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Going to Tokyo alone next week

I've been reading these posts on this forum over the past few days. I am worried because I have not had too much time to plan a restaurant itinerary (been so focused on planning an activity itinerary activity) and I am really hoping to experience great Japanese food.

There will be a few days where I will have to choose a random restaurant without having done research on it. Will the food still be good?

Here are the restaurants I have written down that I'd like to try. I'd really appreciate if anyone would let me know if anyone thinks I should not go to one, or if there is one missing that I absolutely must attend (if it's not too expensive)

Aronia de Takazawa/Takazawa
Jomon Roppongi
Roppongi Fukuzushi
Addu Mamma
Tsukiji: Daiwazushi or Sushi Dai
Tenkane Shinjuku Odakyu HALC
Uogashi Fukuchan
Jojoen Yugentei
Mikawa Roppongi
Akasaka Fukinuki
Tsunahachi: Shinjuku Honten
Tokyo Tonkotsu Banraku

I'll be staying in Ikebukuro, so some of these places will take me 30 min to get to by subway, but that shouldn't be too bad.. right?

Thanks in advance - so excited!!

Apr 20, 2013
JanaTokyo in Japan