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Good eats and drinks needed for Music City

Thanks for reporting back!

Grand Ole Opry Post Show Dinner

I think it would be possible, but you'll have to move pretty quickly.

Authentic Mexican in Nashville

Tapatio is good.

I'm also a fan of Fogatas, which is in the Lowe's shopping center at the intersection of Nolensville Rd and Old Hickory Blvd. I'm always the only gringo eating there. Very expansive menu, and everything I've had there has been great.

Edley's BBQ In Nashville........Mmmmmmmm............

Yeah, it's pretty good, isn't it? I like their barbecue nachos. They're made with house made potato chips instead of tortilla chips. So good.

One Great Memphis BBQ Meal Needed

If you only have one barbecue meal in Memphis, please do not go to Marlowe's.

Are you looking for ribs? Go to Central. Are you looking for a shoulder sandwich? Go to Payne's. Are you looking for the best of both worlds? Go to the BBQ Shop.


Best Hot Chicken in Nashville

I've had them all, and I still think the chicken at Prince's is the best. My overall ranking would be as follows:

1. Prince's
2. 400 Degrees
3. Bolton's
4. Pepperfire

At Bolton's, I prefer the hot fish.

Good eats and drinks needed for Music City

I'm not much of a drinker, so I won't comment on the cocktails, but the food is definitely better at Holland House than Patterson House.

Nashville steakhouse

Yes! Cherokee!

Coming to Nashville/Smyrna For a Few Days For Work

Just thinking about the "Smyrna side" of Murfreesboro...I think Buster's Place is one of the best burgers in the midstate - it's a dive bar but the burger is really good. Toot's is a lot of fun - great chicken wings and fried pickles. Five Senses is good - I think they do kind of a meat-and-three thing for lunch. I'm sure I'm forgetting some others, too - there's a lot of stuff over that way.

Coming to Nashville/Smyrna For a Few Days For Work

Yo, I'm pretty sure Omni Hut is not open for lunch. Love it for dinner, though - total kitschy Polynesian.

Doesn't Smyrna have a hot chicken place?

Also, if you want to drive over to Murfreesboro, there will be many more options.

Good eats and drinks needed for Music City

Wonderful, wonderful choices, all of them. Catbird Seat is supposed to be awesome (I'm going for the first time in 2 weeks!), but it's the toughest ticket in town right now, so you might have trouble making that one happen.

I recommend Monell's in Germantown (very near to downtown) for breakfast on a weekend.

Help! I Need A Traditional Southern Cornbread Recipe for My Cast Iron Skillet

Thanks, alkapal. The blog has been badly neglected in recent months; maybe we'll get back on top of it in 2012? I write it with my friend Rob, with whom I am on a competition barbecue team.

The Bonnaroo review was Rob's, so I am not sure about butter on the arepas, but they sure did look good!

Dec 15, 2011
jamiecarroll in Home Cooking

Help! I Need A Traditional Southern Cornbread Recipe for My Cast Iron Skillet

Paul, I am indeed a lifelong Southerner - Tennessee, specifically. I am very much an amateur in the kitchen, but my grandfather is the best Southern cook that I know. He grew up on a farm in Smith County, Tennessee, and I am trying to learn all I can from him while I can.

I am staunchly in the white cornmeal camp for cornbread. And I always use Martha White, though honestly I have not experimented much with other brands. My grandfather always uses regular cornmeal and adds salt and baking powder, but I often use self-rising cornmeal and it works just fine.

Dec 15, 2011
jamiecarroll in Home Cooking

Help! I Need A Traditional Southern Cornbread Recipe for My Cast Iron Skillet

Way too many ingredients in these recipes. No sugar nor flour in real cornbread. True Southern cornbread is just:

-corn meal
-bacon grease

Served fresh out of the skillet with butter and sorghum syrup - that is some larrupin good eatin'!

Dec 14, 2011
jamiecarroll in Home Cooking

Capitol Grille at the Hermitage Hotel Nashville

I love the onion bisque that they serve at the Oak Bar. So good!

