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Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

ah! thanx New Trial. it didn't even register with me that you could get them "uncooked" to go, so to speak.

Yah heating them up / finishing them off in the oven at home seems to be a good way to enjoy the pot pie.

about 2 hours ago
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

Thanks wb. :>

Yah I really want to try the place out. Just with the recent weather here in So Cal (it's Summer already?!), the thought of sitting outside in the sun, on a milk crate to eat a piping hot Chicken Pot Pie... doesn't get me excited, lol.

The smoked fish and other stuff you and others recommended, I can see that holding up well in a cooler in the car, or just eating it as a sandwich to go.

still, i wanna give them a try soon. thanx.

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

hey pham and wienermobile,

for Gjusta, your reviews / pix sound tempting, but since Gjusta really has no tables / dining area, does the Pot Pie really hold up during travel?

Seems like a type of food you want to eat fresh out of the kitchen, with the pie crust flaky / crisp, etc., right?

so that seems like a big impediment (unless you lived next door or something).

L.A. Dish of the Month, March 2015 -- SEAFOOD SANDWICHES

Tried out the new Knuckle & Claw Lobster Roll shack in Silverlake. The lobster roll was a combo of chilled claw meat w/ cold mayo and warmed butter. The bread was nicely toasted.

overall I thought it was OK. Prefer Connie & Ted's and Lobsta Truck more. Posted more thoughts about the Shrimp Roll and Blue Crab here:


Knuckle and Claw Lobster Rolls Hit Silverlake

Yah, as Tony mentioned, $18 for the Lobster Roll. $11 for the Blue Crab, and $9 for the Maine Shrimp.

Knuckle and Claw Lobster Rolls Hit Silverlake

got a chance to try out the new Lobster Roll specialist in Silver Lake, "Lobster and Claw".

it's a tiny little space along Sunset (near Night + Market Song). we tried out 3 of their main items, starting out with the Blue Crab Roll (not sushi, lol).

Connie and Teds

Thanks for the report back. I agree with nosh and others:

Never had issues w/ my Fish & Chips. we've ordered it 3 times now, and it's always been hot, crisp, delish.

probably a busy night and they forgot to bring out your order? you should've just sent it back.

Hamburguesas Punta Cabras in DTLA Soft Open

thanks for the info!

these extras sound delish:

Green Curry Guacamole – $1.50
Salsa Nopal Molcajete – $1.50

anyone try them yet?

Republique (A Photo Story)

What PorkBelly said.

I think there's a difference between, for example:

"Thanks to OpenTable, I scored a reservation the next night / OpenTable saved me the hassle of tipping."


"Thanks to OpenTable, I got a reservation. Open Table is a brand-new website that lets you reserve tables at all of the top restaurants around town.

You can also enter this access code to sign up and get a free $25 Credit. Disclosure: I get $5 for each person that uses this code.

It's great and all the top stars and chefs are using it, etc."

Again, I really appreciate your posts and reviews. :> I am grateful. But the Reserve mentions and what I meant was the large format picture of "Reserve" (almost like Anthony Bourdain featuring that Credit Card in his TV show for a couple seasons because it was a sponsor), just felt off.

Regardless, thanks again for all the great reporting. I'm definitely willing to go back to Republique and try out the Charcuterie Board (and the half size version you mentioned); that looked really delicious and something we missed out on the first time we went. Thanks!

Republique (A Photo Story)

Of for sure. I, too, really appreciate TheOffalo's posts in general and great pix! Thanx. :>

it's just that recently two prominent threads started by him talked about Reserve, and while he did disclose that he gets money for everyone that enters his code, it feels like pandering / out-of-place on Chowhound, just in my opinion.

I'm not saying the rest of his reviews are "out-of-place," just the paragraphs talking about Reserve and to sign up for it, and entering his code to help him get Cash Back.

Besides that the review for Republique and the latest menu dishes were great (and I'm really glad to hear about the Uni Toast potentially rebounding in taste and execution).

