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Best wine bottle opener

I prefer a rabbit. we broke 2 cheap rabbits until we spent the extra money and got a very good one (+$100). Have not had any problems since. I can open a bottle in ~2 seconds.

Dec 20, 2013
mhilliker1 in Cookware

In-Drawer Knife Racks

Drawer space at our place is at a premium. I have a homemade hardwood butcher block cart that I use for cutting up veggies and place a plastic cutting board down prior to cutting meat. I have a knife block and a magnetic knife holder and like them both. My father was a butcher and train3ed me how to use a wet stone and a steel to keep my knives sharp. There in lies my success with cutting, a sharp knife!

May 10, 2013
mhilliker1 in Cookware

How do i submitt receipes?

I am new to Chowhound and wish to submit my own original receipes. Can some one tell me how?

Apr 16, 2013
mhilliker1 in Site Talk

Buttermilk Biscuits

I agree with freezing the butter. Once I grate the butter I cover it with flour and shake off the excess. I throw the grated flour back into the freezer and add it when I need it. I also use the grated flour for my pie crusts. I proportion it into 1 stick and place in air tight containers.

Apr 16, 2013
mhilliker1 in Recipes