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Gift Certificate to a Rhode Island Restaurant.

I would like to give a friend and his SO a gift certificate to a restaurant.

They enjoy good food and a comfortable ambience but they are not foodies and probably would not frequent places such as Chez Pascal, New Rivers, or Gracie's.

I am looking for a place that is within a reasonable driving distance of their home in Pawtucket.

I am thinking more on the lines of Blaze or The Ktichen Bar on Hope Street, or the Waterman Grille.

Where to eat in Narragansett, RI?

According to Local Catch at the farmers' market this morning their seafood is not available at Belmont Market.

On its website Belmont Market refers to its seafood as the Daily Catch.
Maybe that was the confusion.

Here is a link to the Local Catch current newsletter with a list of the farmers' markets it services.

Now Eating Rhode Island, August 2015


Thanks keeping me current on East Bay etaries. I am in that area every few months and next time I hope to make a stop at Crepellicious. I checked out its website and was taken with the wide variety of very tempting offerings including a crepe cake, a new confection to me.

Lunch in Brockton or nearby?

A short walk from The Farmer's Daughter is the Queset Garden, set on the grounds of the Ames Public Library. It is a lovely spot.

A few miles further is Borderland State Park with a number of hiking trails. It, too, is a wonderful space but on a much larger scale.

Should you need to satisfy a sweet tooth at some point, Hilliards Candy, also in Easton, is noted for fine chocolates and excellent ice cream.

Where to eat in Narragansett, RI?


Update on The Local Catch, fish mongers. It is now at the Farmers' Market
at Goddard Park, Warwick, on Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm.

I had some Wahoo from The Local Catch recently. What a delicious fish.
It is in the mackerel family, firm, mild and meaty. Wahoo is rather rare in Atlantic waters and is only occasionally available so I scoop it up whenever I see it.

Now Eating Rhode Island, August 2015

Took a meandering drive down Route 116 in Rhode Island. Destination was Powder Hill Creamery on Route 44 in Smithfield for an ice cream and a cider doughnut.

Picked up Route 116 at the intersection of Route 12 just before the Scituate Reservoir. Wended along leafy Route 116 to Elmdale Road in North Scituate, the home of Barden Orchards. Bought a few ears of corn and a perfectly ripened nectarine. Over the years I have purchased Barden corn at my local farmers' market, Pawtuxtet Farmers Market in the Pawtuxet section of Cranston. It is my most favorite corn, always fresh, sweet, and delicious.

Continued on Route 116 to the intersection of Route 44 in Greenville. A quick zigzag across Route 44 to Mapleville Road brought us to the Ken Weber Conservation Area for a short hike to work up an appetite for the ice cream. The path though the woodlands is a short one mile. There are boulders and steep inclines to manage but it was invigorating and quiet and peaceful.

Powder Mill Creamery, just down the road on Route 44W, had been recommended by friends. We tried a cup of coconut almond chip and a chocolate almond sundae. The ice cream in both was creamy but undramatic. The hot fudge in the sundae was rich looking and thick but not particularly chocolaty. Bought a cider doughnut to take home.

I had the corn and cider doughnut for supper. The corn, the first of the season for me, was perfect, just what I had hoped it would be. The cider doughnut was moist and sweet but like the ice cream it lacked flavor.

It was fun driving to Barden Orchard for the corn (and for apple picking in the fall) but I am glad I can get their fruits and vegetables at my farmers' market on Saturdays. Can't wait for their apples and peaches!

There is a list of farmers markets that Barden frequents in the attached link from Farm Fresh Rhode Island

Where to buy raw peanuts

Should none of the local suggestions work out for you, the Spanish and American Peanut Company in Providence, Rhode Island may be able to help you.

I checked their website and they do have raw peanuts in the shell but in bulk like your original source. Although they are a wholesale business they do have a very small retail section for off-the-street customers. If the peanuts are not available in their retail shop, perhaps they could provide leads on where to find them retail.

I get their oh-so-chunky peanut butter and hard-to-find Spanish peanuts at a summer farmers' market. The rest of the year I visit their retail shop where they are always very welcoming.

Providence Restaurant Weeks July 2015

I haven't done Providence Restaurant Weeks in quite a while as I found the venues I chose to be crowded and the menus uninspired.

