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Cheap dinners for picky eater?

My husband is a picky eater...meat and potatoes kind of guy. I need meal ideas to please him and sort of change things up a bit. He is not very fancy and therefore anything with wine or those fancy oils doesn't mean anything to him or really me either. Here is a list of things that the meal ideas cannot have in them. He will not eat it. :(
1. Sour cream...makes him physically ill, lol.
2. Seafood...he simply will not eat it.
3. Mayo...same result as sour cream
4. Cream cheese...see above, lol.
5. casseroles...I've gotten him to try them, but he doesn't like his food mixed together.

Those are things that he really doesn't like. He does like mexican food and some chinese food. He also likes "southern food" and he really likes gumbo and jambalaya.

I'm looking for basically anything that I can make that won't cost a fortune. I placed us on a budget of $120 every two weeks for food.

Also...please don't suggest spaghetti. I despise spaghetti because thats all my mom wanted to make when I was a kid. :)

Thanks! Any and ALL help will be appreciated so much.

Mar 29, 2013
TulsaWife in General Topics

Did Your Mom Repeatedly Cook a Dish You Despised?

My mother used to make Sausage and Potatoes quite frequently for dinner. It really didn't taste bad, but having it so often made me feel like I would be ill.
Occasionally I would have ramen noodles instead of eat sausage and potatoes. I think what really did it for me was when she smothered it in ketchup. I didn't eat mine that way, but the visual of her doing that stuck in my head. I like ketchup, but probably not as much as normal people, lol.

Funny thing that I am married I make sausage and potatoes sometimes. I just don't cook it once a week, lol.

Mar 29, 2013
TulsaWife in General Topics

Do you trust someone else to grocery shop for you?

I trust my husband to go to the store, but only with a list, lol.

We actually had this convo the other day. I asked him what he would buy at the grocery store if he were making meals for one week. He replied with a ton of things that sounded really good, but also a few disgusting ones. I usually make him whatever he wants...hes a meat and potatoes kinda guy, so its sort of hard to break out of that shell and try new things.
But...yes...I trust him WITH a grocery list. :) He might come back with several additional bags of crackers and spray cheese though. o.O

Mar 29, 2013
TulsaWife in General Topics

What is your "go to" meal when there is too much month left at the end of the paycheque - past or present

Nobody laugh, but my go-to meal when we are broke is macaroni and cheese with sliced hot dogs mixed in.

My husband and I both ate this when we were kids (I think a lot of people did, lol) and we still like it. It probably isn't the healthiest thing, but when we are really broke we tend to have that.

I also like to make homemade chicken noodle soup. This costs around $5 for the entire thing and last 2-3 days. Delicious. :)

Mar 29, 2013
TulsaWife in General Topics

What food always catches your eye but that you (almost) never buy?

Foods that catch my eye...there are quite a few! I don't spend money on sweets...well...I lied. :) I buy ingredients to bake a cake, cookies, brownies, or pie once per month. We aren't big sweet eaters around least my husband isn't. Since he isn't I realize that leaving a whole cake around my house will likely result in me eating most of it by myself, lol! So to reduce that risk I basically don't buy it.

I always want oreos though. They are delicious and you can make so many things with them. I never buy them though and I think the last time I did was about 4 months ago.

Something else that always catches my eye would be the really expensive cuts of steak. I am a very good cook (my husband gained 30lbs in about 5 months after I started cooking for him, lol) but I don't believe that I can cook steak like my Dad or husband does. It is tempting though! I just don't want to spend $30 on two really good steaks and then mess them up and make them taste like $3 steaks, lol!

Mar 29, 2013
TulsaWife in General Topics

How much do you spend on groceries each month?

I do grocery shopping for only my husband and I. We have no children as of yet, so we don't have to spend a lot on groceries for the two of us. He is the only one working and makes decent money, but I try to stick to a budget more often than not. I feel that when I stick to a budget and get good deals then I am doing my job. :)

We shop for groceries every two weeks and we spend between $100-$150, so that adds up to around $200-$300 per month.
I like the challenge of sticking to a budget. I grew up not really having to worry about money or budgeting, so after I got married I had no clue what to do. My mother offered advice because when she first married my dad they were in the same boat. My husband didn't make the sort of money that he does now, so it was harder. We used to spend about $60 at the grocery store every two weeks.

We buy the staples and I look for sales and have even started clipping coupons. I've recently gotten coupons for free products in the mail that we use frequently which will save a good amount on our bill.

We usually buy chicken, ground beef, pork chops or pork roast, bacon, potatoes, eggs, milk, pasta, and fresh veggies and fruits. We also buy the necessities like laundry soap and personal items like shampoo and such.

I see all of these people spending about $800 on their families and I see potential for saving so much more while still being able to eat healthy and provide meals and snacks that their families would love. :)

I am not such a fancy cook, but I do know my way around the kitchen. I can thank being from the south for that! :)

Mar 29, 2013
TulsaWife in General Topics