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Restaurant Recommendations Midtown West

Need to reserve dinner for 4 in midtown west area. Looking for something cozy and memorable. Food is the first priority and can be ethnic but doesn't have to be.

Also looking for a special place to meet for drinks first.

We are staying at Le Parker Meridian on 57th

Mar 18, 2015
Kathyfitz1 in Manhattan

Best Fun (and good!) Mexican restaurant near San Diego Convention Center?

Hi, we are a NY co. coming to San Diego for convention. We want to take a few customers out to dinner at a good mexican place near the convention center. We are looking for a fun, lively, atmosphere, and great authentic food.

I was to Olde Town once a few years back and thought it was crowded and too touristy. Would that still be the case? And too far from convention center?

Mar 28, 2013
Kathyfitz1 in San Diego