I am tempted this year.

Any thoughts?

Trailblazing restaurateur to close Rue de l'Espoir after 39 years

Rue de L'Espoir is a casual space with a very eclectic menu. French cuisine doesn't come to mind.

It doesn't close until August 9 so there is still time to get there.

Equidistant from Providence and Boston?


Thanks for the info in Vincenzo's. I was unaware there was another Italian deli in Dedham Square. From the map on its website it looks like it is tucked on the side street around the corner from CVS.

Do you know if they make zeppoles for St. Joseph's Day in March? I am always on the look out for good ones. Here in Rhode Island I have tried many around the state and I like the ones at LeFavorite Bakery in Warwick and the fact that they make mini ones is so much the better.

Guarino's Pastry Shop in Norwood has some good zeppoles, too, with a dark purple grape sauce in place of the maraschino cherry. Had my first lobster tail there, delicious but decadent. Guarino's is a nice alternative to The Hill and the North End and not too far off of 95N when I am on my way to West Roxbury. No bakery with good zeppoloes is too far to drive to!

Equidistant from Providence and Boston?

The Deli and After Dark are the same space. When the Deli closes, After Dark opens.

According to their websie, The Deli is open from 8 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

After Dark opens at 5 pm, Tues through Friday. On Saturday After Dark opens in the morning at 9 am until the kitchen closes at 10 pm

Hope this helps.

Equidistant from Providence and Boston?


If you like the Food Chalet you would mostly likely enjoy Centre Deli in Dedham Square. Depending on which Boston neighborhood you live in, Centre Deli is probably closer for you but is an easy 45 minute drive from Providence, about a mile off of Route 128/95N, exit 15A. It is more formal than the Food Chalet but still casual. The sandwiches are hearty and delicious and their luncheon pastas are well-prepared red sauce Italian.

When I drive up from Providence to visit family in West Roxbury I often stop at Centre Deli to stock up on their take-out products. I particularly like the parmesan dishes, lasagnas, meat balls, and red sauce. I would compare them with the terrific take-out from Pasta Patch in North Kingstown.

Now Eating Rhode Island, July 2015

Had some great Thai food at Bee's Thai Cuisine on Ives Street in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence.

A group of seven enjoyed an array of appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees. The mango rolls are a delightful take on nim chow with large slices of mango in the wrap. I had the outstanding pad thai with fresh bean sprouts, nicely season noodles with a not-too-sweet peanut sauce and an ample amount of chicken. Others were very pleased with the papaya salad, coconut soup, Tom Yum soup, and a dish made with tofu and cashews. All the dishes were nicely seasoned and a request for extra heat was honored.

We decided to forgo the Thai desserts and amble across the street to the East Side Creamery for ice cream. From among a wide array of flavors we decided on the coconut chocolate almond, pistachio, vanilla, and a soft serve. The portions were very generous. Even the kiddie cup with a huge scoop was more than enough to satisfy after a very filling meal.

Bee's Thai is a byob with no corkage fee. Need be, there is a liquor store directly across the street.

On street parking was easy on a Wednesday evening.

Where to eat in Narragansett, RI?

There is a farmers' market not too far from Narragansett with a vendor that sells fish.

Coastal Growers Summer Market is at the Casey Farm on Route 1A, Saturday mornings. There you can buy fish from Local Catch, owned by a Rhode Island fisherman and his wife.. I have had the traditional haddock, Atlantic cod, halibut, sword fish (in season), scallops as well as dabs, red fish, and their own smoked tuna. Just to mention a few. The fish is exceptionally fresh and locally caught and processed. It is far surpasses much of what you would find at at a fish market or grocery market. So delicious!

Local Catch doesn't have retail outlets but are vendors at several summer farmers' markets and at the Winter Market at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket.

Anthony's Old World Deli Wednesday Night Pasta Dinners, Warwick

I like the sandwiches at Anthony's Old World Deli in Warwick and I had been meaning to try Wednesday Night Pasta Dinners there. Finally did.

On Wednesdays only, the deli is open for dinner. BYOB. The space is small, comfortable, and friendly. The menu typical red-sauce Italian.

We chose a veal parmagiana/penne plate and The "Godfather", meatball, sausage, eggplant parmagiana, stuffed shells.

