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Best Breakfast Ever - Your Favorites

My top 5, in no particular order:

Lagos Tacos (Excelsior. My new favorite bike/refuel stop!!)
Maria's Cafe (on Franklin)
The Egg & I
Uptown Diner
Isles Bun & Coffee, thankfully a rare occasion but so good.

Apr 21, 2013
C6H8O6 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Any Aldi shoppers here?

I was just at Aldi yesterday (62 and Penn), so I took a couple photos for price comparison.

The organics that I saw were bananas, apples, tomatoes, spinach, and romaine.

Avocados 0.89
Lemons 0.15
Limes 0.39
Strawberries, pint 1.29 ** THIS is always my comparison!! Within the last week seen for 2.50 at Rainbow, 2.75 at Target, over 3 at Lunds. **
Cauliflower 1.69
Broccoli 1.49
Asparagus 1.69
Cucumbers, 0.49
Zucchini, 3 good sized 1.29
Peppers, 3 red, yellow, green 2.49
Peppers, 3 green 0.99
Lettuce, head 0.99
Sliced/whole mushrooms 0.89 - same brand at Lunds for 2.69
Baby carrots, 16 oz bag 0.99

Obviously that's just produce. I also bough Fage greek yogurt, frozen grilled chicken strips (Tyson knockoff), and a bunch of condiments. They have an artichoke salsa in the refrigerated section that I always get... bought 3. Hah!

One last note: They are awesome if you do a lot of baking. Chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, baking mixes, etc. all extremely well priced.

Apr 19, 2013
C6H8O6 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Any Aldi shoppers here?

I'll jump in on this one.

With a grad student budget, it's a time in my life when I am choosing affordability over organic/local/etc. Living next door to Whole Foods makes this difficult, when I get home from the hospital at late-o-clock and am HANGRY.

I also go through a LOT of produce, so Costco and Aldi seem to be my primary shopping spots. With Aldi it seems like there isn't as much leeway before you need to use the produce up, but if you have a plan to use/eat it, you're fine. I occasionally buy meat, salsa, cheese, etc. I've never been disappointed with anything I brought home.

In terms of a price differential, it IS noticeable. Doing a "regular" weekly trip I notice I spend ~$20 to $40 less for pretty much the same items, when compared to either Super Target or even Cub.

If you are going for the first time, make sure you have a quarter somewhere in your car/purse/pocket. You need one to use a cart. You get it back when you're done. :)

Apr 18, 2013
C6H8O6 in Minneapolis-St. Paul