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3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

outstanding post bula. :>

many of us made similar points, but you've summed it up eloquently.

at this point i agree with your other post, no need to further discuss.

Chicken Papa in Industry

thanx TonyC, JThur and Chandavkl. :>

so how's the food here? chow-worthy?

L.A. Dish of the Month, September 2014: OFFAL


thanx for all the pix! :> certainly helps highlight some of the tastier dishes for offal. :> what was your fav of the batch of dinners you just posted?

Is it Last Call for B.o.s. ? (Closing)

That's a great point Paul. i agree.

so not only are they buried in a strip mall in Little Tokyo serving non-Asian cuisine (they said it themselves in the Eater article), but it's Offal (smaller subset of mainstream), and it's focusing on Beef Offal primarily (an even smaller subset).

but Offal can work as others have brought up in this thread. isn't Bistro LQ and chef Laurent famous for serving Offal? but i think they balance their menu with Non-Offal dishes right, so more people can enjoy it?

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

latindancer said: "In other words, if the customer doesn't want to pay it then there's the assumption the customer doesn't care about the employee.
Interesting tactic."

Exactly. this is what some of us were mentioning earlier in this thread, about a "Guilt Tax" basically.

if we ask the restaurant (and our server) to remove that charge, the customer looks like the "jerk." it incites bad feelings, and who knows what the server might do to your credit card info at that point?

then if you take it out of their tip instead, it can look like you're undertipping them, which also feels bad.

Again, if restaurateurs are reading this thread:

* We don't mind helping your staff get healthcare benefits, but just fold it into the Menu Price.

Don't nickel & dime us and sell it on a pretense that it's something "noble" that you're doing. BS.

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

i thought this was ridiculous when Republique pulled this crap last year.

as much as i enjoyed AOC, I'm voting with my dollars and NOT going back.

as ns1 said, what's next?

"Employee Vacation Time Surcharge (4%): ..."
"Earthquake Insurance Surcharge (2%):..."
"WiFi Internet Surcharge (3%):..."


Tasting Kitchen Brunch Pictorial

Thanx issey!

nice pix. so what did you think of the food & experience overall?

Little Jewel


would you say the bread at Little Jewel is more authentic to what a traditional New Orleans Po' Boy would be, compared to Orleans & York?

because i found the bread at Orleans to be more appealing to me (warmed, slight crunch).

L.A. Dish of the Month, September 2014 -- Voting


Little Jewel

@ Chef Marcus:

i get the daily specials (which bring some fun / uniqueness to the week), but i hope you consider making some of your daily specials available on the weekend.

For those of us that can't make it there on a Monday, i'd love to try, say, your Red Beans & Rice one day. :<

or your Gumbo whenever you introduce that.

Dinner Omakase at Sushi Tsujita (A Photo Story)

Nice pix and review Offalo. thanx. :>

as much as i respect your feedback and thoughts, i wonder though, with the meal being free, it feels like it's not 100% unbiased.

Dinner Omakase at Mori Sushi: A Pictorial Essay

you can do it TheOffalo! :>

you go to Shunji enough times. just skip out a couple visits to Shunji and complete the sushi madness streak this week for all of us.

Dinner Omakase at Mori Sushi: A Pictorial Essay

hi JL,

boo! :> yah, thanx for the fun wild ride through most of the top LA sushi joints.

we can treat this like sports then: you still have your "home winning streak" alive when you come back from your vacation.

so hit up Urasawa after your vacation and you'll have kept your "home winning streak" alive. :>

either that, or we can have Offalo or Chrishei be your "pinch hitter" and finish off Urasawa this week for the streak.

De Sano Pizza Bakery

TonyC that looks amazing! can't wait to try it. thanx! :>

September 2014 L.A. Dish of the Month: Nominations


LOL, what? you want to take on a bigger challenge than JL's sushi binge last week? :>

Little Jewel

hi Sauce,

awesome! can't wait to try the homemade Andouille and Boudin Links they sell. let us know how that homemade Tasso is as well.

South Coast Plaza Din Tai Fung Rates With International Counterparts

realistically at those prices (i.e., not high enough to be truly something like alba white truffles or quality black truffles), their "truffle" XLB has a high chance of using that fake chinese truffle or they use miniscule amounts of whatever truffle they can get at cheap market prices.

