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Very Good BBQ Brisket at Maple Block

Thanks Ciao Bob! :>

So how does this rank in your favorite BBQ places around So Cal?

about 1 hour ago
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Looking to join someone @ n/naka

Yikes! $700?! That's in Urasawa territory.

about 12 hours ago
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area


Thanks to lapizzamaven and paranoidgarliclover, I finally remembered to stop by Midici and try it out. :>

It was fantastic! :> I agree with both of you: Midici is like an elevated, much better version of 800 Degrees. It's a build your own pie kind of place, but they have higher quality ingredients and toppings (with a little info callout explaining each one), stuff like Housemade Sausage, quality import Prosciutto, etc.

The crust had a good chew and thinness. Great homemade sauce.

I tried their Margherita with added Housemade Sausage. Really good pizza.

I'd definitely visit Midici before 800 Degrees in the future.

But I like Desano over Midici; I just enjoy the crust even more. Next up, I wanna try South End.

Broken Spanish - any reports?

Much thanks to Dommy! and the everyone else that recommended Broken Spanish. We tried it as well and it was pretty stellar. Highlights:

* Lamb Cabeza (attached pic): SO good! It's literally half a Lamb's Head which includes Lamb Lengua (Tongue), Cheek meat (yum!), and other good bits. Of course the Lamb Sesos (Brain) was my friend's favorite bite. Pretty amazing.

* Abuelita Chocolate Cake - Thanks to Dommy's recommendation, you weren't kidding. It's SO good. I don't like chocolate, but this was luscious and fantastic all around.

Thanks all.

Mac and Cheese

Hey wienermobile, nosh,

so which of the 2 types of Mac do you recommend?

Odys & Penelope - Outragous Service Charge

I think what Thor is outraged by is that the server said that the 18% service charge was *NOT* the gratuity / tip.

If that was truly the case, I'd be outraged as well.

Thor, I think this might be a case where that server just lied to get your friend to tip more.

The restaurants I've been to so far (not O&P yet), that had a similar 18% service charge were definitely all replacements for the standard Tip.

Given that, 18% is fine as long as their service that evening wasn't horrendous (and you were forced to leave 18% regardless).

Flossie's in Torrance Closed

This is terrible news. It used to serve some of the best fried chicken in the city. :<

although the very last time i went about 2 - 3 weeks ago, felt like a slight downhill alert.

Tragic regardless.

Clarissa Wei's Crowdsourcing Hopes?

Thanks Dommy!

Wow, so the crowdfunding failed *and* she gets to keep $4000?!

Fellow Hounds, we need to make up some crowdfunding campaign to, uh, tour Urasawa, Providence, Melisse and we'll blog about it...

and even if it fails, we'll get to keep the money. :P

Fleming's Steakhouse Coming To Pasadena

Thanks Thor. How does Fleming's compare with the other Steakhouse Chains in So Cal, like Ruth's Chris, Morton's?

Shen Yang in San Gabriel

hey hyper, ipse, barry,

true. i guess at least something like chicken feet has more substance to it than just gnawing on bones. just felt really underwhelmed by the whole experience. :<

and one place we had it at in the SGV, they were charging prices as if that dish was one full of chicken meat (i think like $10 or something!), except it was bones.

Shen Yang in San Gabriel

Hi Barry,

you see, i have zero idea why people love paying a lot of money to eat... bones? It's not like you're getting delectable bone marrow or something. these are like leftover chicken bones with no meat on them?!!! it's absurd imho.

Alexander's Steakhouse - early reports?

ipse... 48 ounces of fatty Wagyu... >_>

Can they wrap it with Bacon and top it with 2 Foie Gras patties? I figure it needs more Fat & Cholesterol.

ISO Sheng Jian Bao

Interestingly I tried Kang Kang's in Temple City due to being in the area, and their SJB was... mediocre at best.

We were all very disappointed.

The Pastrami List 2014

Thanx for the temptation and reminder wienermobile. :>

But I had to laugh for a sec:

"Langer's #54 Pastrami and Corned Beef Combo, Hold the corned beef and add more pastrami"

LOL, what's the difference between that and just ordering the standard Pastrami with Extra Pastrami? :>

Mori...not the same for everyone

Nice post kyee.

I think it's understandable for a lot of people outside of Japan to think about the fish first. After all, in this culture growing up, the emphasis is always about "Market Price" and XYZ has Live Maine Lobster tonight, or fresh Santa Barbara Spot Prawns. The fish / shellfish, etc. is always glamorized / spotlighted on TV, in restaurants, etc.

No one brags about the latest grain of rice they're serving.

But for sushi, I definitely agree that the rice (and all the techniques surrounding it for sushi prep) is definitely key. Just saying that you can't fault people for looking to the stuff on top. :>

Given that, I'd say xoxohh, for myself, from my first visit to Mori Sushi back when the original chef/owner Morihiro Onodera was running it, until my latest visit (last year), I've never felt like I was "withheld" fish that his regulars got.

This isn't the garbage like Kokkekoko IMHO. THAT is some elitist / exclusionist crap that I won't be returning to. But for Mori? It's like what many say. A good itamae gets to know their patrons, and they might start serving you more "traditional" or "conservative" fish, but I've never felt it was about withholding.

When our Omakase courses were done, if there was a fish that caught my eye that I didn't get, I'll ask. Or I'll ask about other recommendations based on some of the highlights I had that evening so far. Your reactions, your compliments on certain fish all help the chef get insight into what types of fish you do or don't like, and your offerings will evolve from that.

