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thanks william. great report! :>

generally i got the vibe you "liked" your meal quite a bit (sans desserts). :>

can't wait to try it.

L.A. Dish of the Month, May 2015 -- Nominations


Doesn't have to be "Vegetarian," but just yummy, well-prepared vegetable dishes.

Connie & Teds

Another vote in favor of their:

* Fresh Santa Barbara Uni - so good!
* Warm Lobster Roll
* Mixed Greens Salad (seasonal changes) - Really well done, fresh, interesting flavors (it's not as boring as it sounds). :P
* Wild Mexican Shrimp
* Chowder (they have 3 types, all very refined / clean).

hope you have fun. :>

Shunji Update: More Seats at the Sushi Bar!

J.L. said: "My record at Shunji: 51 pieces of nigiri (after the otsumami plates and before the "everything sweet you got" dessert platter)."

Wow! amazing! :>

didn't you also polish off 2 - 3 full orders of some type of buns or dumplings from multiple famous Shanghai restaurants in the same meal I think? :> i remember someone mentioning that a while back.

L.A. Dish of the Month, April 2015 -- FRIED RICE

glad to see so many variations of fried rice so far, but kinda surprised that there aren't that many pics and visits to the expected Chinese restaurants for their fried rice.

paging ipse, tonyc, barry, raytam and others. :> i hope to make it out to the SGV before the month ends to try some; need some recs.

Mori Sushi Premium Omakase + YOLO = YOLOmakase

K K said: "Kusakabe (San Francisco) starts off around $90+ pp, people usually don't get full, and nigiri add on's average $8 to $10+/$15 a piece... so with two glasses of sake, $400+ per person"

Hi K K,

I had to do a double take on that comment you made (above):

So it starts at $90 per person, and you *ended up* adding more sushi so you got to $400 per person?! LOLOL. :O

What the heck did you add on?! Haha.

You and J.L. need to meet up and see if you can both top $500 per person. Chow Baller style! And then report back to us.

Thanks again for the great reports and glad you liked So Cal. :>

Apr 16, 2015
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Omakase west of the 405

Congrats. :>

I'd vote for either:

1. Mori - It's west of the 405 as you requested. It's fantastic omakase. And they still cater to tastes, so you can get "nigiri only" (just sushi), or have a full omakase w/ cooked dishes.

2. Shunji - Also in your desired area, and i find it more creative at times than Mori, but in total execution probably Mori. Still Shunji is fantastic as well.

Batterfish lunch

I like Big Willie's (Burbank) every since Das recommended it I think. great value.

but I like Batterfish more because of the quality of the fish / moist / tender flakiness.

Batterfish lunch

nice report paranoid. :> btw, how's it compare with King's Head (taste-wise)? (I've never been)


i've never been, but when you say "you can no longer..." did Yamakase lose their Liquor License? Or?

i'm sure plenty of ballers will still gladly pay $300 to partake in his food (not me, can't afford that).

JL and a bunch of other Hounds I think are regulars, no?

What does New York have that LA doesn't?


No, it's about your comment specifically: JeMange wrote: "I'm an NYC transplant - been living in LA for fifteen years and absolutely love it but it cannot compare in terms of the holy trinity:

jewish deli"

That's a pretty broad generalization, but ns1 was merely pointing out (as was I) that your statement might hold true for *specific* restaurants, but just saying "LA... cannot compare (to NYC) in terms of... pizza, jewish deli" isn't true if you're talking about all of the restaurants.

There's absolutely garbage in LA for pizza and delis (and bagels), definitely. Agreed. But there's definitely bad pizza and delis and bagels in NYC as well.

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

ns1 said: "what you mean is, 'these 4 bagel shops are far superior to anything in CA, as well as these 5 pizza joints, and NYC has a lot of Jewish delis but only 3 that matter. The rest are par or worse.'"

definitely agree. i'm sure there are some fantastic places in NY for bagels and pizza, but on my last trip there, had a random (non-chain) pizza and it was pretty mediocre / borderline awful.

it was my fault for not researching pizza places (was a last minute meal on a busy day), but yah, there's no guarantee that all pizza places in NY are superior to everything in LA. At all.

Planning an eating trip, need some input (Japanese, Korean, fine dining, Taiwanese, regional Chinese, Vietnamese, coffee, raw oysters etc)

hey kk,

nice report, thanx for sharing! :>

totally agree w/ you on Egg Slut.

For Torihei, did you try any of the regular yakitori skewers, or only those special dishes / izakaya-type stuff? if you didn't, i found their classic skewers were some of the best stuff they had.

Connie & Ted's - glad you liked it so much. i love their fresh sea urchin, and their selection of oysters as well. so good!

surprised you didn't try any of our top Sushi joints.

Apr 08, 2015
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

Batterfish lunch

i liked it much more than HRB. just my 2 cents.

4 days in Santa Monica with teen

Great list wienermobile! :> totally agree on your recs except Hot Dog on A Stick, but I guess that might be fun for kids?

@ FoodGrrl,

As others have pointed out, LA isn't much of a walking town. Unless you're used to powerwalking for a long time, you might need to take Bus / Uber / taxi it around, even if it's the same area (like Santa Monica).

to add some points from wm's list above:

* Huckleberry - great breakfast / brunch spot, farm-to-table ingredients, some awesome house-made pastries. get there early to beat the lines.

