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liquore con grappa e mirtillo?

We were just gifted a wonderful bottle of grappa from an Italian friend and I wanted to learn more about it. I found the following link that translate the little paragraph that is on the front of the bottle:

I'd love more information, as to the year, the distillery, etc. At the bottom of the label, it states the following: prodotto e confezionato da Coima di Cervetti Alessandro e c. snc Bastia (RA) U.T.F.FE2RA

I was able to translate part of it through Google and it states that it is produced and packaged by COIMA etc.

When I searched the web for COIMA, there was a web-site devoted to liquors but also other herbal tonics.

Is this a specialty company?

Also, our friend stated this was an aged grappa but it seems like from my brief web search, it is a grappa flavored with bilberries (blueberries). Is it the former or latter or both?

Any help would be appreciated.

Apr 13, 2013
knalbandian in Spirits