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Uh-oh, Bucato

He was the soul of the restaurant. RIP Bucato.

about 15 hours ago
chowseeker1999 in Los Angeles Area

$100 Gift Card to Spend

Cinco, i'd say you should let what tomorrow's menu's dishes end up being guide you. :> if you feel like going for it, go for it.

for wine pairing, depends on how much you really enjoy wine. most of my visits were without wine pairing and they were just wondering.

$100 Gift Card to Spend

Hey cinco,

FYI, Providence announced their anniversary tasting menu:

"une marks our tenth anniversary at Providence! Beginning on Monday, June 1st, we are offering our four-course tasting menu, for $80 a person, during the entire month of June. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you!

Four-Course Tasting Menu $80
Menus change daily
(exclusive of tax, gratuity and beverages)"

$100 Gift Card to Spend

hey cinco,

if you're looking to try Providence for the first time, the Complete Market Menu should suffice as an intro. It's definitely well executed, and it was enjoyable to try Chef Cimarusti's creations.

i think it's also important to evaluate it compared to what you're comfortable spending. Sure the Chef's Menu has far more courses, but it's quite a bit more, and if that pushes into territory you're not comfortable with price-wise, it might set up expectations that are too high to ever meet (or make someone inherently more critical / expecting perfection, etc.). But overall, I liked the Complete Market Menu the few times I've tried as well. :>

If you've never been to Animal, that's such a fun / great eating experience. Love Chef Shook and Dotolo's cooking and approach at Animal. :>

For Omakase, have you ever been to Mori or Shunji? I know you can politely mention a certain budget / range you want to stay in, and they'll try to accommodate and keep things in that range. Both are wonderful, and you can get out of there within the ~$100 - $125 range per person (no drinks). If you weren't that hungry, it could be less.

I really like MB Post as well in Manhattan Beach (that's more lively, loud, informal, but still nice). You could spend some time at the beach / watch the sunset and head over to the restaurant. New American Small Plates format. Loved their Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits (made in house), Roasted Sunchokes, Steamed Mussels in Green Curry, Moroccan Lamb Belly with Harissa Caramelized Onions and a few other dishes.

Villa Catrina in Arcadia. Anyone Been?

i'd agree with Bradbury. we tried this place on a whim last year (saw it randomly, never heard anyone talk about it). we didn't like the wings or the pizza.

$100 Gift Card to Spend

These days it seems Providence has a few types of tasting menus:

* 4 Course Market Menu - $100
* Complete Market Menu - $150
* Seasonal Menu (w/ Foie Gras / A5 Wagyu) - $190
* Chef's Menu (current example is 12 courses) - $210

Having tried their short course menus and the full Chef's Menu, I enjoyed the Chef's Menu quite a bit more. It felt like the kitchen was able to be more creative and inspired.

there wasn't anything wrong w/ the 4 Course (or back in the day, their 5 course and 9 course), but it felt a bit tame by comparison.

For other restaurants, please let us know what you feel like or dislike. Are there certain types of cuisine you prefer? Romantic setting a must? Or more fun / lively atmosphere? etc.

Villa Catrina in Arcadia. Anyone Been?

thanx for the report jess! :>

good place to keep in mind if i'm visiting the area. that's great to hear they have handmade fresh tortillas and that their chili verde was good.

Favorite burger for $5 or less?

nice pic!

although ipse's request in the OP was $5 out the door, including tax and tip (which this burger does not).

South Pasadena, 2015 Summer: Any updates/experiences/reviews?

Just chiming in that i found Gus' actual BBQ meats to be... mediocre at best. disappointing.


Just a heads up for everyone, i got a hold of someone at the restaurant and Open Table is not broken, LOL:

* They are indeed booked up for the next 2 months (and more). :<

The person said they have a few weeknight only openings sometime in late July.


Looks like we can add n/naka to the list of LA Restaurants that you have to book months in advance (along w/ Maude).


i just noticed that as well. Wow, is it that popular now that you have to make reservations... 3 months in advance?! seems a bit crazy.

South Pasadena, 2015 Summer: Any updates/experiences/reviews?

I love Bulgarini, thanks to JL and kevin!!!!'s repeated recommendations. :>

South Pasadena, 2015 Summer: Any updates/experiences/reviews?

hey lightstorm,

hope you have a great trip back. i'm no expert on that area of LA, but i did manage to visit the Pasadena area a few times this past year:

+ Crossings: Thanx to ipse and a few other hounds, i managed to try Crossings and had a good time. It was like a nice / alternate version of Parkway Grill. Solid entrees, solid service, no complaints.

+ Modan Artisanal Ramen: Not good. pretty mediocre ramen and their chashu was bad.

i'd say if you're open to it, drive up the street into Pasadena proper or south to the rest of the San Gabriel Valley area. Some other places:

+ Union Pasadena (Old Pas): New American small plates type stuff. Some of his homemade pastas and dishes were very good, some of the stuff was so-so / OK. But it has the feel / vibe of the more popular Westside / dynamic places (but not quite as good).


+ Lincoln (Pasadena): Local, organic, fresh Salads, Sandwiches, Bowls. i loved their Farro Bowl (Kale, Onion, Chickpeas, Farro, Almonds & Romesco Sauce)! :> They have some nice Breakfast items as well. Cute space.


+ Sushi Kimagure / Sushi Ichi on Arroyo Parkway. Both were spoken well of for the area. Having been to both I liked Ichi a bit more; not as good as LA's best, but good for the area.

