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now that it's back, where are the best foie gras dishes?

Hi TheOffalo,

epic! Wow...

All you need is to add some Slow-Roasted Pork Belly, some Deep-Fried Butter, a Cronut, and Applewood Bacon Strips.

That wouldn't be overkill at all... right? :>

(I feel slightly sick typing out that sentence lol)

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

Thanx New Trial! :> very helpful.

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

Thanks New Trial.

Any advice on what to order there?

Dosanko Larmen: A Pictorial Essay

thanx JL.

yah my buddies from Japan who tried this were really unimpressed.

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

Thanks all.

BTW how loud does it get at Bucato? seems like it might be a good place with the mentions it's gotten here?

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

hehe. :> yah i think many are in some ways these days, but besides the ones people already said...

Park's BBQ
Bouchon (they might be sourcing from local farms, but i always feel their food is "streamlined / sourced from larger wholesalers")
Bottega Louie (i know it gets mixed reviews but it gets mentioned here on CH a lot by some)

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

thanx ipse!

I've never heard of Cortez or Industriel until you mentioned them. for Cortez is this the one? (because it says they shut down now :<


For Industriel, what do you recommend ordering there?



Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

thanx thor!

for Capo, how pricey is it? I forgot if that was the Santa Monica restaurant some hounds said was really pricey... or was it Giorgio Baldi?

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

thanx everyone for the recs so far! :>

@ wienermobile. thanks! for Cadet, looking at Non-Seafood options, have you tried their Jidori Chicken? If so, how was it?

we've been to Tar & Roses before, so i was hoping to go somewhere else.

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

thanx thor!

i was thinking of Chi Spacca originally, but then remembering all the meals i had there (wonderful), and given just 2 of us...

i couldn't imagine what 2 people could tackle, since they are so gigantic in portions. maybe salad and charcuterie, or the chicken? but the menu started feeling really limited at that point.

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help


i need the Hounds' help for a restaurant recommendation:

* Italian, American, Californian cuisine (could be other types but needs to be accessible (e.g., not offal-heavy, or too stiff / formal)).

* Open to the L.A. region (Westside to DTLA is all OK).

* Romantic (or at least can carry a conversation without shouting).

* Not Seafood-focused.

* Bonus Points: Delicious Pasta or Pizzas (not a requirement).

Thanks for any help! :>

Republique Dinner Review-L.A.

nice review.

but wow, $500 for dinner at Republique?! We're getting into Urasawa territory here. Yikes.

2014 - Best Sushi Omakase

thanx for the report MAO. looking over your pix (nice pix! :>, i'd say one possible reason for the price you paid was the "steamed hairy crab."

do you remember if it was live Kegani from Japan? If it was, that's a premium item (and not commonly found in most sushi joints). that would most certainly boost your bill up vs., say, if you weren't served that item, but ended up with another ~4 - 7 nigiri instead.

i'm not defending the restaurant, just noting. thanx.

L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Voting


L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Nominations


Why does Sushi Kimagure not get much love here?

I had a mediocre meal at Kimagure. to be fair it was my only visit, and given the praise it gets here i wanna give it a fair shake and go back again.

that night were were solid offerings but also at least 3-4 pieces that were just not good (some chewy gristle in two pieces e.g.,), and the uni was pretty bad that night.

but i wanna go back the next time i'm in pasadena.

Bistro LQ's 18 course Truffle Menu

JL, you and Porthos please report back. We are living vicariously through you. :>

Kokekokko (Little Tokyo) Will Close in Late January 2015

No worries. please don't take my response to be anything directed at you, it's directed at the restaurant's practices.

I can only speak to my own personal experiences at various places, and while you say that about Shunji, that's where the "similarities" end. Period.

Dining at Shunji NEVER involves having to walk on eggshells, or be obsequious / kiss up to the Chef to get equal service or food.

Shunji is approachable and warm, and welcomes everyone I've seen (even those that aren't Asian / Japanese). I've recommended countless friends and friends of friends to go to Shunji (and Mori, and Torihei, and Providence, and Melisse, and Animal, etc., etc.), and I've never heard a single report back from them of having to do anything remotely absurd like what people do at Kokekokko.

More power to you if you want to patronize the business. I'm not going back ever again.

Kokekokko (Little Tokyo) Will Close in Late January 2015

FoodShutterbug: "they inquired whom I knew or how I found out about Kokekokko. I gave them the names of two business owners (including a Japanese restaurant on the Westside) and it seemed to put them at ease a tiny bit."

"I wasn’t given a black plate as a result of the names I mentioned, but when the waitress served me the liver skewer, she said that although it was my first visit, they made an exception and cooked it “tokubetsu (special)”

"While at Kokekokko, I DM’d hounder, @ChrisHei for advice in getting the off-the-menu special cuts I’d read about online and he said that maybe I’d get some if I “ask nicely.”... and lucked out when he offered to see if “special heart” was available."


