeca would be best. further south the better. Also, i enjoy the rustic atmosphere, wooden tables, etc. but not TOO casual. And a place that is too loud wont work either

Apr 24, 2013
mmcmag in Manhattan