You can probably search this board for various San Gabriel Valley, Rosemead, Monterey Park type offerings (just south/east of where you are).

Meat-centric dinner with friend from out of town anywhere between Bev Hills and DTLA

awesome geekbruin! :>

what did you order and what were your favorites?

Redbird (Downtown)

we also had a visit to Redbird recently and thought it was a bit uneven.

The Chicken Pot Pie was fine, and more refined that the usual version, "elevated" i suppose, but it felt very precious (quantity / price).

the Scallop Ceviche they had was the highlight in terms of flavor. Really wonderful, fresh, and interesting flavors paired with the scallops. However, the portion was a joke:

it was probably 3 - 4 quarter-sized pieces of the scallop - far less than the size of, say, Scallop Sashimi at Shunji, Kiyokawa, Mori, etc., for $22. i don't need Claim Jumper-sized portions, but the 3 - 4 tiny pieces looked comically small (like micro petit fours or something).

the Avocado Salad on the other hand was huge and very ample. Great smoky flavors from the crisp bacon and bacon-infused dressing, crisp greens.

Duck Confit was ok. Not bad, but nothing really outstanding.

In no hurry to return (but I agree the dining space is lovely).

SGV chinese food walk - thoughts?

nice barry! thanx for the pix. :>

what would you say the highlight was?

and how's beijing pie house (never been)? seems a bit carb heavy.

Are all Sugarfish locations equal?

i've never stepped foot in a Sugarfish, but i thought one of the key points was "No Itamae / Chef in front of a traditional Sushi Bar" (it's all prepped in the back / away from customers)? so how would anyone know unless they walked into the kitchen?

Cacio e Pepe in LA

Oh I loved all the other pasta we had there. I think it was just expectations of the classic version of cacio e pepe, and the thickness threw me off (even though I loved his pasta in other dishes there). :>


What's the most unique and upscale Iranian/Persian food in LA?

thanx Thor! can't wait to hear your report back. :>

I only ever tried Sham Shiri in Northridge. Thought it was pretty mediocre. :< But then I noticed the website for Northridge vs. the Westwood one are separate. They don't mention each other (but their logos are the same).

I'm guessing everyone likes the Westwood location? I'll have to give that a shot.

What's the most unique and upscale Iranian/Persian food in LA?

Yah, it's Darya South Coast Plaza.

I went there a few times, but the most recent visit was maybe... 5 years ago? It's very upscale / fancy, but in a semi-gaudy / flashy way (but still very nice setting). Like something from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

5 years ago or so, it served some fantastic Baghali Polo (Lamb Shank w/ Dill Basmati Rice). Tender, juicy, succulent! :>

we loved their Chicken Kebabs as well, and Lamb Kebabs.

My Iranian friend loved their Fesenjon.

But I haven't been back in 5 years, so I have no idea if they're in downhill alert or not.

L.A. Dish of the Month, May 2015 -- Curry

thanx elsiedee. :>

i've been curious about this place; gives me an excuse to visit the area and give a try.

Cacio e Pepe in LA

surprisingly Bucato's version was my least favorite on the menu. loved their other pasta dishes more. Just too thick IMHO.

Leo's Tacos - 4 Locations? How are they?

thanx Disco.

good to know the on Glendale is pretty close to the original in terms of quality.

hopefully people who've tried the other new locations can chime in. would be good to have options depending on what part of town you're in. :>

Q: What is Kiwi Cafe?

thanks ipse! :>

now you have me hankering for a good steamed pork loaf w/ salty duck eggs. :>

Do you have any recs for that dish in the western SGV area? haven't had that dish in ages...

Leo's Tacos - 4 Locations? How are they?

i just noticed Leo's Tacos now has 4 locations in So Cal from their website (i had no idea). Question for the hounds:

* Anyone try their other 3 New Locations besides the original on La Brea? How is it?

is there a noticeable difference between them?

* Also, does anyone know the Hours of the other 3 locations?



L.A. Dish of the Month, May 2015 -- Curry

awesome pics pham. :>

OK, this Thai discussion has me curious:

* Who makes the best Thai curry in LA?

Is it luv2eat? I wanna go just to try that crab curry. :>

Mother's Day....dinner!

Hi alwayshungry,

one place i haven't tried yet, but heard good things about is from Top Chef Alum CJ Jacobson's New American eatery: Girasol.

I can't vouch for it yet, but it's in Studio City just off the 101, and looks like an interesting menu.


10 Best Eats In Monterey Park

barryc wrote: "in regards to liang's, just don't order off the old franchise menu; this particular liang's owner created their own separate non-franchise menu a while back..."

Jthur01 wrote: "There are a smattering of Liang's Kitchens around (Monterey Park and San Diego for two), but they're autonomous and left to their own devices."

aha! thanx for the clarification.

i was puzzled by tonyc's mention of Liang's. because the 3 different Liang's i tried over the past few years were mediocre at best (and many Liang's locations have shut down). Some dishes were downright AWFUL, or had way too much MSG.

But i guess this location (never been) has a "non-franchise menu" and as JThur says, many locations were just franchises / separate owners? good to know.

i might have to give this a shot next time i'm in the area. :>

L.A. Dish of the Month, May 2015 -- Voting



thanks william. great report! :>

generally i got the vibe you "liked" your meal quite a bit (sans desserts). :>

can't wait to try it.