Given that, as others have said, it's also about the palate and gaining an appreciation for the shari (rice). Once I tried Mori Sushi, going back to other places, it really contrasted how average (or mediocre) other places' shari really was.

A humble primer on Mei Long Village

hi barry,

where's this generically named "shanghai restaurant"? :> LOL. thanks.

Vaka Burgers Express

tried it. was not impressed. :< i had high hopes, but the burger came out *well-done* (awful), and it lacked the deep flavors of my favs around LA.

their duck sandwich was mushy, and tasted a bit old.

DotM August

Hi nosh,

hope you feel better and get to 100% soon! Thanx for all the help you put in each month.

The Mori Omakase Challenge


But you didn't complete your epic gauntlet last year... failing to go to Urasawa in the same week you did Shunji, Mori, Tsujita and Kiriko, LOLOL. :>

Pitchoun Bakery & Café: A Pictorial Essay

Interestingly, my friends and I have the opposite feeling:

1. Maison Giraud
2. Pitchoun
3. Proof

Proof used to be higher (but MG was always better), but the last 2 visits to Proof have yielded mediocre, slightly stale Croissants. Disappointing.

Shunji's day off?

I wasn't a fan of Asanebo at all (and i've been multiple times). Definitely Urasawa or Shunji over that.

Go Go Cafe (Arcadia) has the best Pork and Egg Yolk Dumpling

thanx for the rec ipse.

unfortunately it looks like it's off the menu now. :< I was going to visit some friends and hit up China Red to try it out since everyone's rec'ing that place, and saw your post so we went there instead.

Turns out they don't have the Pork and Egg Yolk Dumpling you're talking about any more. :<

They said they changed their menu (and removed a bunch of dishes that weren't as popular). they only have 3 dumplings on their menu now (Fish, 3 Flavors, Vegetarian).

we tried their shenjianbao which was ok, nothing special. Their fish dumplings were decent. nice, friendly service.


Howlin' Ray's (Nashville-Style) Hot Chicken (A Review and Photo Story)

awesome review TheOffalo. Can't wait to try it! :>

your pix look amazing as usual, and the fried chicken sound wonderful. Thanks!

L.A. Dish of the Month, June 2015 -- PIZZA

Sounds great lapizzamaven. :> thanx for the info.

So is this founder of Antica also still at South End that you were telling me about? or now full-time here at this new place?

L.A. Dish of the Month, July 2015 -- Voting



wait, so is "Barones" referring to these 2 Pizzeria Expresses? Or a separate Barones?


L.A. Dish of the Month, June 2015 -- PIZZA

Thanx Novelli. Looks really delicious. :> i might have to finally try Sotto soon.

L.A. Dish of the Month, June 2015 -- PIZZA

Thanks for taking one of the team Alkie. I've never had it before, but now I don't have to. :>

L.A. Dish of the Month, June 2015 -- PIZZA

And, I couldn't let a nice weekend go to waste, so after DeSano (great), we swung around to my favorite spot in LA, Pizzeria Mozza.

Sitting down, we were fully prepared to go with some of our favorites, like their amazing Fennel Sausage Pizza, but I noticed a new seasonal pizza and jumped at the chance:

* English Peas, Green Garlic, Fontina & Guanciale Pizza
(We ordered the full size version (it's on the menu as a Pizzetta (S))

Just looking at the description one might think it's pedantic, but knowing Nancy Silverton's dishes, and checking w/ the server it turned out to flat out AMAZING.

Using Farmer's Market fresh English Peas, fresh Green Garlic, I had no idea these 4 ingredients could combine to make a pizza that approaches heavenly! :>

Fresh English Peas are one of those food items that is so far removed from the ubiquitous versions around the world (Frozen Peas) that it's like a different food item altogether (like bad Uni compared to fresh SB Uni served the day of at Shunji's).

The sweetness and aromatics from the Farmer's Market fresh English Peas were FANTASTIC on the pizza, along with the fresh Green Garlic strands giving a nice pungent oniony flavor, without overpowering. The Fontina worked wonderfully but the ultimate brilliance was the Guanciale (Pork Jowl): Mozza's version is subtle, not salty, and adds a beautiful Porky undertone to the whole pie!

The result is the perfect balance of natural vegetable sweetness only from fresh English Peas, garlic/oniony goodness from the fresh Green Garlic, the Fontina cheese balances the pizza, and then it's tied together with this subtle porkiness from the Guanciale.

And of course, Mozza's famous crust which is it's own unique thing. It's not Neapolitan, but it's thin crust, with the wonderful crunch and chew.

By far the best Pizza I've had in a long time, and I'm now done with Pizza for the month (wanting to end on a high note)! :>

Pizzeria Mozza
641 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 297-0101

L.A. Dish of the Month, June 2015 -- PIZZA

More contributions! Finally got to make it out to Napoletana DeSano Pizza Bakery. It's been highly regarded so I was curious. We tried their:

CAPRICCIOSA - San Marzano tomato sauce, mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto, garlic, scamorza, mozzarella di bufala, pecorino romano.

This was a traditional Neapolitan style Pizza, and they had some awesome wood-burning ovens and a cute rustic setting.

First off, the crust was fantastic! A slight crunch, yet still soft and chewy. It is by far the best crust I've had for a Neapolitan style pizza in LA. I like it better than Settebello, and the recently tried Bianco Rosso.

The San Marzano Tomato Sauce was just the right balance with the Mushrooms and Artichokes. The 3 cheese blend gave the whole pizza a nice cheesy balance without overwhelming it.

Excellent pie, and a place I'll be going back to in my rotation. :> The 2nd best pizza I've had this month (see next post).

DeSano Pizza Bakery
4959 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029