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ISO fresh ricotta

Narragansett Creamery is a small operation that limits its output to several exceptionally fine artisan cheeses including yogurt, feta, and mozzarella. The yogurt is creamy, the feta is less salty than any other I have tried, and the fresh mozzarella has a beautiful texture. Each one is delicious and exceptional in its own way.

They do make a ricotta, Renaissance Ricotta, which I have yet to try. I would guess it is as equally good as the others I am familiar with.

Their products are available at retail markets in Massachusetts including Whole Foods and Roche Brothers and farmers’ markets in the Boston and surrounding areas. Their websites has a list of venues and times.

My experience is at the fabulous Saturday Lippitt Park Farmers’ Market in Providence on the Providence/Pawtucket line just over the state border from South Attleboro. Lippitt Park usually carries a full range of their products.


Fresh Mozzarella

Narragansett Creamery is an excellent source of locally produced, freshly made, artisan cheeses.

I agree with quirkydeb that they make a fine fresh mozzarella, not very salty, but creamy and delicious.

In addition to the fresh mozzarella, I am also a devoted fan of their plain creamy yoghurt and feta (again, not very salty.)

Information about Narragansett Creamery, their story, their commitment to local ingredients, their cheeses and a list of retail outlets in Massachusetts (including Whole Foods) is in their website.


Macoun apples. Rhode Island

Thanks for the link to Hill's Orchard, pork_chop. Very helpful chart

Can't wait for the first Macoun of 2014!

Local trash fish

Should you venture down Route 95 to Rhode Island a local fish purveyor, The Local Catch, has a booth at the fabulous Hope Street Farmers' Market every Saturday morning during the summer. It moves indoors in the winter.

The wide variety of fish is always very fresh, caught by the owner and other local fishermen in the waters off Rhode Island.

Last winter I had its red fish several times and scup is listed on the Species Guide in the attached link.

I usually buy haddock or cod but am always on the lookout for dabs and John Dory, sweet, white flesh fish. And when in season scallops, oysters, and sword fish. Nice smoked tuna and bluefish too. ;

The Hope Street Farmers' Market is located not far off Route 95 -S on the Providence/Pawtucket line, just a few exits from the Massachusetts state line in Attleboro.


Macoun apples. Rhode Island

Every year I wait for September and the oh-so-short Macoun apple season.

Barden Orchards is the only apple producer at my local farmers' market and as of last Saturday they didn't have them.

Macouns start appearing mid-to late September but I don't want to miss out if the season has started earlier this year.

Cranston, RI: restaurants? Ethnic markets?

I like Local Catch. Not only does it have a nice variety of very fresh fish but the fish is caught by local Rhode Island fishermen. I generally buy haddock or cod but will scoop up the flaky sweet dabs or John Dory when they are available. Depending on the time of year they also have scallops, oysters, and smoked fish.

Local Catch is available at several famers' markets, some both summer and winter.


In a pinch I have found Smitty's on Warwick Avenue on the Warwick/Cranston (Edgewood) line to be a decent source. In addition to fish, he sells shellfish, lobster and prepared items.

Now Eating RI Vol 2: 9/14

Thanks for the newsy update.

Where is Ocean State Pizzeria and Deli located?

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

The Wurst Kitchen, at Chez Pascal on Hope Street in Providence, now sells retail. Hot dogs, six to a package, are $12; and wurst, four to a package, are $10. There were three varieties of sausages to choose from the day I was there. I bought a package of knockwurst. It was a birthday gift so I haven't had a chance to try it.

I did, however, order a hot dog which I enjoyed at one of the high top tables in the tiny charming bar. There are four seats at the bar and two high tops that seat three on each side, all tucked inside Chez Pascal. It is hard to describe how delicious a hot dog can be. My go-to frankfurter is a Saugy but the Wurst Kitchen house made one is beyond caparison, flavorfully spiced and juicy in a perfect hot dog bun. The honey apple mustard turned it into a marvel.

Kristin and Matt Gennuso have come up with a great combination, Chez Pascal for truly fine dining and the Wurst Kitchen for a terrific casual lunch.

