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Culver City Metro Line

There's also The Lab and Bacaro near 23rd St Station, various chain-type places near Pico Station (including The Palm but that's above your price range).

Other good Culver City places include City Tavern (they also just opened one at 7th/ Fig), which us relatively quiet with good food, great beer and long tables. And Public House and Rocco's might fit the bill as well.

Feb 20, 2014
reverto in Los Angeles Area

Westside Burgers-Counter, Hole in the Wall, Father's Office Tavern, What Else?

Only three mentions of the Apple Pan in (thus far) 133 replies? On a thread about the best medium cost burger on the Westside?

For shame....

Jun 14, 2013
reverto in Los Angeles Area

These Could Be the Spiciest Tacos in LA

Well this is terrible news. Because I didn't think any taco could be spicier than Guisados' own Toreados tacos, which, unlike the Cochita Pibil, have no pork or other fat to quell the fire as they are nothing but sauteed chillies. So now you're telling me I have to go and test my mettle again? Thanks a lot.

Apr 22, 2013
reverto in Features