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Hand Made Pasta on Granite?

I use a mat like this on my granite tops. It's not shiny smooth like the stone.

Monthly grocery bill in metro Atlanta

If you're near a Kroger, their prices are always good. When our two sons still lived at home, we spent maybe $600 a month on groceries. We're in the West Metro Atlanta area.
$1200+ per month is awfully high to me.

Mar 22, 2015
kitchengardengal in Atlanta

good, quick, simple recipes to use a jar of mayo

Pimento Cheese

Grate 8 oz sharp cheddar cheese.
Mix with 1/4 cup chopped roasted red peppers.
Stir in 1/2 cup mayo, add up to another 1/4 cup mayo till the texture is creamy and slightly stiff. Let sit several hours and add more mayo if needed.

Serve on crackers or white bread, or in celery sticks

Garlic Blue Cheese dressing

Mix together:
1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sour cream
2 Tbs cider vinegar
1 Tbs sugar
Dash of salt

Add in and mix well:
4 oz crumbled blue cheese
2 tsp grated fresh garlic

This dressing changes so dramatically in taste overnight, that we like to use some right away first, when the garlic has a kick. Then for our salad the next night, the blue cheese flavors dominate, and the garlic has settled down.

Your most cherished food memories...

When we went out to the Kahiki when I was a kid, I loved to tear apart the paper umbrellas to get to the little core of Chinese newspaper in the top.

While we were in Oahu a few weeks ago with my sister and brother in law , I told him about that. He'd never heard of it. So I unwound his little paper umbrella top, hoping that they still made them with Chinese newspaper after 50 some years.


Sodium amounts in corned beef brisket

I corn my own, and as the nature of the corning process is soaking the brisket in salt, I'd say that anyone on a strict low sodium diet would be advised to avoid corned beef.

The term 'corned' refers to 'corns', or grains of rock salt that are used.

One can cook brisket with the spices and no salt, but it won't be corned beef.

Your most cherished food memories...

My mother was pretty sophisticated in her choices of music. Lots of classical stuff, plus Herb Albert or other instrumentals.

It wasn't till I was in high school that I discovered she played the polka station on her bedroom radio when she got dressed for work in the morning. Her parents were Slovak and Polish, and she was first generation American. She kept that side of herself kind of close.

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

I love that there's a whole stick of butter in this simple recipe!

Hominy Grill "poaches" their shrimp in butter for this dish, too.

Mar 13, 2015
kitchengardengal in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

Here's a shrimp and grits recipe from the Charleston Junior League 1950 cookbook. There are others, each referring to the grits as hominy, rather than hominy grits.

Mar 13, 2015
kitchengardengal in Southeast

Peanut Butter and. . .

Oh dear. I have all the ingredients at home. I am out of town till Sunday. Guess what I'm doing Sunday afternoon.

Your most cherished food memories...

Um, that *would* be a good way to keep one's clothing from smelling like Lange's Meat Market.

We have a daughter in Philadelphia. Where should I go for the kielbasa next time we're visiting?

Jeni's Spectactular Ice Cream

My husband makes ice cream a few times a month. He's been using Jeni's recipes for the past year or so. Usually it's the vanilla, which is delicious. He's also made the Milkiest Milk Chocolate and the Darkest Dark Chocolate, which are heavenly.
I downloaded her cookbook onto my tablet, so hubby plans to try some new flavors.

Mar 13, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Peanut Butter and. . .

Never heard of it! That sounds good!

I am a terrible cook!

The pasta with broccoli, olive oil and parmesan is also delicious with pecans in it.

Mar 12, 2015
kitchengardengal in Home Cooking

Peanut Butter and. . .

For our summer kids camp, we make ants on a log two ways - one with celery and raisins and PB, as usual. The other way, we use big pretzel rods instead of celery. They're messy, but really good with the sweet/salty combo.

Your most cherished food memories...

My mother grew up in New Jersey. Her mother grew up in Eastern Europe. Every summer my mother would fly home to Roselle for two weeks to visit with Grandma, and we couldn't wait for her to open her luggage when she got home and pull out the wonderful kielbasa (she and Grandma pronounced it Kabossy) that she'd wrapped up and stowed in her suitcase. What an aroma!

Many, many years later, my son flew every summer and Christmas to Northern Indiana to stay with his dad. Each time he came home, we couldn't wait for him to open his suitcase and bring out the kielbasa that he got at our favorite smokehouse up there.