Dinner Omakase at Mori Sushi: A Pictorial Essay


J.L. you're almost there! :> thanx for allowing me to live vicariously thru your pics. it looks amazing.

how would you rate it so far? (this epic week)

You've done:

Shunji -> Tsujita Sushi -> Kiriko -> Shunji -> Mori Sushi!

One last one:

Urasawa and you'll have capped off the "usual" Chowhound Week. :>

Everyone on these boards needs to visit all these places like you have each week, hah.

Where's Chrishei and Offalo's reports on these places this week? :>

South Coast Plaza Din Tai Fung Rates With International Counterparts

From a trusted hound, Porthos: " The food is pretty much identical to the Arcadia branch."


thanx Porthos! :> saves most of us a bunch of wasted time. i figured it should be inline with the other So Cal branches.

From EaterLA: "Grand Central Market Makes Bon App's Best Resto List"......My question is "Who Made This Happen?"

+1 to Mr Taster.

i found Horse Thief to be bad to mediocre at best.

Mini-Dinner Omakase at Shunji Japanese Cuisine: A Pictorial Essay

i am still eagerly awaiting the surprise report from JL about visiting Mori and Urasawa this week to finish off the most epic run of sushi ever on these boards. :>

Dinner Omakase at Kiriko: A Pictorial Essay

awesome J.L.! Kegani? how was it? :> as always your pics make everything delish looking.

With a visit to Shunji, Sushi Tsujita, Kiriko in less than a week, you're almost there!

* Please finish the "run": Visit Mori and Urasawa this week.

Then you'll be the envy of all Hounds. Baller, eating at Shunji, Sushi Tsujita, Kiriko, Mori, Urasawa in 1 week. :>

JL JL JL! :>

Boston Lobster is the New Newport Seafood

thanx Xan. looks delish. :>

a few friends of mine just went also, and they confirmed what you said, that a bunch of the staff from Newport Seafood indeed did move over to Boston Lobster (some of the cooks and servers). they said it tasted "about the same as Newport."

so it's like Newport Seafood 2.0, lol.

Sushi Tsujita Creates Its Niche in Little Osaka [REVIEW with photos]

thanx J.L. great report! :>

wow, $250 per person. that prices me out of this place.

what were the highlights that made this $250 (over the standard $120 and higher set)? wagyu beef, scorpionfish?

at least i can live vicariously thru you.

final request, you and Offalo and chris should just visit Mori and Urasawa this week and just call it a day. that's easy for you ballers. :>

Sushi Tsujita opens today. How do you think it'll do, w/Kiriko, Mori, Shunji less than 2 miles away?

offalo, to answer your question, i'll just let you, chrishei and JL eat at this place and post your 30+ reports on the place (like you do with Shunji and any other Tsujita place) and we'll know if they're consistent and good or not. :>

not in a rush to blow 120 - 150.

Sushi Tsujita opens today. How do you think it'll do, w/Kiriko, Mori, Shunji less than 2 miles away?

+100 Dirty.

Totally agree. The interior looks HIDEOUS. :(

Just awful. It makes me want to skip this place based on that alone.

Teen-pleasing suggestions, please!

Yah good points. :>

Since it sounds like the OP is here on vacation (hence more free time / not limited by traditional work week considerations), i thought all of those suggestions were valid.

for example, i know i'd hit up Tsujita before the lunch frenzy if i didn't have to go into work that day. it's definitely possible to bypass usual issues.

Teen-pleasing suggestions, please!

For good food that isn't too "stuffy" (old), how about:

* Huckleberry Cafe

* Take her to 3rd Street Promenade (outdoor shopping area near Santa Monica Pier), and then eat at:

* Tar & Roses

A few exits further down the 10 freeway (still "West Side") near Santa Monica would be Little Osaka, a fun portion of Sawtelle, where you might consider:

* Tsujita - Some of the best Ramen Noodles in So Cal.

* Gottsui - For Okonomiyaki (sorta like "Japanese Savory Pancakes" with a variety of toppings).

* There's a Nijiya Market (for quirky Japanese snacks & drinks), Curry House, Giant Robot & Giant Robot 2 (odd, fun stores selling T-Shirts, Pop Culture items, etc.).

+1 on aching & wienermobile's picks. :>

Whatever happened to Grace 2.0?

thanx. good to know.

Whatever happened to Grace 2.0?

i remember a Chowhound favorite restaurant, Grace (w/ Chef Neal Fraser) closing down a few years ago, and a report that he was moving to downtown L.A. to reinvent it in a larger space.

so whatever happened to Grace 2.0? did he give up on that restaurant plan?