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Food Shame -- What is a fairly common food that you've never tried. Even though you are probably an adult now and can go and try whatever you want?

I never tried blue cheese until about seven years ago. I always thought, ugh...moldy cheese, yuk! Then one day visiting my son and his family, my daughter in law put some olives out on the table. My granddaughter popped one in her mouth and spit it out, saying ewe that taste like puke! It was stuffed with blue cheese and I just had to try it. It was love at first bite. I had to buy some on the way home.

Faux pas - eating fish at work?

I had one co-worker who could smell anything. I'd bring in cold salmon from last nite's dinner and not heat it up, but she'd smell it from her cube, but she usually said it smells good, how did you make it, you cook good, etc. No complaints, just compliments and recipe requests. One time at another job, I brought in home made Manhattan clamchower that I had added squid to. A co-worker (my sister-in-law) came over and asked "what are you eating?" I picked up the spoon with tentacles on it and said "clam chowder" She jumped about two feet backwards out of my cubicle.

I've got chicken hearts. Now what?

I love them in my chicken soup. I don't even want to make it if I can't get hearts and gizzards. For a snack, I flour and fry in a little oil and butter, seasoned with garlic powder, lemon pepper etc (sometimes thyme and rosemary too) then add more butter and panko bread crumbs and continue till browned and crispy. If I want a meal out of it, I'll deglaze with some dry red wine to make a sauce and serve over rice or noodles. I don't mind my hearts being chewy. Chewy's my favorite texture.

You KNOW it sucked

I once made a boxed pizza (Chef boy ardee?) and put too many toppings on it. It came out like mush but tasted great. A friends husband named it Cup of Pizza and we ate it all in bowls! That was the '80's...probably munchies.

Corned Beef and Other Missing Lunch Meats

I can get Thumanns olive loaf and head cheese at any super market here in NJ. I don't eat it often, but i like the fact that it is available when I want it.

Curious about butter in restaurants - leftover that is.

I lived in England for a few years in the 80's (military wife). My mother & aunt came to visit and we took them out for lunch at a local pub/eatery. When our lunch came, the waitress asked if we were done with the bread basket. We were, so she picked it up and put on a table of people who had just come in. My mother was in shock!

Your back of the cupboard, out of date food stuff

My 88 yo uncle is the opposite. He throws out frozen meat cause it's been in the freezer too long, like 2 months is too long. He threw out an unopened container of Lloyds BBQ pulled pork in Sept because he bought it in the summer, but the expiration date was December 2013.

It's nothing to be ashamed of but.......

Me too, with the chicken skin. My adult son loved it and told we could never make that again. lol, he's on a health kick,

Healthy for Halloween?

Pun intended??

Healthy for Halloween?

I use to give out Flavor-ice pops (unfrozen). They come in a box of 100 for less than $5. It was just something a little different (and cheap).

Any foods you just like cooked to death ?

one nite I was going to make beef stew. I floured and browned the chuck cubes and added water and seasoning to simmer. A friend stopped over with some beer. We sat in the livingroom gabbing for awhile and she says,
"is something burning?" Sure enough, my water boiled away and the beef was burnt. I didn't make stew, but put the beef in a container in the fridge. Next day my son came over with my granddaughter (age 14 at the time) and she said she was starving, did I have anything to eat. I didn't have much so I said burnt meat? Her & my son loved it and ate it all. After that, my son started making his own beef jerky.
We also love broiled to burnt lamb ribs, off course.

Most bizarre canned food item you have encountered

just saw a can of "Army" brand head cheese in the polish section of the A&P. the label is camoflage green/gray. want to try it, i like deli head cheese, but i'm afraid. anyone ever have canned head cheese?

Our Cat Likes People Food

my cat love olives, deli ham, turkey & roast beef, chex cereal sometimes cause she thinks they're like snacks. I use to be able to fool her with regular dry food, especially kitten chow, she'd think they were treats if i put them on the floor instead of her bowl. oh and sometimes peas. she likes round things to play with and then eat.

Foods you pronounce incorrectly.

My late brother in law, who was Italian-american, got a kick out of how we pronounced Italian deli meats and cheeses with the "extra" a" "o" whatever, so one day he sent my sister to the Italian deli (where he knew a guy who worked there) and made a point to her about how to order the food, all wrong. He called the guy and told him to correct her every time. So she ordered lb of mozzarell"a", he said moozarell. she ordered ricott"a", he said rigott, you get the picture. She went home fuming after she caught on to the joke. RIP Pete, he was a funny guy and also a fish wholesale salesman so I miss him even more cause he use to invite me over for free seafood.