Fine Dining in Cape Cod for Foodies

Cape Cod is part of the Southern New England board. You will have better luck with responses there.

PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

RhodyRedHen, it was a traditional French restaurant similar to Chez Pascal in its ambiance and menu.

atheorist, La France sounds right. Thank you.

Best Providence/Federal Hill BAKERY

Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by a traditional bakery? Mention of Modern, Mike's and Federal HIll suggest you are looking for a traditional Italian bakery. If so, some info on why Scialo's disappointed would be helpful.

For me Le Favorite Bakery in the Governor Francis section of Warwick is a very fine traditional bakery with an assortment of pies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bread, and more. I find its goods taste close to home-made.

PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

I am trying to recall the name of the restaurant that preceded Chez Pascal on Hope Street. Does anyone remember it?

A tasty food (or drink) gift between Providence and Stonington CT?

Since you will be in the Summit area, RhodeRedHen's suggestion of Seven Stars Bakery is a good one since is located right in the Summit area on Hope Street (as is Olive del Mondo). Delicious coffee, beans or ground, and excellent pastries. I often buy their small loaf of pumpkin nut bread for a hostess gift when it is available. Not sure how much of a selection there will be, however, late on a Sunday afternoon.


Clams047's suggestion of Pastiche is a terrific one too.. While Seven Stars focuses on exceptionally good artisan breads, croissants, scones, cookies, etc., Pastiche is more like a French patisserie with decadent cakes, fruit tarts, and the like in the European tradition.

Falmouth, Maison Villatte, French Bakery

Amid the hustle and bustle of summertime Falmouth is Maison Villatte, a French bakery, reminiscent of a Parisian patisserie/boulangerie

From the glass cases to the bread racks to the soft lighting it is is oh, so French.

The epicurean fare ranges from the savory to the sweet and I tried both.

On each of my three days in Falmouth I stopped by the bakery: the first day for lunch, a Croque Monsieur; the second day for breakfast, croissant with ham and a flatten croissant-like dough layered with cheeses and bacon; and to take home on the third, two small tarts, a quiche Lorraine and an apricot custard.

The luscious croissants were ever so light and flaky enhanced by cheese and ham/bacon. The apricot tart's almond crust was so buttery and delicious I could have eaten just that and been happy. The filling, too, was delicious: tangy and custardy

I was so excited to try the Croque Monsieur as I have yet to find any in the Providence area. Though it was tasty, it was a bit of a disappointment. For me the bread was too flat and dense with a too-thin layer of ham and cheese.

However, I enjoyed the offerings at Maison Villatte so much I am thinking it would make a wonderful winter time day trip from Providence. (The P B Boulangerie in South Wellfleet is a bit of a hike for a day trip.)

Fortunately for me the patisserie, Pastiche, is located right here in Providence, with its perfectly executed cakes, tarts, and other delectable sweets.

French bakeries this side of Paris. How much better can it get!

Hourglass Brasserie (Bristol, RI)

I, too, have driven past the Hourglass wondering what it was like.

Thanks for your review and photos. They have been the impetus to add the Hourglass to my list of restaurants to try. Happily that list is growing as several restaurants have opened recently in the Providence area.

Elis' Kitchen, Warren, Rhode Island

I was at Eli's on the early side of lunch when the restaurant wasn't full.
Service was fine.

PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Providence has an outdoor rooftop bar: Rooftop at the G.

This terrific new venue is located on the sixth floor of the old Providence Gas building on Dorrance Street. A gigantic G is affixed to the front facade.

The space is quite large. A bar is the centerpiece with large roomy half-moon couches on one side and tables with umbrellas on the other. A stone railing rims the entire space.

We went at 6 p.m. on a Friday night. It was crowded but we got a table within 15 minutes. My proseco was descent. My companion’s Rielsing was fair. Beer and wine are moderately priced. There are no prices for cocktails on the menu but friends have told me they are a tad high for Providence. Food menu ranges from a raw bar to small bites to several entrees. We shared a Margherita pizza made in the outdoor brick oven. I thought it was small for $15.00. and rather unexceptional.

BUT the views were great and were worth a stop at the G.

