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Spending too much on groceries? ..and how to embrace the frugal lifestyle

I admire anyone who is thrifty, can accomplish their dreams, and manage, as we did too, to raise four children with 1 very needed full time stay at home parent. KUDOS! With that said, people need to understand the difference between being frugal, and doing without or settling for less nutritious and delicious food and living without joy.

Being frugal is about not wasting anything possible, being conscientious, and having your heart behind whatever choices you make.

A wonderful chef who was on ETV for years and travelled as well as published cookbooks was the Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith. He was a joy to see in the kitchen, and constantly imparting a zest for life, with wisdom delivered often with humour and a smile. Unsure if anything he did is still in print, but check used book shops either online or brick and mortar.

Perhaps appreciating others differences could be helpful? How dull would life be if we all ate, thought, loved, and existed exactly the same?

Food for thought from a CHOW newbie - don't throw old hard biscuits at my head please. Oh alright, where is my son's old football helmet? Might be needed.

Apr 05, 2013
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