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Chicken à la King

@sheryllynn33 You can make the bowl using puffed pastry sheets. You can buy them in the frozen section at your local supermarket. Be sure to get the sheets and not the individual small bowls for h'orderves. Be sure you follow the directions for thawing.

Cut out the sized bowl as a large square. Then use a knife to score a seam around the border for the edge of the bowl. Then dock the center portion (where the bottom of the bowl will be) by piercing the dough numerous times with a fork.

For a fancy embellishment, simply twist two of the opposing corners over, using water to seal the dough surfaces together.

Pop the dough in a 500 deg preheated oven on a cookie sheet. Monitoring it closely, watch for the sides of the pastry to start to puff. After a few minutes turn the temperature down to 400 deg to finish off the shell and crisp up the sides and bottom.

Some recommend that you brush the bottom of the bowl with an egg wash prior to baking to help seal the bottom of the bowl.

Good luck!

Apr 15, 2013
ssewell in Recipes