After we finished our drinks and appetizer we walked the perimeter of the roof and enjoyed looking at the city on three sides and the Route 195 bridge on the fourth. It was fun identifying Providence's various landmarks and we spent as much time talking about the city’s numerous examples of 19th century Federal and Victorian architecture with its detailed moldings, capitols, and windows as we did enjoying our table-side drinks.

When we left around 8 pm there was a long line waiting for the elevator to the roof.

The Rooftop at the G is a lively lovely fun addition to the Providence bar scene.

It is almost like being in New York City …almost..

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

Thanks Wormwood. This thread is a good idea. I'm in!

I went blueberry picking yesterday and considered posting but thought my experience wasn't chowhoundy enough but It fits nicely in a thread like this.

Here goes:

Picked several pounds of blueberries at Rocky Point Farm in Warwick. Quite a large patch, must be hundreds of bushes.

You get a plastic pail lined with a sturdy plastic bag and head for the bushes. Picking was easy. There were amble ripe berries with many on their way. We were able to stay within one row.

To cash out, berries are weighed; the charge is $2.50 per pound. My three-plus pounds, about half a pail-full, were less than $8.00.

The farm is open every day during the summer months from 7 am to noon. On Thursdays from 4 pm to dusk. (The Google map that pops up on the web has inaccurate times.)


Now to do some baking!

Lasagna... a bit fancy but not too pricey?

Though not what you are searching for, Tutto Italiano is great for take-out/deli.

I frequent the Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park. Excellent selection of cheeses and cured meats. Subs on their homemade rolls are terrific. And, I am addicted to their balsamic vinegar in refillable bottles.

According to their website there other locations in Wellesley and Lexington.

Musings on the relatively low activity on Southern New England Board

sundeck sue

I agree with your sentiments that the Southern New England board needs attention. Some days I find little that attracts me.

I am a Rhode Islander and when I dine outside of Rhode Island I head for Boston (love that board), southeastern Massachusetts, Fall River/New Bedford or the Cape. Consequently, I enjoy the Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, and Cape Cod posts.

I seldom go to Connecticut to dine and often find the Connecticut posts of little interest. Sometimes when I am scrolling past post after post from Connecticut I get discouraged and think it ought to have its own board.

I really don’t have a solution for the Southern New England board. Perhaps you are right and it encompasses too wide an area, though before New England was split into Southern New England and Northern New England that board was active and vibrant so maybe size isn’t the issue. It may be there is little commonality among some of the geographic areas.

I hope as more people respond to your post, issues will be identified and addressed.

In the meantime, I am trying to be more active, with less lurking, more posting and replying to posts.

Wellfleet & Other Towns on the Cape

Discovered Sweet Escapes on a visit to the Cape last month. It is a combination ice cream shop and bakery. My coconut ice cream was sweet, creamy delicious. The pastry items in the bakery were tempting so I tried a chocolate chip cookie, heavenly with large chunks of chocolate. Wished I had had room for a piece of fruit pie. Its rather free form crust led me to believe it is made there, not just baked there as with so many places. The menu indicates the bakery goods and ice cream are made on the premises.

There is also a pizza restaurant as part of the complex. Cannot comment as I didn’t try any (not that I didn’t consider it!).

You may need to have ice cream breakfast to avoid the crowds.

316 Route 6, Truro

Elis' Kitchen, Warren, Rhode Island

Stopped by Eli’s Kitchen in Warren for lunch. It is a comfortable space, nicely laid out with four tables along one wall, a common table for 8/10, and two window banquettes. The ambience is enhanced by soft lighting, “tin ceilings,” eclectic art work on walls.

I chose one of the daily sandwich specials, Tasso ham, romaine lettuce, summer tomato, bread/butter pickles, honey mustard. The spiciness of the Tasso ham and the crunch of the pickles added up to a terrific sandwich. Kacey’s buttery shortbread cookies with a hint of rosemary were a perfect way to finish the meal. Everything was well prepared and delicious!

Eli is the son of Phoebe who owned the renowned Phoebe’s Fish and Chips in Seekonk. Before opening his own restaurant he worked at the Beehive in Bristol, another of Rhode Islands’ wonderful small dining venues.

