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L.A. Dish of the Month, August 2014 -- Voting


about 3 hours ago
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Shi Hai Has The Best Dim Sum In Town

great review Chandavkl.

thanks. saves me time from trying it. :> not worth the hassle (especially that corner area, with terrible parking and crowded intersection in general).

i'll stick with Sea Harbour then.

Jul 24, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Belcampo Cheeseburger

Hi kevin,

if by "off the wagon" you mean eating beef again, and you've been good about staying away, i'd say don't do it.

I'm in the camp that i thought the Belcampo burger was overhyped by far. It was OK, but i thought Golden State was better, and Father's Office beef was far beefier in flavor (dry-aged prime).

even Morton's burger with its crisped fresh bacon and flavors, were more preferable.

Jul 24, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Anaheim Packing District opens this Saturday

Is this porchetta sandwich different from the one in the other CH thread praising the fabulous porchetta from Wheat & Sons Butcher shop? (or is the same one?)

If it is the same, yikes! :< I guess I'll skip this whole area.

Jul 23, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Lunch at Paiche DineLA

thanks wsg. :>

so i take it it's a turnaround from your last year's experience w/ them?

if i recall correctly, you mentioned their portions were tiny and it didn't feel like a value?

Jul 15, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

L.A. Co-Dishes of the Month, July 2014: FRIED CHICKEN (and Chicken Fried) and FROZEN DAIRY-BASED DESSERT PRODUCTS

Thanks Novelli.

i tried out Mama Joan's from your rec, and i think it'd be a nice spot if it was in my neighborhood, but overall, i think Flossie's blows it away (not close). it was crispy, but some of the pieces were overcooked and a touch too salty for me.

it's enjoyable, but not a "drive across town / fight through traffic" type of place for me. but i'm glad i tried it once. :>

Jul 09, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant Week is coming up soon and most of the menus are already posted

Looking at the menu and costs, Restaurant Week seems really underwhelming this year. :<

It doesn't matter if it's a "good deal" or not, but I look at many of these menu offerings and nothing really jumps out.

I'm skipping the hype this time.

Jul 08, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

"The top 13 places for fried chicken in LA, as chosen by 8 LA food writers" - Yes, it is a list, don't click on it if you don't want to!

Thanks for typing out the results TheOffalo. I refuse to click on the link. :>

I agree with most of you (chris, tonyc, etc.). Definitely a failed "Top 10 List" IMHO.

Honey Kettle, Plan Check and Kyochon are all overrated. I like Son of a Gun as well, but that's not traditional fried chicken. Seoul Sausage is also a weird fusion thing as well.

This seems more like a list of "food writer hipster wanna look like I'm up to date on the latest hype" list than of real, crave-worthy Fried Chicken spots.

And Flossie's doesn't make the real list?! Epic fail. :<

Jul 03, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Ramen Pizza ...

thanx ipse.

i agree w/ everyone here: ramen has jumped the shark. it's like the new hipster thing.

i'm calling it right now. Next up:

* Ramen Cronuts: Maybe a Ramen wrapped inside a Doughnut inside a Croissant? :<

* Ramen Tacos: Hard shell of deep fried Ramen stuffed with whatever.

ugh. lolol.

Jun 24, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

The Pastrami List 2014

nice post TheOffalo, :>

wow it's only your first time to Langer's?! surprised.

i agree with ns1: from your pix, the real sandwich version of their Pastrami Sandwich was thicker cut than your plate version. it was also more generous (more pastrami between the slices of bread). :> so you might give it another shot.

from your name, i would def recommend their #27: Chopped Egg & Chopped Liver sandwich. SO good! i love their Corned Beef and Tongue sandwiches as well.

i just had Wexler's and Langer's recently again, and there's no doubt about it, that for me Langer's wins easily.

Jun 24, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

This is definitely a whacked out sushi list but I will post the link anyhow.

well said J.L.

I refuse to click that link and feed the trolls.

Jun 19, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

5pm Father's Day Dinner in LT, need recs 60pp all in. Must take res.

hi ns1,

+1 nice. :> yah i agree, i'd rather do ssg fv than the elitist snobbery of kokke. also the fv branch is a lot of fun, moreso than the mp location. :>

Jun 16, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

The Pastrami List 2014

i agree with TonyC. :> pastrami was definitely tender and juicy.

although i'd say between Wexler's dry, awful bread and NY Deli's super soft bread, i'd rather have NY Deli's. but ideally none of the above and i'll just stick w/ Langer's.

