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RIDGE Vertical Tasting dinner recs

I have a good friend coming into town to stage a Ridge Vineyards Montebello Vertical tasting. We are looking for a restaurant that might work with us to stage a great tasting menu for these wines. Obviously, the restaurant would have to allow bringing in wine and we would be willing to pay a corkage fee. I live in Brooklyn Heights, but would be willing to travel into Manhattan or beyond for this very special dinner.

Thanks for the help,


Feb 23, 2007
gpollach in Outer Boroughs

Chinese in Boerum/Cobble Hill

I haev searched the boards and have not found any recent postingson good chinese in my neighborhood. I am at Smith and Warren and really want some duck and some dumplings, and maybe some General Tso.

Can anyone help me out with a reccomendation?


Aug 29, 2006
gpollach in Outer Boroughs

Soft-Shell Crab in NYC (is the season over?)

My wife has a serious jones for Soft Shell Crab. Can anyone give us some advice where we might find some well prepared in NYC or the surrounding bouroughs?



Jun 30, 2006
gpollach in Manhattan