One lunch in Nashville: Where to go??

Arnold's. Or Monell's.

Memphis Bar-B-Que

It's a Memphis institution and everyone should go at least once. When people go to Memphis for the first time, I tell them to go the Rendezvous first - enjoy yourself, have the experience, and THEN I'll tell you where to go to have the good stuff (BBQ Shop, Central, Payne's, etc).

In any event, don't forget that Rendezvous ribs are not actually barbecue - they're cooked fast over direct heat. That rub that they use is tasty, though, and one-of-a-kind.

Friday Later Dinner in Nashville?

So true. I dined at Morton's earlier this week. That's about as fancy as it gets in Nashville. And yet I saw multiple guys there in jeans and t-shirts. And in the dining room, not the bar. No formality anymore!

My Nashville restaurand list! How on target am I ?

I understand. Honestly, I'm not sure anything high-end in Nashville is going to compare with what you can get in New York. What you will find to be unique in Nashville are at the other end of the spectrum - Arnold's, Prince's, Monell's, Loveless, etc. I think the closest thing to unqiue for fine dining would probably be Capitol Grille at the Hermitage Hotel.

My Nashville restaurand list! How on target am I ?

I have never been to Owen Brennan's, so can't comment on that one. I would substitute Dyer's on Beale Street for Huey's for your burger place - I've never found Huey's to be anything special.

Other than that, your list looks great. Between Rendezous, BBQ Shop, and Central BBQ, you will get your rib fix!

Central BBQ
2249 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

Owen Brennan's Restaurant
6150 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38119

Rendezous Restaurant
202 N Main St, Ashland City, TN 37015

My Nashville restaurand list! How on target am I ?

If you're going to Memphis, you needn't bother with barbecue in Nashville. There are at least five places in Memphis better than the best barbecue in Nashville. Martin's is pretty good, but at this point kind of overrated, and it's way out from the city.

Best 6 places to eat in Nashville

Day 1 (Friday):
Breakfast: Pancake Pantry
Lunch: Arnold's
Dinner: City House

Day 2 (Saturday):
Breakfast: Monell's
Lunch: unnecessary after Monell's but maybe a popsicle from Las Paletas
Dinner: Capitol Grille
Late Night: Prince's Hot Chicken

Pancake Pantry
1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Memphis Bar-B-Que

There are lots of threads you can look through about this, but short answer is that I prefer Payne's for their sandwich and Central for their ribs. BBQ Shop is also good.

Guy from LA headed to Jackson TN.

Despite what some may tell you, the buffet at Casey Jones village is disgusting. It reminded me of the buffet in Vegas Vacation.

nashville vietnamese

In my opinion, the best Vietnamese in Nashville is Kien Giang. I've tried almost all of them, and I think KG is head and shoulders above the others. In fact, the highest praise I can give is that I went to Saigion earlier this year, and the food at Kien Giang (especially the pho) was every bit as good as what I had in Vietnam.

Kien Giang
5845 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

Looking for good food near Grand Old Opry in Nashville

Ooooh...good call, Pete!

Memphis trip report – 6/3/11 to 6/6/11 - Long

Great report. Thank you.

Rendezvous is something that every visitor should experience once. Go for the atmosphere and the experience, though, and not necessarily for the food, which is inconsistent at best. It's surpising to me that your server recommended brisket, and even more surprising that it was good. When it comes to BBQ, Memphis is a pork town.

I hate that you had to make that drive out to Germantown, when there are several better options in town. I've never been impressed with GC, even after numerous visits. It's OK, though...when you come back to Memphis, you can sample the good stuff!

And kudos for going to Dyer's - that is one really good hamburger!

Looking for good food near Grand Old Opry in Nashville

How do you feel about Cracker Barrel?

Peach Preserves

But do they ship them? I don't see anything about ordering online on their website.

Peach Preserves

No recipe, but you can order peach preserves from the Loveless Cafe online. They are killer.