Family tradition.

Your most cherished food memories...

I work with a woman who eats cornbread and buttermilk. We're kind of rural here in West Georgia.

Peanut Butter and. . .

Smooth PB on a thick slab of toasted buttered Sourdough. Really good Sourdough.

The proportion of water in generic butter is getting ridiculous!

I've bought butter from our local CSA store. In certain seasons, the butter tastes and smells like garlic. I'm guessing from the cows eating the wild onion grass in the pastures?

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

Pimento cheese is made with aged sharp cheddar and Duke's. I use roasted red peppers in mine. Whatever you had made with processed cheese wasn't actually Pimento cheese, no matter what they called it. Wherever did you try that?
Please note my post up thread about having it in Columbus, Ohio when I was a kid. Not everyone likes it because it's trendy. Some of us like it because it tastes good.

Mar 09, 2015
kitchengardengal in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

It was said to be a low-country dish, and the first place I had it was a waterside restaurant called Pusser's in Charleston. Theirs had the grits sliced and fried in patties with some herbs and parmesan in them, and some tomatoes in the sauce. I think that was back in the mid to late 80s. Not many Charleston restaurants had it back then. Hymie's downtown had it, simple plain grits with brown gravy and shrimp. Not my favorite.

Mar 04, 2015
kitchengardengal in Southeast

Ubiquitous pimiento cheese...Athens, Georgia

Way, way back in the mid to late 60s,I used to go with my Grandma to the Lazarus department store in downtown Columbus, Ohio.
Every time we went shopping there, we'd go downstairs to their little gourmet shop and get a carton of Pimento cheese from the Deli case. I loved that stuff.
I don't recall having it at home, and I never grocery shopped with my mother, so I don't know if the grocery stores there carried it, too. I had no idea it was a Southern thing, though, till I moved to Georgia in 2002.

As far as shrimp and grits, my parents moved to Charleston when they retired in 1985.The first couple of times I had shrimp and grits were back then. Some were good, some.. Meh. The grits really need a lot of dressing up for me, but it can be a really good dish when it's done right.

Mar 04, 2015
kitchengardengal in Southeast

Best Cooking Apps? Interested in Recommendations

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner.

Lots of recipes and reviews, and plenty for beginners to try.

Plus a fun shakey thing to play with if you're bored.

Can this pot roast be saved?

Quickie Chicago Italian Beef

Add a good spoonful of oregano, thyme and garlic, a bunch of pepperoncini with some of the juice, a few green peppers sliced up. Heat until the peppers soften, and serve on hoagie rolls with mozzarella.

How can I slice crusty bread without making such a mess?

I've got three bread knives. The one with the really fine serrations works well on crusty bread.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Here's a delicious refreshing summer drink.

Banana Cooler Cubes

Heat to boiling, plus one minute, and cool.
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water

In blender, add:

1 banana
3/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup pineapple juice
2 Tbs lemon juice

Blend till smooth, add sugar water and blend well. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze.

Drop into Cherry 7Up, Sprite or other citrus soda, or for a cleaner drink, use club soda or seltzer water.

Do you use your stove for storage ?

I had mine in there on the bottom shelf for a while, but it seemed to make the heat less even... A pan of cookies would take longer to bake. I think it impeded the heat coming from the bottom on mine. I don't know if I can get it any lower. I'll have to look.

Do you use your stove for storage ?

Which shelf should the baking stone be on? Does it matter if the oven is convection?

4 pieces of kitchen gear

My son, in his college apartment, and now in Navy Barracks, gets a lot of use out of his Crock pot and his George Foreman grill. He made a shrimp curry a while back using the Crock pot for the vegetables and sauce all day, then came home, seasoned and flipped a few shrimp on the George Foreman so they would be nice and fresh.

Feb 27, 2015
kitchengardengal in Cookware

What is approx. useful life of jar of soup base after opening?

Years. Honestly. I just finished up a jar of WWW soup base that expired in 2011.And just opened another of the same vintage.

5 Times to Say "No Thank You" and 3 Things to Do When You Hear It — How to Be a Grownup

From my point of view, I'm not asking how you are, or if you're fine. In that case, I would ask "How are you?" "I'm good!" is a sensible response here.

In this case, I'm asking if you'd like a (drink, cookie, bag of pretzels..some edible item). A direct answer to that question would be a "yes, please" or "no, thank you". Why not just say that?