Thanks for the report FSB. I'm glad you liked your meal, and while you may be fine with the experience, your quotes above just underline the obsequiousness and elitism at Kokekokko.

I don't want to feel that I have to bow down and worship or have to feel that I "lucked out" or have to feel like the restaurant is making an exception for me to get treated fairly or equally.

Chef Urasawa (at one of the top restaurants in this city) is affable, approachable and warm. I never ONCE had to bow down or feel like I "lucked out" and had to earn approval to eat there.

Chef Michael Cimarusti at Providence has been so nice, friendly and humble; greeting our table each time we've dined there. Chef Kevin Bludso, making arguably the best Barbeque in this city, is so funny and warm and welcomes everyone who stops by and says "Hi."

Chef Shunji, Chef Satoshi Kiyokawa, and my various itamae at Kiriko have all been affable, approachable and I never have to feel like I had to somehow "earn" their favor to be lucky enough to be deemed "acceptable" to eat their food.

Sorry, but this is EXACTLY the awful elitism that is the problem with Kokekokko and restaurants like this where you need to be deemed "worthy" to eat there.

The hilarious thing is that Kokekokko doesn't even make the best Yakitori in this city (not even close). I've been there twice and I found it to be honestly OK (the first time, I didn't even know about the elitism / favorite customers / black plate thing). It was adequately cooked, but nothing mind-blowing.

Thanks to Chowhound I found Torihei and the late Yakitori Bincho to be far better and without any secret handshakes or having to earn the chef's favor to dine there.

I'm glad you liked the meal, but I'm certainly not dining there again, nor recommending any of my friends to go there either.

JThur01 On Wuhan Style Food in the SGV

thanx for the warning barry. i'll skip this restaurant then.

2014 - Best Sushi Omakase

dndicicco: "Urasawa seems booked up. :("

dang! if it wasn't for your late reservation inquiry, you might've actually topped off this LA run with Urasawa! sheesh! :> major props to you.

thanx for all your reports and thoughts; they mirror many of my own sentiments dining at these local places over the years.

SGV: MaMa's Kitchen returns...

thanx for the fyi barry!

i remember my friends taking me to the old mama's kitchen years ago.

do you think their other menu items are worth trying? they make their own dumplings in house right?

Rivera Closing by End of the Year


just got a news update from Rivera Restaurant saying they are closing permanently. :< Quite sad!

i really enjoyed my meals w/ Chef Sedlar.

Last day of opening is end of the year (from their official newsletter):

"The Downtown Rivera's final offerings will be December 31st with a New Year's Eve celebration featuring a retrospective of seven years of both John Sedlar's modern Latin cuisine and Julian Cox's trendsetting cocktails. Chef Sedlar remains at the forefront of modern Latin cuisine and is focused on both his highly anticipated new project in Santa Fe and the evolution of the Rivera concept and the way modern Latin cuisine is enjoyed by Angelenos."

2014 - Best Sushi Omakase

hi all,

i'll have to add my thoughts that i found Kiriko to be consistently "OK," but not great.

i've never found their sushi to be on the same level (or close) to Mori, let alone Shunji or Urasawa.

haven't been to sushi sushi so i can't help there.

China Red for dinner?

i really hated my visit to Chengdu Taste 2. massive MSG usage, really salty and there were fewer menu items.

SGV Chinese Top 10

I'm not clicking on that link sorry. No need to give free clicks to yet another Top 10 list of something.

Alimento adds separate gratuity line for BOH

well said Sgee!

To any restaurant owners reading this:

* STOP with the AWFUL Nickel & Diming / Line Items on the Bill. NO Customers want to deal with this every time they eat out.

What's next? Some "hip & trendy" eatery demanding:

* +3% Healthcare Charge
* +2% General Liability Insurance
* +4% Commercial Property Insurance
* +5% Vacation Time Charge ("This is to ensure all our employees get some vacation time for better quality of life.")
* Front of the House Tip:____________
* Back of the House Tip:____________
* 401k Contribution: _____________ ("Please help contribute to every employee's 401k Plan so they can have a more fair and equitable quality of life.")

WTH?! Seriously.

I'm all for everyone making a fair and equitable wage and have better quality of life.

But Restaurant Owners need to deal with this themselves (it's THEIR business), and present the customer with an all-in simple cost (the Menu Prices) to their meal.


I'm not going to Alimento at this point.

L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- TAMALES

although i'd really love to hear more about great traditional Tamales, vs. a bunch of recs of alternative interpretations of what a "Tamale" is. :>

2014 - Best Sushi Omakase

hey jl,

isnt Yamakase also invite-only? (or was i thinking of another place?) so its rather exclusive / and most people can't get access to it to try right?

L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- Voting