* Sawtelle's Japantown has some pretty delicious eats, like Tsujita Ramen (arguably the best Tonkotsu Ramen in LA), Kiriko and Tsujita Sushi for high end Sushi (and they have lunch specials), Gottsui for Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style savory "pancakes" sorta).


For some delicious small plates, farm-to-table, New American style eateries, I'd add:

* Tar & Roses
* Rustic Canyon
* Gjelina


Batterfish lunch

thanx nosh.

one thing i appreciate about this place is what you said: That the fish was extremely high-quality and it was really nicely cooked.

like you, our visit had juicy, flaky cod fish and it was fantastic.

Urasawa Questions

Wow very interesting.

when we went (and i made the reservations), we weren't offered nor was there mention of the lone table (away from the bar). we got the bar and the table was left empty the whole evening.

talking to some friends, they, too haven't seen that table occupied when they went.

that would feel strange / like JL said, "Siberia" if you got shoved back there.

Urasawa Questions

Hi JL,

Can you even dine at the lone small table in the corner? LOL

when we went, that sat unused, and I thought it's *only* Sushi Bar, so lexismore, you don't have to worry about those 2 questions. :>

Enjoy and report back!

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

ah! thanx New Trial. it didn't even register with me that you could get them "uncooked" to go, so to speak.

Yah heating them up / finishing them off in the oven at home seems to be a good way to enjoy the pot pie.

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

Thanks wb. :>

Yah I really want to try the place out. Just with the recent weather here in So Cal (it's Summer already?!), the thought of sitting outside in the sun, on a milk crate to eat a piping hot Chicken Pot Pie... doesn't get me excited, lol.

The smoked fish and other stuff you and others recommended, I can see that holding up well in a cooler in the car, or just eating it as a sandwich to go.

still, i wanna give them a try soon. thanx.

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

hey pham and wienermobile,

for Gjusta, your reviews / pix sound tempting, but since Gjusta really has no tables / dining area, does the Pot Pie really hold up during travel?

Seems like a type of food you want to eat fresh out of the kitchen, with the pie crust flaky / crisp, etc., right?

so that seems like a big impediment (unless you lived next door or something).

L.A. Dish of the Month, March 2015 -- SEAFOOD SANDWICHES

Tried out the new Knuckle & Claw Lobster Roll shack in Silverlake. The lobster roll was a combo of chilled claw meat w/ cold mayo and warmed butter. The bread was nicely toasted.

overall I thought it was OK. Prefer Connie & Ted's and Lobsta Truck more. Posted more thoughts about the Shrimp Roll and Blue Crab here:


Knuckle and Claw Lobster Rolls Hit Silverlake

Yah, as Tony mentioned, $18 for the Lobster Roll. $11 for the Blue Crab, and $9 for the Maine Shrimp.

Knuckle and Claw Lobster Rolls Hit Silverlake

got a chance to try out the new Lobster Roll specialist in Silver Lake, "Lobster and Claw".

it's a tiny little space along Sunset (near Night + Market Song). we tried out 3 of their main items, starting out with the Blue Crab Roll (not sushi, lol).

Connie and Teds

Thanks for the report back. I agree with nosh and others:

Never had issues w/ my Fish & Chips. we've ordered it 3 times now, and it's always been hot, crisp, delish.

probably a busy night and they forgot to bring out your order? you should've just sent it back.

Hamburguesas Punta Cabras in DTLA Soft Open

thanks for the info!

these extras sound delish:

Green Curry Guacamole – $1.50
Salsa Nopal Molcajete – $1.50

anyone try them yet?

Republique (A Photo Story)

What PorkBelly said.

I think there's a difference between, for example:

"Thanks to OpenTable, I scored a reservation the next night / OpenTable saved me the hassle of tipping."


"Thanks to OpenTable, I got a reservation. Open Table is a brand-new website that lets you reserve tables at all of the top restaurants around town.

You can also enter this access code to sign up and get a free $25 Credit. Disclosure: I get $5 for each person that uses this code.

It's great and all the top stars and chefs are using it, etc."

Again, I really appreciate your posts and reviews. :> I am grateful. But the Reserve mentions and what I meant was the large format picture of "Reserve" (almost like Anthony Bourdain featuring that Credit Card in his TV show for a couple seasons because it was a sponsor), just felt off.

Regardless, thanks again for all the great reporting. I'm definitely willing to go back to Republique and try out the Charcuterie Board (and the half size version you mentioned); that looked really delicious and something we missed out on the first time we went. Thanks!

Republique (A Photo Story)

Of for sure. I, too, really appreciate TheOffalo's posts in general and great pix! Thanx. :>

it's just that recently two prominent threads started by him talked about Reserve, and while he did disclose that he gets money for everyone that enters his code, it feels like pandering / out-of-place on Chowhound, just in my opinion.

I'm not saying the rest of his reviews are "out-of-place," just the paragraphs talking about Reserve and to sign up for it, and entering his code to help him get Cash Back.

Besides that the review for Republique and the latest menu dishes were great (and I'm really glad to hear about the Uni Toast potentially rebounding in taste and execution).

(P.S. I'm certainly not an "excellent poster" by any means, but I mourn the loss of Servorg every day I visit here.)

family dining for foodies staying at Melrose and Fairfax

awesome! nice pix and info. Sounds like it's worth a visit. Thanks.

L.A. Dish of the Month, April 2015 -- Nominations

Somehow, all of those things you listed combined together in a Fried Rice sounds delicious. :>