Eli’s Kitchen is a welcomed addition to the Rhode Island dining scene.

In addition to lunch, Eli’s serves dinner and Sunday brunch.


searching for great ginger ale

I particularly like Fever Tree ginger ale, a dry not-too-sweet product made in the United Kingdom. It is made with cane sugar. Their ginger beer is quite good also. Some Whole Foods carry them.

PVD/RI * July '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

FjmArch, A big thank-you for continuing PVD/RI. I love the dining scene here in Rhode Island and find this site so very helpful.

Garris, and a big thank-you to you, too, for keeping PVD/RI going the past years. Best of luck in Boston. It’s a great city.

Cheap eats in upper cape

Spent a few days on the Cape. Stopped at Sweet Escapes Ice Cream on Route 6 in Truro. The ice cream was excellent with several sizes and lots of fun flavors to choose from. I was the most adventurous with a delicious scoop of salted caramel. Tried a chocolate chip cookie from the attached bakery. Must say it was scrumptious. The delectable cookie dough was studded with chunks of dark chocolate. Would have liked to try a piece of three-berry pie and a pizza. Next time.

Went to Sesuit Café off Route 6A in Dennis for lunch. Not cheap but we wanted a good lobster roll and outdoor seating. The hot dog roll was packed with large chunks of claw meat lightly dressed with mayonnaise accompanied by tasty French fries and very fresh coleslaw. $18.00 seemed reasonable for such a treat. It was fun to sit at the picnic tables and look out at the boats moored in the harbor.

Pie in RI

Le Favorite Bakery, my favorite in Rhodes Island, makes excellent pastries and bread.

Pies come in traditional size and mini.

It is located just off Warwick Avenue in the Governor Francis section of Warwick. More middle Rhode Island but closer than South County.


Canton Area lunch options (where I-95 and I-93 meet)

Several places come to mind. None is fine dining but I have enjoyed meeting friends for a bite to eat and a chat.

Centre Deli is about a quarter of a mile from Legacy Place. They make a good sandwich and have a full bar. The comfortable dining area has more of a restaurant feel to it than a deli. http://www.thedeliafterdark.com

The Spring Street Café is a few miles from Legacy Place. 320 Spring Street, intersection of Providence Highway, Spring Street, and VFW Parkway. It, too, is comfortable and casual with a decent eclectic menu and a full bar. I think it closes between lunch and dinner. Same owners as the Baker Baker bakery.

There is also the Chateau on Route 1 in Norwood. It is a large restaurant, part of a small family chain. It is not a foodie destination but it would suit your need for a lunch place to meet and chat.

Splurge Anniversary Weekend

Newport, Rhode Island, has a wide range of accommodations from motels to hotels to inns; from minimal to luxury. http://www.discovernewport.org

The Chanler in Newport is one such luxury inn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It offers dining at its Spiced Pear restaurant and sumptuous rooms, some with their own verandas and entrances.


The Castle Hill Inn is another luxury inn, on Narragansett Bay, that combines fine dining with beautifully appointed rooms.


According to both websites there are a only few dates that require a minimum two-day stay.

Another option would be to stay at a less luxurious hotel and dine at either inn.

Or, simply cocktails on the lawn of Castle Hill at sunset
overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is a divine experience.


Happy Anniversary!

Breakfast Sausage - RI

PV Farm Stand of North Scituate, Rhode Island, sells its own “all natural grass and grained fed meat products”: beef, pork, boar, lamb, goat, rabbit, chickens and turkeys.

There are several sausages available including a pork breakfast sausage and a boar breakfast sausage. I particularly like the very tasty boar products.

Farmer Frank Martinelli is a vendor at several RI farmers’ markets: Pawtuxet Farmers’ Market at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet in Cranston, Amory Market in Providence, and Fishermen’s Memorial.


On the prowl for saltenas

Sure enough! Los Andes, a terrific Providence restaurant that specializes in Bolivian and Peruvian cuisine, lists saltena among its appetizers.

The restaurant is located in the Elmhurst section of Providence not far from Providence College and Rhode Island College. It is lively without being too loud; it is welcoming; and the menu is eclectic Latin American. And it is very popular.