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Buying fresh duck?

I got the idea from another chowhound thread where it was suggested that buying the whole duck, in the end, would be a better deal. I could get a bunch of extra fat off the carcass for the confit, I could make a few quarts of stock from the bones, and I could freeze the breasts to do in a sous vide later on.

but again, that was only a suggestion. More than willing to change the plan based on advice in here.

Already you've told me types of duck to stay away from, which is something I didn't know before. Thanks!

Do the shops around china town only deal in Pekin duck?

And yes, it's just the two of us.

Buying fresh duck?

So would you say that heading to chinatown is a bad move? Aubut is crazy far out for me and I don't drive.

Buying fresh duck?

my girlfriend has been bugging me to make her duck confit for some time now. I searched some older chowhound threads and found a bit advice. Some of it suggested buying entire ducks at asian markets as they're fresher and cheaper than any other option. The threads were pretty old, though.

Anybody have any suggestions for where to get some fresh duck for a good price?


Best spots to eat around the gay village?

Renovations, I believe. The GF confirms.

Moonshine BBQ - new resto

Would also love to hear some words on this place. Been wanting to go back to Rubs for some time now and since they've been pushing back their re-opening, I was gonna give this place a shot.

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

Just tried Cafe Mardi Gras the other day with my gilfriend. It was alright, pretty expensive for the portions.

I ordered the taster platter thing and an order of fried chicken+grits. (I asked if I could just get some fried chicken a la carte and he said no)

The Jumbalaya was very good. Great flavor, although I wish there was more meat in there.

The crawfish bowl was probably the least favorite of the three. They were overcooked and rubbery.

My girlfriend loved the cajun shrimp bowl. The taster bowl only comes with 2 shrimp, though, which was a bit disappointing.

The fried chicken was just okay. The skin was completely detatched from the chicken, so a bit overcooked. The grits were very good and I thought that the portion was pretty fair.

Overall, decent taste, but bad value. On top of the bad value, the guy who was there messed up our order and we only realised it about 3 minutes after getting it. We didn't really know any of the stuff we were ordering (first time eating cajun food) so there was some food missing when we let him know. He seemed annoyed with us the rest of the time we were there, which was a turnoff. He did seem really nice before that, though.

They give you garlic baguette to start off with, though, which was unexpected but awesome!

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

Thanks for all the advice. My apologies for not writing back sooner, the move has kept me busy and without Internet :(.

I'll be trying mardi gras sometime soon, my girlfriend won't let me get away without taking her there once. I'm disappointed that chipotle and Jalapeno is that expensive, it was on my list of places to check out.

Best spots to eat around the gay village?

Hey there, first time poster. Lurked forever.

I'm moving to the gay village real soon from Montreal north, where I've lived my entire life. Getting pretty excited about living in a trendier area. Although coming from MTL Nord, everything is trendier.

What are your favorite spots to eat in the gay village? I've just tried the poutine at Lafayette just outside papineau metro and it was awful.