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Foie ban no more??!!!

The Foie.King.Epic! Dinner

Actually, 24 chefs... 6 courses each night, 2 chefs per course. January 26 Wrench & Rodent (Oceanside) and February 2nd - Kitchen 4140 (San Diego)

Ticketed event Benefiting Collaboration Kitchen :

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

I remember Mr. Alessio and his dark, Rat Pack, heavy red velvet laden restaurant in the sky. It was certainly a different time. If you look you can be surprised even if you are surrounded by reclaimed wood.

I just had an amazing experience at Solace and the Moonlight Lounge by Chef Matt Gordon that reminded me that service is NOT dead is San Diego but you might have to squint to find it. I was so impressed I blogged it, tweeted it, instagram'd it etc. And pop-up dinners like the one Chef Chad White & Chef Diego Hernandez held last night prove that we do have access to great ingredients and passionate good chefs will cook with intent to please, surprise and test.

There is a short list. I keep mine close.

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

lol. Noted. You are right about the two hands. I can only say I have really "enjoyed" the food at some of the burger and brew places. I used to LOVE Encinitas Ale House but the consistency of the burger quality discontinued. If you are just looking for beer and burgers, it isn't hard to find but a GOOD take on a burger takes some hunting.
I love the interpretation of the traditional burger that some chefs are taking, especially with sliders... The Lion's Den has amazing Antelope Sliders (and cocktails), Solace and the Moonlight Lounge has a different take on them with their Cheddar & Chive Biscuit Sliders with Duroc Pork Belly (AND they have a great beer selection) It is this type of creativity and CHOICE that I hope we can sustain.

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

I love that we have the option of craft beers in San Diego and some have good food and if that is what you are in the mood for, there is a plethora of choices.

The problem is that our food culture in San Diego could shortly go to the opposite extreme where the burgers and brew joints will be a dime a dozen and when you go to look for a different kind of experience, a tasty, quality option won't be available. We will re-visit the days when San Diego had a very dismal food culture, one that was homogenous, un-inventive and consistently generic. That wasn't too long ago. If we keep running our creativity out of town, we all lose.

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

What is a KLR rider? Excuse my lack of knowledge for this acronym. I have just never heard of this one.

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

Yelp! Reviews? Anyway... with Tommy being one of San Diego's biggest seafood experts and champion of responsible food sourcing, I would say he certainly has hit the nail on the head.

As much as I love a good burger and brew, there is also MUCH needed room for improvement and enthusiasm for the better dining experience and chefs like Paul McCabe were braving the territory to give it to San Diegans. There is certainly a market for the burger/brew combo. This is a distinguishing part of San Diego culture but there is a saturation point.

Luckily, we do still have some wonderful taste makers in town and I am hoping that they will inspire more to come and more of the public to understand the food, becoming bigger participants and champions themselves.