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where to buy duck legs around greater Boston area?

Thanks for the info! I've been looking for some live avian company and some delicious peking duck. 2 birds ...1 stone, as it were.

where to buy duck legs around greater Boston area?

Places in Chinatown sell live ducks? That's news to me! Would love the names of these places, if you're willing to share.
How much are you looking for? The smaller the quantity you buy, the more expensive they will be. Might not be a bad idea to hit up a wholesaler and buy a 25# case and freeze what you don't use.

Knife sharpening for Japanese knives

I don't use a Fiskars, myself. I sharpen my knives every 3 days on an 8000 grit stone, which is recommended by the fine folks who made my knives. Was only recommending the Fiskars for home cooks. They work very well on Shun and most damascus steel knives.

Knife sharpening for Japanese knives

I didn't mean that to come of as a slight against Patti or the guys at Stoddards. The all do fine work, if only a bit inconsistent. I used to bring all my blades to Stoddards to get touched up. They would always bring my shinogi lines way lower than I would like and they would often be very uneven. I do it myself, these days, every 3 days.
For home cooks, I would seriously suggest a Fiskars sharpener. They're inexpensive and will keep a decent 50-50 edge on your Shuns.

Knife sharpening for Japanese knives

Honestly the Fiskars brand sharpener works better than anyone you'd bring it to around here.

Best place for Offal?

Check out Coppa on Shawmut st in the South End. You sharen't be dissapointed!

KO Pies near So. Station: A Great FlakyLight Pie Crust with Savory Fillings

These guys do killer stuff! Love their pies and sausage rolls. The Irish stew pie is my favorite, for sure.
I'm glad to hear of their expansion to East Boston. That sounds some good news for Eastie and they couldn't get meat pies made by nicer gents!

reputable knife-sharpening service ??

Good point! Most hardware stores will grind the sh@t out of your knives.
Green's Hardware in Wellesley actually does all their sharpening by hand on 6000-8000 grit whet stones, surprisingly. They do a decent job.Unless you're gonna bring your knives to them I would say as a rule of thumb don't EVER bring your knives to a hardware store.

reputable knife-sharpening service ??

Stoddard's in the Chestnut Hill Mall does a great job.
They sharpen all knives by hand, on stones. If you really appreciate your knives you should take them there.
Kitchen Arts is great if you need your knives in a hurry but since they use machine-grinders they end up taking quite a bit of metal off and the edge won't last as long.

I need a great place for steak.

Wasn't trying to be snide ... appologize if that's how I came off.
I wasn't saying that I haven't eaten at any of those places, either. I've eaten at all of them several times. I just don't agree that any of them offer great steaks which is what the original poster had asked. I do agree that they cook the steaks well ... but that's only a small part of what anyone consider to be a great steak.
Any monkey with a grill or a temp-probing IR salamader can cook a steak to temp. If you cook an unmarbled piece of wet-aged beef from Chicago to perfection ... that's nice and all but it's not a "great" steak.
Try K.O. Prime or Capital Grille for a great piece of meat cooked perfectly.

I need a great place for steak.

I thought what was needed for a good steak was ... a good steak. Never had one at any of the places you've mentioned, unfortunately.
Different strokes ...

Red Dragon cheese

John Dewar Wellesly has it. I don't think the Newton one does.

Restaurant week sucks! [moved from Boston board]

Last time I checked there were 173 participating restaurants.
The list gets bigger every year.

Mar 16, 2008
adamgendreau in Not About Food

Restaurant week sucks! [moved from Boston board]

No .. there is not a good side to RW.

Mar 15, 2008
adamgendreau in Not About Food

Liver, who's got the liver?

Calves liver you buy in ANY retail outlet is guarenteed to be either frozen or once-frozen. 99.9% of fresh beef or calf liver goes to restaurants or stays in the slaughterhouses to be sold back as industry feed.
Don't buy it at the grocery stores as it's almost always steer liver cut to the size of a calf's liver.
You can call John Dewar in Wellseley and they can special order it for you. Shouldn't take more than a day to come in.
All this talk of liver is making me HUNGRY

Best Indian

I must be the only one here who has had nothing but aweful meals at India Quality.
Squishy samosa's, soggy naan and either flavorless curries or the mouth scorching (trust me ... I LOVE spicy) and somehow still underseasoned vindaloo.

making a break from the heartland

What is a Hinterlandian?

Soft Pretzels

Deep Ellum in Allston has a nice soft pretzel. They serve it with a beer-cheese sauce that is pretty tasty.

Best Indian

Grain and Salt on Cambridge st in Allston is pretty killer. The guy that runs the place is wicked nice, too!

Grain and Salt
431 Cambridge St, Allston, MA 02134

Butcher shop with beef fondue

John Dewar in Wellesley or Newton can do this for you.

What Market would carry The Freshest Sea Bass?

Captain Marden's always has it.
New Deal rotates so often they might not have it. Off topic FYI: they do have the best soft-shells in the summer though ...

Croissants & French baguette

The rustic itallian's are killer, at Clear Flour. I also like the focaccias. They do both an onion and an herb that are awesome.

Soft food suggestions?

Ken's noodle house in Allston is full of soft noodle-y dishes. The best noodles you'll find in Boston ... arguably.
Spend Sunday's at Neptune Oyster. They do amazing risotto specials. Should be easy on the ol' chompers.
Corzetti with rabbit at Rocca is slammin' and soft.

Croissants & French baguette

I can't offer any croissant places but I agree with everyone that Clear Flour has the best bagguette in or around Boston.

Meyers+Chang? What's the Word?

I love the use of the word "Chinesey" in this reply. The fact that "Chinesey" is slash "trendy" is genius.