The fare is hearty and tasty, not Chowish but just fine for a casual night out.

Knife Skills Demo/Class in Providence

Tartinet, thanks for sharing your experience at Stock.

What a fun way to learn about knives and their uses especially on Hope Street where there are so many restaurants to have a bite at after a demonstration.

I checked out the Stock website but didn't see dates for future demos.

I also checked out Urban Greens website. There was no listing there either but I enjoyed learning more about Urban Greens. I had heard about Urban Greens at a farmers' market last year and forgot all about it. Good to be reminded of their fascinating project: opening a co-op run grocery store in Providence.

Iced coffee on Nitro?

The Shop, a coffee cafe in Providence, is not exactly local but it does serve cold brewed Stumptown iced coffee served on nitro tap.

Located in the Fox Point neighborhood, at the top of Wickenden Street, The Shop offers excellent coffee and a nice selection of sweet and savory items in a comfortable and cozy setting.

It is a recent and welcomed addition to Providence's terrific and ever-expanding coffee scene.

A video in the News section of its website shows a nitro iced coffee in the making.

Late Night Cocktails and Small Bites in Providence

Thanks digga.

I have season tickets to the GAMM Theater in Pawtucket and like to enjoy a drink and an appetizer after a performance. Finding a bar/cocktail lounge in the Providence area that stays open after 11 pm and that serves drinks and bar food has been a challenge. Those that close around 11 pm are wont to stop serving earlier if there is no business. We hate just getting settled and then notice the room shutting down around us. We need a place that is open to at least midnight.

A few years ago there weren't many places in Providence with late hours but recently more have begun popping up. It has been fun searching out those with late hours, bar food and a bit of ambience.

Late Night Cocktails and Small Bites in Providence

The KItchenBar, 771 Hope Street, East Side.

We needed to stay on the East Side area after the theater and took a chance on the KitchenBar on Hope Street merely because the bar was opened late. Good choice.

It is an inviting spot: nicely dim and with acoustics and music that allow for easy conversation. We sat on the bar side of the restaurant at one of the high tops extending along one wall in front of a window. Very comfy.

My DC ordered an untraditional Irish Coffee, a specialty of the bartender. Made with Bailey's Irish Cream it is prepared like a latte; frothy, light, hot, and delicious. I enjoyed the Honey I'm Home cocktail, a nice balance of citrus and spice.

For small bites we shared two appetizers: spanakopita and calamari. The five appetizer-sized spinach-filled phyllo were nicely seasoned but nothing exceptional. The calamari, however, were one of the best I have had: exceptionally fresh, plump, lightly battered, lightly fired and served with lemon caper aioli on the side. The appetizers were brought to table by the owner, Sammy, who stopped to chat about his penchant for fresh ingredients and his Greek heritage. I now understood the Kalamata olives in the calamari. Nice touch.

Though the food at the KitchenBar isn't "chowish" it is well-prepared and tasty. I would be happy to go back for lunch and/or dinner: alone, with friends, or even young children. It's that kind of a place.

Tomato Plants - Rhode Island

Thank you.

Got it!

Does anyone know if plants at Job Lot are from local farms/nurseries?

Tomato Plants - Rhode Island

Thank you. I had forgotten about URI/South Kingston Farmers' Market.
I have gotten nice produce there in the past though not tomato plants.
Plus, Earth Essence Herbals is there.

Tomato Plants - Rhode Island

Time to plant some tomatoes.

Any suggestions where to buy tomato plants? I live on the West Bay but am wiling to travel.

I only get a few plants each year, usually some sweet 100s and regular size tomatoes.

I think I asked this same question last year but I can't find the thread.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

Pastiche is a truly wonderful European-style dessert bakery/cafe in Providence less than an hour's ride from Boston down Route 95S.

A marvelous blend of Viennese konditorei and Parisienne patisserie, this delightful European-style cafe offers a wide assortment of fine desserts, tarts, cakes, cookies, bars, all made with the freshest of ingredients. It is strictly desserts, no breads.

