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Honeybells - Best Mail Order Source

I'm getting ready to set up my Christmas orders and was going to send some Honeybells to a couple of people. What is the best place to order them? I've gotten them from Hale Groves in the past, but wasn't happy with the quality. I had ordered from a place with Ridge in the name but can't remember the rest of the name. They had much better quality, but I don't think were online.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Nov 09, 2008
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Cocktail Suggestion

what does St Germain taste like? Is it fruity?

Sep 15, 2008
falnangel7 in Spirits

Steak Tartare on LI

I'm dying for some steak tartare. Where's good to get it? Preferably somewhere within 30 min of Babylon that's not to expensive. If it's on the lunch menu, even better.

Cookbook With Easy Everyday Meals? Suggestions?

I'm running out of ideas of what to make the family for dinner and was hoping you guys would be able to suggest a cookbook. I'm into more 'exotic' ethnic foods but my inlaws are pretty much used to plain Italian/American foods. I was hoping to find a book that might push their horizons a bit without boring me to tears. I need recipes that have easily available ingredents and don't require too much time/work. I'm tempted to try some of Rachael Rays books but I know most real cooks don't have much respect for her stuff. Any suggestions?

Sep 13, 2008
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Cocktail Suggestion

I do like Bellinis. Are there any other champagne based drinks that you'd recommend. I've tried some rieslings and other 'dessert' wines and they're ok but I don't think I could drink them with a rich meal. More than a tiny glass gives me a headache. It's not that I'm a total lightweight either.

I guess with dinner I'll stick with champagne. Can't go wrong there.

Sep 12, 2008
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Cocktail Suggestion

I'm looking for some suggestions for a new cocktail to try. My husband and I will be going out for dinner at a fancy Manhattan resturant and I don't want to order the usual. Typically I order a Malibu & Coke or an Apple Martini. I like sweeter drinks that don't taste too strongly of alcohol. Any suggestions? Also, is it 'proper' to drink the cocktail with dinner? I'm not much of a wine drinker so I never know what else to get other than a soda.

Sep 11, 2008
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LI Fall Festivals

This is my first year living on LI and was wondering if any of the festivals listed in the paper about a week ago are worth going to for the food (buying local products or eating from vendors)? These are the ones that I was most interested in finding out about:

Harvest and Seafood Festival - Captree State Park 9/13-14
LI Fall Festival - Heckscher State Park 10/10-12
Oyster Festival - Oyster Bay Waterfront 10/18-19

Any other suggestions would be welcome also....

Tilapia Marechiara?

I had a dish at a local place that was tilapia with marechiara sauce and I can't stop thinking about it. I want to make it at home, but I'm not having any luck finding a recipe anywhere. Anyone have any ideas? I know it has garlic, tomatoes and white wine in it, but I'm not sure if there are any other spices.

Sep 11, 2008
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Long Island Ice Cream Spots?

just went in last night. They have maybe 15-20 flavors at one time. We drove 35 min just to get ice cream there and it was certainly worth it. The burned sugar is amazing. Malted vanilla is to die for. Banana is really natural tasting...Reminds me of my mom making it at home. Even the special hidef vanilla was pure tasting. Fudge topping was heaven. PB topping is fresh tasting too. No seating yet but they will be adding some in the fall. Small serving is a bit on the petite side (more like a kiddie cup) but the medium is a regular serving. Don't remember particular prices but I don't think it's much more than Hagen das. Can't wait to go back to sample more flavors

Hamptons area seafood lunch - baby friendly options?

I don't really have anything specific planned. Thought maybe we'd stop in Southampton - I seem to remember some cute shops there, but we're open to just about anywhere.

Hamptons area seafood lunch - baby friendly options?

Thanks for your reply. I guess I needed to be more specific. I meant the eastern end of LI. Never even considered there was another place it might be confused with. Any suggestions anyone?

Hamptons area seafood lunch - baby friendly options?

We will be in the Hamptons area the end of Sept for the day and would like to find a good seafood place for lunch. I'll have my 7 month old son with us so nothing too upscale will work. Any ideas? It would be a weekday if that makes a difference.

Mail Order Sites For NY-style Italian Sausage

My in-laws are originally from the NYC area and have moved to VA. They are constantly asking for good Italian style sausage and other NY food favorites (bread, bagels, cheese). Is there a good site to order from that will ship to them for Christmas? I'd prefer a place that has multiple items if possible so I don't have to order sausage from one place, bread from another, etc.


Nov 14, 2007
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