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Ramen Yokocho Fest at Marukai Gardena- Sep 3 - Oct 27th 2014

thanx Ogawak! :> i'll have to try it.

but fyi, the organizers did a Ninja stealth change on us: Taishoken is NOT coming now. :<

it's Norio (boo). they changed the flyer with no news announcement. i'm bummed.

darn, and it was the only sort of offal that I'd consider eating again because it's so incredibly delicious.

How did Chicago overturn their Foie Gras ban and not California? :< Boo.

i guess their chefs and people put more pressure there?

Calling Chandavkl ... "House of Mandarin Noodle" opens in Temple City

coincidentally i just got an email from a friend of mine who stopped by a few days ago:

they confirm that the old lady who ran the place is gone and all her pictures on the wall are removed. probably sold this one as well (cash out)?

more importantly they said the food didn't taste anywhere near as good as before.

The Tokyo-LA Sushi Gap is Closing

oh certainly there are conflicting reports on this. it's not 100% conclusive, but at the same time it's certainly not 100% proven to be safe either. A few examples:

* "Are fish that I get at the store or a local restaurant safe to eat?

It is important to understand the origin of the fish you consume. Much of the fishing that took place in and around Fukushima has stopped since the disaster. Even so, a recent study from the Woods Hole Institute found that the majority of marine species found in and around the Fukushima area do not contain radiation concentrations harmful for human consumption. But avoiding fish species caught in Japanese waters may be a good idea for those that have heightened concerns. We suggest that if you are worried about eating fish with elevated radioactivity, you should avoid fish coming from Japan.


* "Fish with very high levels of cesium found near Fukushima

A fish contaminated with extremely high levels of radiation was found in waters near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, a government-affiliated research institute said.

The Fisheries Research Agency said Jan. 10 the black sea bream had 12,400 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium, 124 times the safety standards for foodstuffs...

They are also on the list of fish that local fishermen are asked to VOLUNTARILY refrain from catching in the northern municipalities of Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located just south of Fukushima Prefecture." (my emphasis)


Solo Business Trip to LA area - Recommendations?

Hi MzWoods,

Ah ok. Phew! :>

Sorry I was looking at your previous post where you said:

Dinner - In-N-Out Hollywood

Dinner - Peking Tavern (Guisados as alternate or Bestia at 11PM which was the only time left for a reservation :-/)

Breakfast - Salt's Cure"

I know you listed Connie & Teds (for Lunch), but looking at the 2 Dinner options you posted, i thought that was the gist of your visit.

Good to know you're going to other places also for dinner on other nights?


The Tokyo-LA Sushi Gap is Closing

This is true, except after the Fukushima disaster, eating fish from Japan isn't as prestigious as it once was. In fact it's to be avoided sadly. It will never be the same in our lifetime.

Solo Business Trip to LA area - Recommendations?


The only thing I can see being "way off the mark" is that out of your whole itinerary, your main dinner impression of LA is going to be based off of...



Peking Tavern?! :<

There are so many better places in LA for you to experience. I feel bummed out that these 2 places are what might shape what you think of "LA Dining Experience" (shudder).

"Jimmy Kimmel" Hollywood BBQ Pop-Up Begins Serving

hi kevin,

yah $25, i was full. :>

my combo came with the Short Rib, but not the *whole* Short Rib.

So i thought it was good to sample all the different types of meat.

the entire Short Rib (w/ Bone) was $30.

but out of the 3 types of meat the Short Rib was my least favorite (melt in your mouth), but SO riddled through with fat; just overwhelming.

"Jimmy Kimmel" Hollywood BBQ Pop-Up Begins Serving

thanx wiener and everyone for tempting me so much it pushed me over the edge, lol. :>

went today, and it was delicious!

got the Combination:

USDA Prime Rib Eye, Prime Brisket and Short Rib on top of Texas Toast.

The Prime Rib Eye was a nice balance of fatty and lean meat, resulting in melt in your mouth deliciousness! :>

the Prime Brisket was leaner, but still quite tender, and light smokiness. I'd say i liked this one better than Bludso's (the real one) "average day Brisket". When i get a great batch, i like Bludso's more.

the Short Rib was ridiculous in its melting factor. :> but it was just too fatty for me.

i really felt like my arteries were clogging up. :< lol

texas toast was a bit too sweet for me.

but i'm SO glad to have tried it. can't wait for their new restaurant to open up.

definitely worth it. the best BBQ experience i've had in the past half year (since my last CPT Bludso's visit).

"Jimmy Kimmel" Hollywood BBQ Pop-Up Begins Serving

agreed. thanx, the prices look much more reasonable than those yelp pix from last year that i saw.

BTW, did this pop-up ever do Pork BBQ before? would've loved to see his rendition of Pork Ribs or Pulled Pork BBQ. Seems to be beef only.

What's a good Shanghai or Family Style restaurant for Lunch in the SGV nowadays?

Oh Porthos,

is the braised pork you're talking about available for lunch? wanna make sure it's not a special order item or dinner only. thanx!

What's a good Shanghai or Family Style restaurant for Lunch in the SGV nowadays?

thanx paranoid, ciao bob, porthos, raytam. :> i'll add these to the list and see what works for us.

if you can think of any other ones also, i'm all ears (for future reference).

What's a good Shanghai or Family Style restaurant for Lunch in the SGV nowadays?

thanx! lol, yah not sure if i wanted to go for "soulless... Chinese Cheesecake Factory" vibe right now. :P

was hoping for something more memorable & tasty.

