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Columbus, Ohio help

Well, Columbus, OH isn't exactly known for it's access to bodies of water and fishing... so local fish (beyond Lake Erie Walleye) will be a bit of a stretch. However, you've gotten some great recommendations of places that strive for seasonal and local - in particular Skillet (they don't even do lemons in their water - though it's important to note they do not have a liquor license), and Knead, which is all about keeping their food local. Both are more casual, cafe-diner style places.

Rigsby's & Basi both have fish on their menus - if the weather is good, Basi has a killer patio.

L'antibes has lovely food, leaning a little French. De Novo has an interesting menu & great bar for brown liquor; Sidebar 221 is one of the prettiest bars in the city and has a lot of romance. Milestone 221 is right on the river downtown, has a HUGE patio, and also strives for a certain degree of local.

Everyone's definition of "creative" is different - sometimes creative isn't tasty at all. All these places have great food.

Oh - and if you're going to be around long enough, try a Columbus Food Adventures tour - they do walking tours of the Short North & German Village respectively, as well as taco truck tours, and ethnic eats tours. I've been on a bunch of them, and it's a lot of fun.

Apr 10, 2013
Twixlen in Great Lakes