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Practical ideas around Newport Beach?

Definitely check out the farmers market on Via Lido Sundays. I think it's 9-1 or 9-12pm. It's a well-curated selection of vendors. For a bigger farmers market, check out SoCo Collection Saturdays. It's more of an experience with shopping available at Surfas (omg, so going to bankrupt myself there...) and food trucks and lots of tasty stuff available.

Apr 03, 2013
EWINOC in Los Angeles Area

short trip to Newport Beach 4/4-5

If you can find a way to hook up with the Taco Maria gourmet food truck, you'll be in for a treat. Chef Carlos is a big farm to food truck guy and his carnitas burrito is awesome. Or breakfast burrito or...really anything on his menu. Newport Beach is famous for frozen bananas though. You'll have to indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy one of those!

The OC Mart MIx and SoCo Collection is a huge foodie destination though. If you have If you stop by there on Saturday 9-2 there's a farmers market with food trucks and Taco Maria is usually there. Also Front Porch Pops gourmet popsicles & ice cream bars is there.

Apr 03, 2013
EWINOC in Los Angeles Area

i know you're not supposed to ________, but i do it any way.

So that's actually kinda dangerous and here's why. Eggs in the good ol' US of A have been scrubbed/treated to remove the exterior cuticle of the egg that promotes air-tightness. And abroad they leave the eggs untreated so they can be left at room temperature safely. More air=more likely to spoil quickly. Seriously.

Leave 'em out if you have to, but to check if they are still good, fill a bowl with cold water and place the eggs in it. Eggs that float are bad (ie too much air in it=it floats because it's not fresh). Eggs that sink are good.

No judgment, but I thought you'd want to know the difference to prevent food-borne illness.

Apr 03, 2013
EWINOC in General Topics