Jun 16, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

TonyC's Definitive Guide To San Gabriel Valley Dining

good point TheOffalo, i agree. i applaud tonyc for writing a good guide for people to get to know more of the SGV, but it certainly shouldn't be touted as "The Definitive Guide to SGV Dining".

i'm not an expert, but seeing the support on CH and trying them myself, i'd think if there was a "Definitive Guide" that Sea Harbour would be listed (i know it was called out in the intro as being left off, but then is it really "definitive" then?).

as TheOffalo says, this is more like a "Guide to the Underrated / Obscure" restaurants in the SGV.

i mean besides Sea Harbour, aren't there supposedly some amazing Pho places in the SGV not listed here as well? and i remember ipse and a few others mentioning some great Pork Chop Rice places not on here also. it's like a few of the "best of the best" SGV restaurants were omitted in favor of... "underrated" ("You should try this, but most people don't know about it")-type eateries?

it's still really helpful and i've heard mention of many of these restaurants on the boards here; and i do want to try them. it's definitely a great article introducing many to less talked about restaurants. i can't wait to try some of these. :> thanx tony!

May 30, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

101 noodle express

hi chandav,

doesn't that imply that 101 no longer hand makes their dumplings fresh to order at each location? this makes it sound like they make huge batches, freeze it and pass them along throughout the weeks to various branches.

May 29, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Bucato Serving Evan Funke's Burger Memorial Day (Informal Chow Meet-up?)

wow, my burger at Rustic Canyon didn't look like that. :< i def agree this new one at Bucato looks... gloopy.

May 27, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Bucato Serving Evan Funke's Burger Memorial Day (Informal Chow Meet-up?)

@ kevin: i thought the HC burger was pretty tasty, but a bit unwieldy. but i ended up enjoying the CH favs more than the HC burger over the years: Morton's, Golden State, etc.

May 27, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

LQ foodings, this sounds interesting ….

thanx for the interesting report back suvro!

i've never been, but i'm curious if other CHers have run into the absurd pacing problems that suvro and zack ran into?

1 hour inbetween courses is pretty ridiculous. and if it was just to catch up other tables who show up later, that's just bad planning by the kitchen and front of the house.

May 23, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Bucato Serving Evan Funke's Burger Memorial Day (Informal Chow Meet-up?)

@ chris,

i know when i went, Rustic Canyon had switched meat purveyors compared to an earlier version of the burger which many seemed to love. on the menu when i had it, it was different from the "Meyer Ranch" beef that was mentioned on CH from favorable reviews.

when i asked the waitress, she said they had switched to a new ranch to try that out (no reason given). that definitely could be a difference in the taste of the burger for you vs. others (or just your palate :>

May 19, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Peking Duck For $288 at Hakkasan

thanx for the report back Porthos! :>

so you "only" had to pay $68 for a 1/3 or 1/2 portion of roast duck (yikes)... so what was the original poster's topic about? Did Hakkasan remove the $288 version of a whole Peking Duck?

May 16, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Is Settebello pizza special?

i would say it's "Ok" but nothing special (for me). i've tried Settebello 2 times and both times we came out underwhelmed.

i can appreciate a simple pie, but it felt like Settebello was beyond frugal with its toppings. for example, the margherita arrived with ONE tiny basil leaf! for the entire pie.

it was so absurd my guests and i had to laugh. did they run out of basil that night and didn't tell us?

on another visit we ordered it again, and again, the margherita arrived with just 1 basil leaf (this time slightly larger than the first time). we don't need tons of toppings but this was truly absurd.

the taste was solid, but nothing mind-blowing.

May 13, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Belcampo Cheeseburger

Dommy: "The Carnitas stand is under rated IMHO. They also do goat and I ALWAYS get their Pineapple Agua Fresca. Much tastier than that stuff by Press Bros."


hi dommy,

ooo! i missed the goat. yah we loved the carnitas and i'd go back to Grand Central to try the goat and agua fresca now that you recommend that. :>

yah for the other stuff (Wexler, Belcampo, Horse Thief), we just felt they were trying for quality for sure, but not as good as other places around the city like Langers, Bludsos, etc. if i was in the area for lunch, for sure i'd be glad to revisit.

May 05, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Belcampo Cheeseburger

2nd report back:

we stopped in this weekend to try Wexler's Deli for their much-talked about Pastrami and Horse Thief BBQ for the much-talked about Brisket and Belcampo again for the Burger. our thoughts:

* Wexler's Deli's Pastrami was ~so-so. Langer's is much more enjoyable in every way. Bread was awful.

