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KFC's boneless chicken roll out

What is everyone's thoughts on the highly anticipated new KFC boneless dark and white meat chicken? Not to be confused with tenders or popcorn chicken, this is supposed to be like the real deal, big and juicy!

I think I would still prefer bone.

Apr 06, 2013
mami_eggroll in Chains

Recent Lowell Discoveries

Thanks for checking out my blog Dinsdale45! Yes, Chinastar is now open everyday from 9-3 PM for dim sum. Service is pretty bad right now but hopefully they will iron out the kinks.

I don't have much confidence that the new Cambodian buffet place
New Asia" will do well on Market street. Before it changed from Southeast Asia, the restaurant also changed ownership and it still didn't survive.

Bonchon is definitely a go! My cousin is in the industry and just got his serv safe certification as a cook there. I will definitely post a review once its up and running.

For other reviews for Lowell restaurants, most recently the Dim Sum, please visit my blog.