(P.S. I'm certainly not an "excellent poster" by any means, but I mourn the loss of Servorg every day I visit here.)

family dining for foodies staying at Melrose and Fairfax

awesome! nice pix and info. Sounds like it's worth a visit. Thanks.

L.A. Dish of the Month, April 2015 -- Nominations

Somehow, all of those things you listed combined together in a Fried Rice sounds delicious. :>

Republique (A Photo Story)

thanx for the report. still not sure about the Uni Toast, but maybe we'll give it another shot.

BTW, I have to say your advertising for Reserve is a major turnoff. No offense, but devoting multiple mentions to "Reserve" and talking about it in a few reviews now (and a gratuitous picture)...

i know you said you get Money for everyone that enters your Promo Code, but it's this type of stuff that drove Servorg away from Chowhound and I feel it has no place here.

Just my 2 cents.

family dining for foodies staying at Melrose and Fairfax

thanks for the report back! :>

how was the food at Odys & Penelope? What did you enjoy there (or not)?

Along the 118: Moorpark > La Canada - Anything Chow-Worthy?

BTW, what makes Cupid's Hot Dogs stand out? looking at the website, they've been around a long time, but just curious what the hounds like about their dogs?

(and for the new generation, do they use healthier dogs, like ones without sodium nitrate/nitrite?)


Mastro's - Best location?

I thought I read downhill reports on Mastros after they sold out to Landry's Inc. (who own McCormick & Schmick’s, Claim Jumper)?

there were quite a few posts on the quality of the steaks, etc. not being the same as before, right?

update on the lunch special at Rahel

awesome! thanx for the info.

but i think they had their Lunch as a buffet (ayce) for a long time now? it was ayce when i went last year.

Did they add new items to the lunch as well?

Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat

thanx sea.

oh yah, there are definitely aspects of this article that seem a bit hyperbolic, but many of the new "additives" or synthetic creations made to artificially enhance / extend food (and circumvent being on a food label) is the part that hit home for me (and is frustrating).

Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat

Just saw this article in the Guardian about secretly processed foods.

This makes me sick. I hope there's some better regulation on this stuff in the future.

Another reason to cook from scratch at home.

Along the 118: Moorpark > La Canada - Anything Chow-Worthy?

thanx Heidi. :> what sandwiches would you recommend at San Carlo Deli?

Fried Chicken in Orange County?

hi tony,

what are your fav fried chicken places these days? TIA! :>

L.A. Dish of the Month, March 2015 -- SEAFOOD SANDWICHES

i agree with Helper and TheOffalo (first visit).

had it as well last month, and was underwhelmed. we were so excited for it, but the uni was lost to us as well. just didn't pair well and the thick bread and crunching / chewing too away from the subtlety of the uni.

Animal Review

Wow, Rabbit Larb?! that's my new excuse to go back asap. :> thanx for the report!

Along the 118: Moorpark > La Canada - Anything Chow-Worthy?

wanted to post a report back. Thanx again for all the great suggestions! :>

* Tokiwa Sushi (Moorpark): Was a little worried when i saw the menu, which featured not only traditional sushi, but crazy rolls, Chicken Teriyaki, Udon, Fish & Chips, Pork Chops, Ramen, Tempura and more. The sushi we had was decent, but nothing worth driving out of the way for. The bento box Chicken Teri was also a bit overcooked.

* Custom Melt: crazy Grilled Cheese specialist! they had some elaborate items. tried the Short Rib Grilled Cheese:

"Enegren Beer-Braised Short Rib, Provolone, Fontina, Roasted Mayo, Horseradish, Jack, Grilled Onion on Rustic White Bread"

which was tasty but a bit overwhelming (heavy). but what do you expect? :> lol.

* Cafe Firenze (Moorpark): really enjoyed the pastas we tried there. nice little neighborhood spot. thanx!

* Shamshiri (Northridge): i've heard so much about this place (but maybe most people talk about the... Westwood location?). was really excited to try it, but the Chicken Kabob plate was disappointing. :< it wasn't awful, but it just turned out so-so. it wasn't very bright or really standout; just kinda Ok.

