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Solo Traveler 5 nights

Thanks for the info.

I was able to get a reservation at Komi and Rasika.

Solo Traveler 5 nights

I will be in DC for 5 nights in Mid July and would like some suggestions for dinners. For the first 3 nights Monday-Wednesday I will be at the Ritz Pentagon City and for the other 2 nights I will be at the Ritz on 22nd.

I have reservations at Makoto on Tuesday night and will likely take a cab but the other nights I would like to walk or take the Metro and have travel time be 30 min or less each way.

I don't really have a budget and have already eaten at Minibar so I don't have to go back there.


Saturday early dinner with kids

Any suggestions on where to eat an early meal this Saturday with a 9 month old and a 3 year old? We are staying at the Roosevelt and would prefer to walk vs driving in our car. However, we would drive if needed.

Luke, Domenica, and the Fountain Lounge are out because we have already eaten there and would like to try something new.

Oct 08, 2014
3StarsFoodie in New Orleans

Dim Sum Near LAX

If there is nothing near then, what about closest to LAX heading south?

May 11, 2014
3StarsFoodie in Los Angeles Area

Dim Sum Near LAX

Any suggestions for Dim Sum near LAX that will be open for lunch on Fridays? If not for lunch then Friday night?

Also, are these places order off the menu or do they roll the carts around? I like the cart service better.


May 11, 2014
3StarsFoodie in Los Angeles Area

Suggestions for day in LA with 3 year old

We will be traveling from Disneyland to a hotel near LAX on a Friday in May. Does anyone have any suggestions for nice places to eat with a three year old for lunch and dinner. Also, suggestions about things to do between lunch and dinner with a 3 year old in those areas are welcome.

One of the places that we were thinking about was Spago for lunch. My wife and I ate there for dinner about 6 years ago and really enjoyed it. However, we are open to suggestions.

Also, any nice place that is in or near a high end mall would be a plus.

Apr 18, 2014
3StarsFoodie in Los Angeles Area

Foodies First Trip to NOLA

If I were you I would go to Dragos for the oysters then go somewhere else later that night for dinner.

Feb 04, 2014
3StarsFoodie in New Orleans

Galatoires - dinner Ash Wednesday

The last three times that we had reservations for upstairs we were seated downstairs. As hazelhurst stated, waiting next door at the bar for a table to open downstairs might be an option as well.

Feb 04, 2014
3StarsFoodie in New Orleans

Saturday lunch for 3 year old and Dad

I will be in NOLA for the day on Saturday Feb 15th. I plan on taking my daughter to the Zoo (or aquarium if the weather is bad) in the morning and then out to lunch at about 12:30.

Where would you recommend going were a dad can get a good meal and a child would not be out of place if she was not on her best behavior?

I would like something with easy parking and not in the French Quarter (i.e. uptown/garden district area). We have reservations for lunch later in the month at Commander's and Galatoire's so these are off the list.

Feb 04, 2014
3StarsFoodie in New Orleans

Need to cut a meal. What would you skip?

We have an early reservation at Per Se 5:30

Jun 11, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

Need to cut a meal. What would you skip?

It looks like I overlooked my wife's desire to go to a show on our upcoming trip. I think that we may need to cut a meal to make it work. What would you cut and why?

Thu: Lunch - Le Bernardin; Dinner - Four Seasons
Fri: Lunch - Ko (me) JoJo (wife); Dinner - Babbo
Sat: Lunch - Bouley; Dinner - Kappo at Ma Peche
Sun: Lunch - Jean Georges; Dinner - Per Se

FYI: We will not be skipping Per Se

Jun 11, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

Per Se Gift Experience Card

Has anyone used this card?

Jun 11, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

0 for 2 for Per Se reservations with 1 day left

Despite having Amex concierge and my wife trying, I have not been able to secure reservations for dinner at Per Se. Tomorrow is the last chance for the dates that we will be able to go. Not all is lost. My wife was able to get lunch reservations. My preference was dinner however.

Any comments on the difference between lunch and dinner?

Also, below is a listing of my reservations. Any suggestions for changes?

Day Lunch Dinner
Thu Le Bernardin Junoon
Fri Per Se Babbo
Sat Bouley Anissa
Sun (Jean Georges) Picholine

I have not reserved Jean Georges yet but should be able to do this tomorrow.

I am also going to try and book lunch at Ko on Sat or Sun and if successful, I will change lunch at Bouley to dinner and cancel Anissa or Picholine. I am also looking at kappa at ma peche for dinner one night as well. Too many choices and too few days!

May 22, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

The Single Most Overrated Dish

My thoughts exactly!

May 14, 2013
3StarsFoodie in General Topics

Per Se Questions

Well after the first post I called Amex and gave them the info for the dates I wanted. I gave them 3 dates F-S for lunch or dinne, but dinner prefered. They said that they have a good relationship with Per Se (whatever that means).

Should I also call to increase my odds?

May 06, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

Per Se Questions

My wife and I are coming to NYC in June. My wife gave me dinner at Per Se for my birthday and my mother has offered to pay for the wine paring.

I don't see the price for the wine paring listed on their web site. Does anyone have any information about this?

Any strategies for getting a reservation? Lunch or dinner easier? (I have several phones and staff in my office that could be used to call at a specific time if needed.)

Instead of a full dinner there, I have been tempted to go to the salon at opening and share a few dishes with my wife. Then we would wait several hours and have a late dinner somewhere else. Any comments on this idea? What time does the salon open and is it open for lunch?

Lastly, the menu says "service included" does this include tax and tip or just the tip? When dining in France at service included restaurants I always leave a little extra especially if the service was good.

Thanks in advance!

May 02, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

Suggestions for upcoming trip

As far as budget goes, $300 pp for dinner and about 1/2 that for lunch.

Yes, we would like to eat 8 great meals while we are there.

My wife loved the service and surroundings at JG. I loved the variation and unique dishes at Ko. My wife was not a fan of dinner at Ko so on our next trip she went shopping and I went to Ko solo (she spent $475 shopping and I spent $330 at Ko :)

My wife loves foie gras terrine/tourchon and she has already asked me several times if it was going to be available at any of the restaurants that we visit. I like new and different spins on classic dishes. My favorite classic style is French. My wife tries to avoid things that are raw or "under cooked".

As far a foie gras goes, are there any shops that you can recommend where you can buy prepared foie gras? When we visited Paris we purchased some foie gras in a glass jar and some bread and enjoyed it on a bench with some wine as we were people watching.

Mar 26, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan

Suggestions for upcoming trip

My wife and I will be coming to Manhattan in June. Our flight will be landing at 10:30am on Thursday and we will be there for 4 nights (4 lunches and 4 dinners).

Any suggestions for lunch and dinner for the 4 days? Also, we would consider going out for a special breakfast.

We have eaten at the following places:
Daniel (dinner)
Momofuku KO (lunch and dinner) would like to eat lunch here again
Jean Georges (lunch) ?lunch again
Cafe Boulud (dinner)
Maze (lunch)
Convivio and Alto (RIP)
The Modern (lunch)
Gilt (dinner)
Aureole (dinner)

Other than Jean Georges and Ko we would like to try some new places.

I have looked at the following:
Per Se (lunch or dinner)
Le Bernardin
Gordon Ramsay
11 Madison Park
4 Seasons

I have also inquired about eating a the chef's table at Gordon Ramsay. I was quoted $300 per person plus wine... Any thoughts about this?

Mar 26, 2013
3StarsFoodie in Manhattan