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Hawaii Vacation- help! escaping cruise food

Hi - OP here- wow! You guys are awesome. I'm going to sort through all the recs and keep it all at hand. So to answer some questions...
-We will have a car on Maui.
- Also, we will be going to Kaua'i, I just left it off the run-down in my haste to get the post up.
-The actual anniversary is going to be celebrated at a luau outing coordinated by the cruise ship. But- I'm happy to know about everything. (Husband and I may sneak off to one of those North Shore spots by ourselves. shhh.)
My in laws are world traveled and open minded. All thoughts on what's good to try are welcome.They love seeing the real side of places as opposed to "Tourist Central." Thanks so much to you all! Gotta love the internet.

Apr 03, 2013
wehochick in Hawaii

Hawaii Vacation- help! escaping cruise food

hello! I am going on a cruise with many stops- we're staying a few nights in Honolulu, at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani and also in Oahu at Turtle Bay It's my in-laws 50th wedding anni - they are awesome and taking us w/ them. Would love some local food- I'm a noodle fiend, and my Mississippi family counts on me- the DIL from West Hollywood to have tricks (and occasionally noodles) up my sleeve. Also anything great & walkable near cruise line ports @ Kona, Kahului & Hilo... Any assistance appreciated!

Apr 02, 2013
wehochick in Hawaii