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Kitchen remodel--floor question

Why have the casters? I have a ceramic tile floor with 16" tiles. My island cabinet is 42" x 24", with a granite top that is 52" x 34". I slide the island around now and then to clean or to turn it perpendicular just to change the look.
The base of the cabinet all around supports the weight of the stone.

1 day ago
kitchengardengal in Cookware

Oh my!!! Blizzard coming....what to do....

Someone's a bit paranoid about food supplies..

Oh my!!! Blizzard coming....what to do....

I know a woman who has 4 years worth of food stored for the apocalypse in Georgia.

I say just shoot me. If there will be no food available for four years, why stay around?

Too much hassle to bother with foods

I just core, then nuke the entire head of cabbage for 5 minutes. Lift off the softened leaves, and nuke the rest of the head.
No prep, no planning ahead.

How much cookware is enough? Or too much?

That's exactly what I tell my clients when I am designing their kitchens.

Jan 27, 2015
kitchengardengal in Cookware

Post your 2015 cookware finds and deals here.

Well, I thought I'd picked up a great deal at TJ MAXX today, but you've got me beat!

I had a $10 off rewards coupon, and used it on an all-clad 9" d5 French skillet marked at $42.

Jan 25, 2015
kitchengardengal in Cookware

New Breville Smart Oven! Looking for your favorite fish or vegetarian recipes :)

My favorite quicky way to fix any white fish filets is to chop up preserved lemons (the whole thing), cover the fish with the lemons, add capers and bake in a buttered dish. I've used the individual LC casseroles, and that makes a pretty presentation.

Jan 24, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

What are some of your favorite kitchen tricks that you'd be hesitant to admit to foodies?

I figured that one out a week or two ago when I was making a spicy chili. It needed something to round out the flavor. A good squirt of ketchup did the trick.

Jan 23, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

sweet potato puree

As indy said, just cook and mash a sweet potato. Nothing to it.
You can steam it or nuke it if you like. Cooked sweet potato is soft and creamy.

Jan 23, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Best POST on CH for 2014

My son ordered 4 boxes of PGTips Decaf for me after I read that same thread.
It's very strong, but I can have a cup of tea ready in less than 2 minutes steeping time.

Jan 23, 2015
kitchengardengal in Site Talk

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition [through January 28, 2015]

Same thing here.. Rigatoni with odds and ends from the fridge. The rest of the mushrooms, zucchini, spinach and chopped onions,garlic, muenster cheese, pepper jack, cheddar and parmesan, a half cup of evaporated milk, chicken broth. It's baking now.
I'm thinking I should have put black pepper in it. It has pepper flakes, oregano and basil, but it may need a bit of a kick.

bags of marshmallows

Marshmallow/fruit cocktail jello salad.

Sweet Potato casserole.

Have friends over for a bonfire - hot cocoa with marshmallows, and cookies.

Jan 21, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition [through January 28, 2015]

If you can get a CO without a stair rail, I'd be really surprised. Best wishes on the new house. That's exciting!

We have been trying to use up the stuff in the freezer for ages, and finally figured out how. We stopped buying markdown meat. That's what was messing up our plan! I've lost a few pounds since we're eating more fish and veggies and less meat. And I figured out that I don't mind spending the higher prices on fish, when I don't also have beef in the shopping cart.

Jan 21, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition [through January 28, 2015]

DH made a very good spinach/mushroom/sausage quiche (his first!), and I made a Waldorf salad to have with it.
It's in the 60s here in West Georgia. We're not seeing much winter here this year.

Restaurant Name Has Nothing to do With The Food Served

Well, I was pretty surprised the first time I went to Waffle House and found out that no, they do not have an assortment of waffles on the menu. Plain or pecan, that's your choice.
Probably should have been called Hash Brown House. At least there's smothered, covered, scattered, peppered...

Favorite "Seasoning Salt"? Is This Regional?