Lamb "bones" under the broiler - riblets?

Yes, lamb breast or riblets. We just loved the lamb taste and sucking on the bones. Very greasy and a mess to clean up after but so worth it. When I was a child, my mom used Adolph's meat tenderizer on all meat and me & my sister use to sprinkle it on soft white bread and eat it just like that or make little dough pills and swallow them whole. We loved that seasoning, I guess.

Lamb "bones" under the broiler - riblets?

You could be one my kids growing up! As as child myself, the few times we had lambchops I never let anything go to waste so my poor dog got naked lamb bones to chew on.
After children, I couldn't afford lamb cops but found lamb breast or riblets very cheap at pathmark or shoprite and would season and broil them to death (no tenderness for me, I liked the jerky effect) My kids loved them too. Just didn't have them much cause they made a greasy mess in the broiler and not very healthy. Love them on the grill too with less indoor mess.

Any good cold pasta salad recipe?

I use elbows or small penne, can of small shrimp, crab or salmon, chopped celery, green pepper, onion and secret ingredient green olives chopped and celery seeds. All mixed with mayo . I add green olives to chili and stuffed clams, too. They just add a little something different and I don't need to add any salt

Eggplant parmesan fail - what am I doing wrong?

I never had eggplant until I was in my early 20's ( around 1980) and found a recipe card at the grocery store. Being a newly wed and new mother I was looking for recipes my mother never made to impress my husband. He loved my mothers cooking. This recipe called for a batter of flour, egg and water. I'd add garlic powder, oregano to the batter and sometimes seltzer or beer instead of water. Slice the eggplant in about 1/3 inch rounds (with skin) dip in batter and fry in shallow oil in fry pan until golden and a fork could pierce it easlily. Drain on paper towels, and assemble with sauce on bottom of baking dish, then fried eggplant, alittle more sauce, mozzarela, eggplant etc. cheese on top and cook until cheese is bubbly and browned. A few years ago, when I was looking to eat more veggies, I added sauteed mushroom and zucchini and slice fresh tomato inbetween the fried slices. Eventually, I stopped frying the eggplant and roasted it instead. I don't remember it ever being too oily or bitter.

Sadly, I'll probably never eat it again...

Will do! And thanks, it's one of my favorite memories too, and I don't understand why some people think it's weird.

If price, availability and calories were not a factor.... what food could you eat for every meal for the next 30 days and not get sick of it.

I think
I could force myself to eat lobster, at least I'd love to try! Can i have melted butter with that?
But once I actually imagined it, I think after a week I'd probably be craving some veggies or a steak or anything else. Variety is the spice of life. Maybe the price, availabilty, calorie, as well as health issues, is what makes our favorite foods so special. If I could eat anything I want without any of the above issues, I'd be eating everything at least once and much more of my favorites, but there's also the issue of getting too full or not having enough time. And I haven't even considered dessert yet! I'll have to sleep on this.

Sadly, I'll probably never eat it again...

Rogers or Webers pickled lamb tongues. They don't make them any more. Started loving them in my grandmother's kitchen when I was about 5 years old. Grandma alway had a few jars for when me and my sister visited. Use to be able to by them in ShopRite or Acme. About 30 years ago I could get a gallon jug with about 30 of them at Rex Genes in Linden NJ. My kids love them too, and did many searches on line. Finally found a place in PA a few years ago, Dietrich's I think near Bethlehem that makes all sorts of pickled meats and can be bought on line but costs about $25-30 with s&h for 3 or 4 tongues. They we're good, but not the same as I remembered. Might try them again sometime, but the thrill is gone.

What was the worst food you HAD to eat as a kid?

I think my mother made liver cause me & my sister were alittle anemic and skinny. Think the doctor suggested it and a little port wine with dinner to build our blood. Also malted milk shakes to put some weight on us. That was also in the 70's.

What was the worst food you HAD to eat as a kid?

I loved liver and onions growing up...maybe my mother just made it right or it could have been the bacon that goes with it. I also liked spinach, it was a Popeye thing.

What do you put in your chicken soup?

chicken hearts and/or gizzards really gives the soup flavor. I'd rather not make it if I can't find hearts.