* JeJe Chicken: walking in (during dinner), it was nearly empty. Their Chicken Kabob plate was flavorful, but nothing i'd go out of my way for.

* CF Food Kitchen (Grenada Hills): really excited to try this, but sadly they don't make their Fried Chicken any more (taken off the menu). :< ordered their Gumbo instead, which was quite good. even their starter Mixed Green Salad tasted super fresh, and the greens were really crisp and herbally. :>

* Lola's Tacos (Grenada Hills): their fish tacos were surpising. i had no idea this section of the 118 had a taco shop like this. :> their street taco (beef) was underwhelming though. Their chips tasted a bit stale, but their specials sounded pretty awesome (didn't get to try any).

* El Puerquito Express: really cool little hole-in-the-wall, literally in a gas station (to the side). their Al Pastor Tacos were the best of the items we tried (but no Tacos Leo of course). Carne Asada was too gristly for us, but decent. Carnitas were dryish and not very good. kinda pricey for the quantity ($1.65 per taco, but the size of them were smaller or barely the same size as usual Taco Stands around East LA etc.).

thanx again for all the recs!

might be making another trip through the 118, so if anyone else has recs, keep'em coming. :> thanx!

Golden State's Lamb Burger now available 7 days a week!

just saw the Eater article:

Looks like Golden State finally added their awesome Lamb Burger on their regular menu now (no longer a Thurs special), 7 days a week!


L.A. Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants in Los Angeles 2015 is Out

Thanks for posting the text without needing people to click on the link TheOffalo.

it's another list. another topic to seek attention and get more eyeballs to their website. Sigh. :<

I realize it's just the opinion of 1 person who wrote it, but I consider the list worthless when they started including these restaurants as one of THE "Essential" restaurants (Top 99) in LA:

* Hot Pot Hot Pot - Really? the random Chinese Hot Pot restaurant that changed its name because it ripped off Little Fat Sheep and got sued?

* Irv's Burgers - Never been, but asking some friends about it (and then clicking the link), it's clear it's that writer's sentimental favorite or something. But one of the "Essential" restaurants in all of LA region? Uh no.

* Choosing Lunasia (mediocre, to above-average Dim Sum) and not mentioning Sea Harbour or Elite?

* Omar's Xinjiang - Tried it twice and thought it was ridiculously oversalted and not very good. I like the concept of them bringing Xinjiang food here, but adding it as a top 99 "Essential" restaurant?

* Philippe - More for historical reference than anything; sorry but their sandwiches are... not very good at all. I'm surprised they didn't include Pink's.

* Epic Fail for them picking Sushi Gen over Mori and Urasawa. Seriously?

I've heard so many bad things about Bar Ama from the Hounds here that I've stayed far away. There are just so many other restaurants that feel more deserving.

Then again, it's a list. Mean to spur conversation / debate, to drive more Clicks to their site.


Why can't LA get real, squeaky, Quebec-style cheese curds?

awesome! please keep us updated on when and where this poutine specialist is going to be. can't wait to try it! :>

Interesting Thread on Reddit Asking Expats Most Authentic Home Country Restaurant in LA

It's an interesting point, but if you think about it, flip the situation around:

I know American Ex-Pats working abroad who pine for KFC (ugh). :<

And there are plenty of Americans who eat at Claim Jumper, BJ's, Olive Garden...

Imagine if they were overseas and someone asked them "What restaurants were 'most authentic' that they tried in their new country (abroad)?"...

They would respond with some level of (mediocre) quality restaurant they ate at abroad that was the equivalent of what they liked back here in America at Claim Jumper, BJ's, Olive Garden, etc.

It's an interesting read, but everyone's tastebuds are different and there are plenty of people who's idea of "authentic food" may NOT mean "authentic, 'BEST EVER!' quality."

No. 1 Charcoal BBQ - Monterey Park

i agree barryc. :>

Now that Mr. Taster™ is gone, can we please discuss Gjusta?

thanx wiener.

ugh that's their seating?! yah a bit too hipster for me. i guess i'll have to try it via take-out.