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favorite old school Carolina charcuterie purveyors?

I can confirm that Sumrell's makes boeerwors. I've been buying it from them for about 10 years. They often have it in stock, and, if you are willing to order in quantitiy, will make it for you custom. To my palate, it is crazy delicious!

Feb 17, 2014
ForkFirst in Southeast

Shebeen in Charlottesville


I'll be passing through Charlottesville around lunch time on Friday and thought to stop at Shebeen. I'm a big fan of boerwors and my girlfriend is a big fan of peri-peri chicken. I see that both of those are options on the dinner menu, but I don't see them on the lunch menu posted online. I guess I'm asking if the menus are accurate representations of what's available and if you would recommend Shebeen for lunch in general. Thanks for any advice you can offer!


Aug 28, 2013
ForkFirst in Mid-Atlantic

Restaruant at Gideon Ridge Inn, Blowing Rock NC

Thanks, winefuhrer! Those look like very appealing recommendations. I didn't know about Bistro Roca; their menu posted on line looks quite good! Depending on whether we're feeling like a small drive, I'm also considering the Gamekeeper in Boone. Thoughts about that one?



Apr 16, 2013
ForkFirst in Southeast

Restaruant at Gideon Ridge Inn, Blowing Rock NC

I'll be staying at Gideon Ridge Inn in Blowing Rock NC next weekend. Does anyone know anything about their restaurant ("Restaurant G" I believe)? I'm considering it for dinner Saturday night. I'd also be interested in recommendations for lunch in the area (also for Saturday). I like all kinds of good food. The person I'll be with doesn't prefer seafood. Thanks for any advice you can offer!


Apr 13, 2013
ForkFirst in Southeast