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Aussie foodies in NY

Thanks Kathryn,
We would prefer dinner to be close to theatre as possible as I'm sure we will all be quite hungry. Date is 28th May so I still have time to book early. Is Empellon quite easy to get to from Times Square area? Or are there any other good Mexican places close by?

Apr 26, 2013
TashyNomNom in Manhattan

Aussie foodies in NY

Would appreciate some suggestions for after theatre dinner, 9.45pm as Danji do not have availability at that time. Preferably not Italian, American or Spanish as we are having these on other days.
Thinking of going Danji before Yankee game as only one train to restaurant and another to stadium. In your opinions, will this work?

Apr 26, 2013
TashyNomNom in Manhattan

Aussie foodies in NY

Hi, Thank you all for your feedback.

our group has now grown to 8 people, making it very difficult to try and find quality restaurants that have space and take reservations.

Here is what I have come up with so far - provided I can get bookings! Any feedback or suggestions welcome.

Friday - Arrive in NYC late, maybe dinner at Tertulia or Osteria Morini

Saturday - Breakfast in Sohi, new york tour, group dinner @ The Dutch

Sunday - Belthezar brunch, Shopping department stores, lunch at a food card along the way or Shake Shack, Dinner with friends (Their decision)

Monday - Locanda Verde Breakfast, More shopping, Madison Av, Lunch @ Ippodu, Century 21, Couple Dinner @ Gramercy Tavern

Tuesday - Quick pastry breakfast, MoMA, Bar room @ Modern, Rockerfeller for snacks after, Central Park walk, Broadway shows, Group dinner after show @ Danji

Wednesday - Lower east food tour, Early Group dinner @ Empellon Taqueria, Yankee Game

Thursday - The mercer kitchen breakfast, Brooklyn bridge, park slope, Juliana's Pizza, Stratten Island cruise, Couple dinner @ the Nomad

Friday - Breakfast @ the cupping room, free time before we leave.

Apr 26, 2013
TashyNomNom in Manhattan

Aussie foodies in NY

Thank you Kathryn for some great suggestions. I have had a look through everything, and added some to the list. In regards to your questions, I believe we would like to keep the majority of our dinners under $150pp, inc tax & tips. Drinks above that is fine. We would probably be happy to splurge on one more expensive meal within reason. Lunches and breakfasts can be quick, easy and cheap.

Jeff, you are absolutely correct. We are adventurous, and would like to particularly try cuisines that we don't see much of around here. However, we'd never say no to a good Italian meal!

I am working on a schedule for the week, and would like to fit the meals within that, based on the area we are exploring. Breakfasts all need to be in or very close to SoHo as that's where our hotel is. Also happy to return back to hotel to freshen up prior to dinners.

Here is a rough schedule as it stands. I am still trying to get the hang of the areas and what's close to what etc, so feel free to correct me if none something doesn't makes sense.

Saturday - MoMa, Lunch?, Central Park for coffee and walk, black to hotel, Dinner

Sunday - Real New York Tour finishing near 9/11 Memorial (Lunch Inc), Century 21 shopping, Back to hotel, Dinner?

Monday - Nothing planned as yet, lunch, Woodbury Common, Dinner

Tuesday - Liberty Island, Lunch, Brooklyn Bridge, Park Slope, Dinner

Wednesday - RGR Food tour, Highline, Dinner close to Yankee stadium, Baseball game @ Stadium

Thursday - Grand Central, Oyster Bar, Shopping Maddison, Empire State, Dinner

Here are some of the restaurants I've been looking at, will appreciate your opinions:

Per Se
Gramercy Tavern
L'artusi or Eataly
Habana Restaurant
La Esquina
Casa Mono
Pearl & Ash
Mission Chinese
Pok Pok

Shake shack
Katz Deli
Burger Joint (Le Parker Meridian Hotel on 119W 57th st)
Russ & Daughters - begals

Breakfasts in Soho
Locanda Verde
Jack's Wife Freda.
12 Chairs Cafe

Levain bakery
Magnolia Bakery
Doughnut plant

Food carts
Biryani Cart, 46th Street & Sixth Avenue
Dosa Man, Washington Square South and Sullivan Street
The Best Halal, 53rd Street and 6th Avenue
Jamaican Dutchy, 51st Street & 7th Avenue

Apologies for the long post! Any advice would be appreciated. TIA

Apr 02, 2013
TashyNomNom in Manhattan

Aussie foodies in NY

I am travelling to NY in May with 5 others, and looking to get some recommendations for must do eateries in the city. We are staying 7 nights and want to experience the best that New York has to offer.
I'm looking for a mix of fine dining restaurants, gastro pubs, iconic NY food carts or stalls, breakfast and quick lunch suggestions. I will be happy to make bookings in advance, so hit me with the hard to get into places.
In terms of cuisines, we are not fussy, as long as its very tasty and fresh. There is one vegetarian in the group.
Thanks in advance!

Mar 29, 2013
TashyNomNom in Manhattan