* Horse Thief Brisket was mediocre: Bludso's blows it away. We ordered the 1/2 pound ala carte to get a better sampling: 1 "slice" was very fatty and moist. 1 slice was super dry; chunky; I had to spit it out. Last slice of Brisket was dryish with some fat. Lack of smoke compared to Bludso's as well.

* Belcampo Burger: Good beefy flavor, but it's a super thin patty, and they cooked it Medium Well :< ... when we asked for Medium Rare. Awful. The bun and components were just a bit too sweet. Definitely like Golden State and Father's Office and Morton's and a few other burgers better than this.

Highlight of the trip? Good Carnitas at one random stall we tried. :>

May 04, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Wexler's Deli to Open April 28 at Grand Central Market

we just tried Wexler's this weekend, and i'd have to agree with many of the others here:

* Not as good as Langer's at all.

The quality of the pastrami is noticeable, but it was semi dry, but what ruined it was the bread. The rye bread was indeed VERY DRY, and not even close to Langer's.

Also as one Hound astutely put it, you can taste that it was homemade and that they might've started with quality ingredients, but the final *taste* just wasn't there.

it doesn't make me want to crave it or blow me away as Langer's does.

if i was near GCM and needed something to eat? sure, i wouldn't having it, but not a destination.

May 04, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

What's the Best Brazilian BBQ Churrascaria in LA for 2014?


just checking to see what the best Brazilian Churrascaria (BBQ) restaurants are in LA in 2014?

still Fogo de Chao?

location: anywhere from Santa Monica through the SGV is fine.

TIA! :>

Apr 30, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Listlessy Hoping Her Harlequin Hovers in LA Mag

i'm with you a213b.

i refuse to click more of these "top restaurant lists" to give them any traffic.

Apr 26, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Belcampo Cheeseburger

thanx for the rec! :> i finally made it out yesterday and tried the burger. it was indeed delicious. :>

i think the burger overall was very good, but i like the CH favs of Golden State and Father's Office a bit more, but that's just my palate.

the chili and fries i thought were disappointing. "Beef Tallow Fries" turned out to be limp and soggy, and didn't really taste that great. the chili sounded like it was made with great ingredients (they own their own butcher / meat source) but taste-wise, it was really so-so for me.

if i'm ever in downtown during lunch i'd be glad to return for the burger though, and maybe try their lamb next time. thanx!

Apr 26, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

If Michelin returned to LA this year, which restaurants do you personally feel would get stars in the 2015 LA Michelin Guide?

JL said: "It's not snarkiness; rather I feel it's (for me at least) more "topic fatigue".

Also, it is no secret that many people who make a living on food writing (food guides, food lists, etc.) lurk on this board. If Michelin Guide were to truly plan on making a comeback here in LA, this would be a goldmine for a "cut&paste" job, and I just don't want to donate any fodder.

If I am wrong, which I hope I am, then I would tell the OP that LA just ain't a bigger version of SF. LA is a different beast: LA excels at hole in the wall dining, which defies the traditional MG classification guidelines."


good response JL. :> although to be fair, in regards to "topic fatigue" I'd say not a week goes by where we don't get yet ANOTHER "Top 10 Lists by XYZ, what do you all think?" thread. lol, ugh. :<

and all the people on chowhound here lap that up, click on the link, and argue and talk about it ad naseum. i see far more "new list" threads and talk about it each week than Michelin Guide threads.

also, you don't want to "contribute to the fodder" for potential people that might take your info or advice, but playing devil's advocate, aren't you, TheOffalo and Chrishei non-stop contributing to talking about Shunji and n/naka and any other fancy eatery you've been to each week?

(no offense meant, just observing) I mean these food writers that you're worried about taking contributions from CH would easily see the wonderful threads you and others have made on the LA Board regardless right?

that being said, living vicariously through you :>, i think based on your beautiful pics alone, i think your favorite Shunji and n/naka and Urasawa would fit in the Michelin Guide for LA, right? :>

Apr 24, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Help - Good, Healthy Italian or American Cuisine in Pasadena Area?

thanks for all the recs so far, really appreciate it! :>

Apr 23, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Help - Good, Healthy Italian or American Cuisine in Pasadena Area?

yah, it's a partial special occasion they're celebrating, so TG and L don't really fit the bill that way, but i like Tender Greens a lot. :> thanx.

Apr 22, 2014
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area