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San Fransisco 3 Day Tasting Trip

Thanks for the response Dustin. I should have been more specific and said that the last day of the trip is a Sunday so that definitely limits our choices for dinner.

I'm curious; what was it specifically about Sons and Daughters that you disliked so much? I don't really expect it too be on par with Atelier Crenn or Saison, but I've read alot of blogs that seem to make it sound like a pretty solid tasting menu.

I also am a fan of the food marathons and my girlfriend has similar reactions after a while. We have a rule that has worked well for me. If you don't make the reservations, do the research, or pay for dinner; no complaining allowed,

San Fransisco 3 Day Tasting Trip

Hi everyone,

I am traveling to San Fransisco with my girlfriend in May and have reservations for dinner at Atelier Crenn, Saison, and Sons & Daughters for 3 nights. I am wondering what is everyone's opinion on eating tasting menus night after night? Are there other restaraunts y'all would suggest? Are they different enough so they won't just start to seem inseparable?

Best Restaraunt to Visit in Boston (Price doesn't Matter)

I am going to Boston in August and have been trying to find what restaurant to visit with my girlfriend. I am looking for a high end tasting menu. I am very adventurous and would like to visit somewhere that really sticks out and not a place you can find anywhere.

I am strongly considering Minton or L'Espalier (or both). Any thoughts or advice for a southerner heading to Boston?

Mar 31, 2013
mthill89 in Greater Boston Area

Saison and Coi for a Vegetarian (Almost)

I am going to San Fransisco in March with my girlfriend for our 3 year Anniversary and have reservations for Saison and Coi. I made these very early to be sure to get them. I am quite the foodie (snob) but my girlfriend is not. She eats extremely healthy and is getting better about trying new food but is almost entirely a vegetarian (she might try meat one or twice a week with me).

I started to reconsider taking her to these two restaurants after I realized how much of both menus are seafood.

My question is; should I just completely change our dinner plans. I am not against spending the money assuming she would enjoy the majority of the meals. Is there any other restaurant anyone likes that both of us would enjoy?