That's what I'm going to do, mix up my own. DH has already been instructed not to use up the last few tablespoons till I figure out the mix. The jar has percentages of some of the ingredients.. 90% sea salt (from the salt flats of bla bla bla in Sicily) , 5% tricolor pepper, rosemary, oregano, garlic. The peppercorns are whole.

Favorite "Seasoning Salt"? Is This Regional?

My sister brought me a jar of Conti Sale & Pepe from her trip to Italy last year. I'm almost at the end of the jar, and haven't found it online. It's got sea salt, peppercorns, rosemary, oregano and garlic.

Just looked at the back of the jar to see what is in it, and noticed a website, Guess I may not have to go to Italy to get a refill (not that I would mind running that errand).

Tell me what you use your oval oven for

I have a smooth top range, and the back left burner is a dual heat oval. Before I got my LC 7 qt oval, I could only use the single round section.
It's great for cooking down a chicken carcass - just the right size and shape.

Jan 16, 2015
kitchengardengal in Cookware

Coconut Milk Ice cream Hardness Help!

A little vodka or other alcohol could help. Are you using light coconut milk or the full fat kind? More fat makes it softer.

When we make fat free frozen yogurt, we just nuke it a minute or so to soften it.

Jan 16, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Help! Can I use expired chicken broth base?

I just finished up a jar of my favorite beef soup base that expired in 2011. And I just tonight opened a jar of chicken soup base that expired in 2012.(I bought a few too many of each on a trip back home once)

I'd say don't worry about it.

Perking up canned pintos?

When I cook bacon, I always throw a can of beans or hominy into the pan after pouring most of the fat out. It loosens up all the good crispy bits that are stuck to the pan, and gives me a side dish for dinner.

Jan 15, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Have you ever reinvented the wheel?

Well, I did think I was the only one who roasted my chicken breast side down, until I was disabused of that thought here on Chowhound.

And I never heard of anyone else covering their turkey with buttered cheesecloth while roasting till I saw it here. Though nobody but my mother ever covered their turkey with my father's cotton boxers.

Meatless Meals

Hubby made ratatouille this week, and served mine on top of pasta.
The next day, he added some fish, and turned it into soup with a swish or two of the immersion blender.

Summertime, we like gazpacho with egg salad sandwiches.

Jan 14, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Signs that someone is a GOOD cook

Coll, that's how they do it in a certain (ahem) "Italian" chain restaurant.

Home Cooks - How do you minimize food waste?

We also use a kitchen compost bucket. It all goes out once a week to the compost pile in the vegetable garden.
Last summer, we had a volunteer spaghetti squash/pumpkin vine. Got several good meals out of that. The summer before, we had a volunteer sweet potato vine from the compost heap. Got a whole winters worth out of that one.
This past summer, we cut up a sweet potato that was getting soft, and planted all the bits . Harvested those after the first frost. We've got enough to last a couple more months.

The waterfowl get the bread heels and popcorn.

We've been cooking out of the freezer for over a month now, working on using up the meat in there. We're replacing it with frozen vegetables. That way, we make smaller, healthier meals and have fewer leftovers.

Jan 13, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Nuts with drinks

This is what I thought you were asking about from the title of your post:

Jan 13, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Unsalted butter + salt

Anything you can cook with salted butter for dinner.

"I Don't Cook"

My son that's in the Navy lives in the barracks, and has a kitchenette with no stove. He cooks with a crockpot and a George Foreman grill. A few days ago he made curry in the crockpot (his own recipe) and quick-grilled his shrimp for the curry. Served it over rice . Oh, and sprinkled fresh mint leaves on top. A couple other sailors came over to try his curry and were pretty impressed.

I'm impressed that even though he has free food available at the galley, he still likes to cook his own meals.

Do you listen/care for the manager's recommendation?

We ordered muffalettas now and then at a local pizza joint. One time the owner came over and asked us if we'd try ours on a new foccacia they were testing. We agreed, and he came back for a report after we ate.(too doughy)

Good/Bad idea?

I agree, use the immersion blender on the cottage cheese.

Jan 11, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking