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Something I can make ahead to take to a funeral

Second the lasagna.

Beef stew also freezes well. Chunk veggies on the thicker side so they don't overcook when you reheat.

Chicken soup. Add small pastas after you defrost
because they get soggy in the freezer.

Or make a homemade tomato sauce/gravy (with or without meatballs) and freeze that. Then defrost and make pasta to go with it.

Apr 06, 2013
nessiefood in Home Cooking

Some Sausage-Cooking Help, Please....

The iron skillet gets very hot so when I heat it up (electric stove), I turn it on high at first, then add oil/bacon grease and turn it down to med or med/low.
Then I add the sausages.
You have to keep an eye on it, though.
Maybe cook the sausage first and then cook the eggs in any leftover grease in the pan. That way you don't have to multi- task. Toast bread while the eggs cook.
Does this have the casing on it? I've never seen it get dry on the inside.

Apr 06, 2013
nessiefood in Home Cooking