Over the years, I have been slowly working my way through its amazing array of sweets. I am particularly fond of the coconut cake, the fresh lime mousse tart, and most of all the fresh fruit tart. When not in the mood for a rich dessert, Russian tea cakes and cookies are equally delicious. Tea and New Harvest coffee round out the experience

Whole cakes (6", 8", 10"), tarts (8", 11"), etc. are available for take-out. My favorite birthday cake is a fresh fruit tart from Pastiche, reminiscent of the lovely fruit tarts at Maison Villatte in Falmouth.

Prices are on the high side but the quality, fresh ingredients, and cafe ambience make it all worthwhile.

Pastiche is located on a side street on Federal Hill, Providence's Italian neighborhood. It is fun to walk-off the calories with a stroll around the area with its Italian grocery stores, Venda pasta, art shops, restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. In the summer there is live music at the fountain in DePasquale Square, steps away from Pastiche.

PVD/RI * May '15 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon


Thanks for the information about your corner of Rhode Island. I have driven to, through, and around that area but have only stopped at Wright's Dairy Farm and that was to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I tend to focus on metropolitan Providence, East Bay, Newport, and places south along the bay.

A destination-worthy venue in your area might entice me to wend my way northwest out of the city. Any suggestions?

PVD/RI * January '15 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

In the Now Eating RI: 3/15 there were glowing recommendations for Sushi Yama.

Anyone with information?

Japanese Bento Boxes

Last Sunday my favorite 11 year-old and I viewed the bento box exhibit at the Boston Architectural College on Newbury Street, a colorful display of boxes ranging from lacquered elegant to Lego fun. (Thank you, Croutonweb)

We walked over to Samurai Boston on Boylston Street for a bento box lunch only to find bento boxes aren't available on Sundays. We were happy to discover Ikura Sushi Bar just around the corner on Newbury with bento boxes on the lunch menu. It was a disappointing experience, however, as the fish and vegetables were past their peak of freshness and the salad consisted mainly of the hard white ends of iceberg lettuce drizzled with a Russian-like dressing. We both agreed that our bento box lunch at Haruki in Cranston, Rhode Island far surpassed the one at Ikura.

Nonetheless, it was a delightfully warm April day in the Back Bay, perfect for strolling up, down and around Newbury Street, Boylston Street, and Copley Square.

I loved the idea of pairing a museum exhibit with a meal.

Lunch on a Monday in Bristol, RI

I second the Beehive Cafe.

Great selection of well-made soups, sandwiches, and salads for lunch. Their homemade baked goods are delicious. Wonderful coffee.

It is a cute little place with several indoor/outdoor seating options. There is a lovely view of Bristol Harbor from the upper level.

Rehearsal dinner/ Providence - Bristol - Warwick

The Waterman Grille may be worth checking out.

The New American cuisine menu features an array of well-prepared appetizers, small plates, and main courses.

It is a pretty venue situated directly on the banks of the Seekonk River.

Depending on the season, it is possible to enjoy a meal on the outside deck.

Again, depending on the season, you might see the Brown University crew team practicing on the river.

Iron Works Tavern - Warwick, RI


Thanks for sharing your positive experience at Iron Works Tavern in Warwick.
I drive by it often but have never ventured in. I'll put it on my list.

Now Eating RI: April 2015

Only one new eating venture so far in April supplemented by visits to some of my regular take-outs.

Fat Belly's at Warwick Mall tops my list for the best fish and chips in Rhode Island Large, wonderfully fresh haddock fillet, nicely battered.
For Italian Take Out it is Pasta Patch, Old Forge Road, Warwick. Fresh fettucine; eggplant lasagna, fresh pasta lasagna, chicken pot pie, pizzas made with Buono dough. The very freshest of ingredients. Oven ready, though I stash some in the freezer.

And to satisfy my sweet tooth, LeFavorite Bakery. Governor Francis Plaza, Warwick. A few favorites are chocolate chip cream cheese squares, raspberry-filled shortbread cookies, zeppoles (fortunately they make a mini in addition to the full size), small fruit pies, corn muffins AND terrific glazed doughnuts smeared with a truly luscious chocolate frosting. Though I love to bake I occasionally buy a Boston Cream Pie for a special event. (They call it a cake, which it is, but I call it a pie as it was so-named when it was created at the Parker House in Boston in the late 1800s). Le Favorite is one of the few bakeries I have found where the products taste very close to homemade.