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Inexpensive wine recommendations

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions....

We went with what we knew..
Apothic ($11 vs $17 in BC), Santa Margherita ($12 vs $20 in BC) and Luigi Bosca ($12 vs $18 in BC)

Also, for the record single malt scotches were significantly cheaper in Alberta. We saved, on average, $25 per bottle.

On our $850 booze run to Alberta we saved $450.

Inexpensive wine recommendations

My wife and I will be passing through the Calgary/Red Deer area next month. We would like to stock up on wine for our return trip to BC.

We'd like to get some recommendations on wines (red or white) in the $8-$15 dollar range that we can purchase either from Costco or Superstore.

Share your favorite cheap and cheerful libations