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Yuzu juice in the city

The fruit has the most amazing aroma. Where I lived in Japan it was common for onsen's to have halved yuzus floating in the baths on the Winter Solstice. Most. Amazing. Thing. Ever!

Mar 03, 2014
wwarren in Greater Boston Area

Sources for duck that are cheaper than Savenor's?

I actually just saw duck breast at Market Basket in Somerville. Can't remember how much it was but probably cheaper than Savanor's.

Nov 01, 2013
wwarren in Greater Boston Area

A really good high quality brunch?

Istanbul'lu has a great brunch! It was hard to decide what to get. The pancakes are a little fried dough-ish with feta crumbled on top and honey-- with a side of scrambled eggs, maybe. They have a bunch of egg dishes with veggies and/or Turkish sausage and pastrami-like meat. Turkish coffee and tea is always good, too. And their bread is definitely made in house

Sep 18, 2013
wwarren in Greater Boston Area

Souvenir Request - Bread

I have dreams about their olive bread. My brother used to work there for a while in high school and would bring home 3-4 loaves a night-- it was heaven.

I've seen them at various Shaws and at Harvest in Central Sq.

Bricco makes a good olive loaf, too.

Jul 23, 2013
wwarren in Greater Boston Area

Casual Bachelorette for 6-8pp -- tapas

I'm helping organize a bachelorette evening on May 11th. we're going to the Sox game at 1:30 so we're not going to be very dressy and we're all around 30 and we're not a shrieking, sloppy crowd. I'd love to go to Toro but I think it might be hard (even if we eat at 5 or 6) since we can't make a reservation. Estragon seems a little far since we'll be on public transportation and heading to Davis by the end of the night, possibly stopping to hang out in Central for a while. I'm thinking either Taberno de Haro or Tapeo. Open to other suggestions. I've only really done tapas with 1 or 2 other people so I'm wondering if one of these places would make more sense for a larger group? Is either a better value? hopefully it will be nice weather and we can sit outside since it will be early. Thank you!!

Apr 24, 2013
wwarren in Greater Boston Area