What's a good Shanghai or Family Style restaurant for Lunch in the SGV nowadays?

Oh not at all. sorry i should've clarified that my guests and i enjoy a variety of dishes outside of the carb-heavy ones (i.e., not just noodles & dumplings & green onion pancakes etc.) (not that they aren't desirable :> just some balance.

thanx for the bamboo creek suggestion. i'll check it out.

What's a good Shanghai or Family Style restaurant for Lunch in the SGV nowadays?

Thanks barry. no, no, i definitely appreciate your posts and info on CH. :>

re: Flavor Garden - ah true. looking at the menu / pix it seems to be more individual dishes (noodles, green onion pancakes and such)? do they have a lot of sauteed dishes to go family style (like in Shanghai restaurants or like Sea Harbour / Elite at night)?

"Jimmy Kimmel" Hollywood BBQ Pop-Up Begins Serving

Hi kevin,

this sounds great, but yah, i just saw those Yelp pix:


and you have to pay $100 for the ribs? and then there's this "bargain" for $40 for a BBQ Sandwich :> LOL


i guess we need to bring like $200 - 300 in Cash just to have lunch?

What's a good Shanghai or Family Style restaurant for Lunch in the SGV nowadays?


thanx to the info from ipse, tony, jthur, chandav, barry and other hardcore hounds for chinese food, i've noticed recently the trend has been on spicy food (szechaun or hunan) openings in the SGV recently.

i might be passing through the SGV next month and was wondering:

* What are some good, authentic Shanghai or Family-Style Non-Spicy restaurants that you'd recommend for Lunch in the SGV?

one guest of mine doesn't like the greasy taiwanese pork chop rice plate stuff, so i was thinking Shanghai or Cantonese for lunch? we like the family-style sharing plates format, and haven't heard much about these types of eateries recently.

thanx in advance!

Maude: Truffles

Porthos, Maudie,

i'm drooling. :> what restaurants are these? what dishes? thanx.

Solo Business Trip to LA area - Recommendations?

Near Santa Monica beach area:

* Tar & Roses - Nice small plates format, interesting dishes.

* FIG (at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel)

(Short Cab Ride, or brisk walk up a few blocks...)

* Rustic Canyon - Small plates, farm to table California cooking (great vegetable dishes).

* Melisse - Fine French Dining, Michelin Star.

Chuan's Chinese Restaurant (Temple City)

we were passing through the area and stopped in. Can't wait for Mr. Taster and TonyC to comment on the Up Charge(TM).

loved the wooden, rustic decor. of the various Chinese restaurants in the SGV this seems to be most nicely decorated (most are plain drywall, or just tacky, like the "house of ill repute"-style of Shanghai No. 1). after that, the rest was not so good:

we sat down, and the waitress greets us with, "Tea is $6."


i ask if it's some special organic varietal of rare Iron Goddess Tea or something? nope. just hot tea. $6. "sorry, that's the price."

we skip it. (it's nice that most of the servers speak English.)

Dan Dan Noodles: Watery and bland. :< literally tasted like the pasta water, mushy noodles, a *little* bit of meat / spicy mixture and that's it.

their Water-Boiled Fish tasted pretty clean and non-oily, but it lacked depth. really watery (but spicy). nice to see the Bean Sprouts were all fresh-looking (yellow); no rotting sprouts.

i should've listened to ipse. :<

Kitakata: New Ramen in OC

ah perhaps so? my mistake, but i remember reading about this place on CH (i don't read yelp... maybe i was dreaming about it?

regardless, thanks for the review. can't wait to try it. :>

Chicken Papa in Industry

Thanks Tony. i guess i might try it if i'm driving through the area.

L.A. Dish of the Month, October 2014 -- Voting


Chicken Papa in Industry

thanks Chandavkl. :>

so is their chicken like a... Taiwanese popcorn chicken? or?

and is it Chow-worthy (driving out there)?

Kokekokko (Little Tokyo) Will Close in Late January 2015

Porthos: "Hard to lament the loss of a place that refuses to give you the good stuff (even when available) just because you are not in the "black plate" club. Like I am going to waste more money on visits just so I don't get the good stuff.

Go to Torihei and get the special chicken heart."

+1. totally agree.

good riddance to an elitist / exclusive restaurant that only serves the good stuff to people the chef deemed "worthy." i went twice and was shunned in a corner (even with japanese guests in my party).

imho Torihei is much better anyways.

A top tent list of sorts of beef dishes for an ultimate bang bang bang, etc etc etc etc session, if you will.

kevin, aw, you fell off the wagon? eating beef again?

i'd take Golden State's Burger over Belcampo. Or even Morton's.

But if you were going to splurge on Beef, then Urasawa's A5 Wagyu Beef for sure.

Ramen Yokocho Fest at Marukai Gardena- Sep 3 - Oct 27th 2014

thanks for taking one for the team. darn.

Pho Ngoon in San Gabriel

yes please. :> hopefully tony, ns1, ipse, chandav and the gang can confirm how this compares to the great ones.

Ramen Yokocho Fest at Marukai Gardena- Sep 3 - Oct 27th 2014

sadly the "Tsujita Tokyo" is really just Tsujita team here in LA doing it. They posted it on their FB page. I'll wait for the other groups.

Kitakata: New Ramen in OC

you should probably give credit to the Hound that found this well over a month ago (forgot who this was). started a thread on this a while ago. old news.