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Any hidden gems for culinary gardening?

Second on Mahoney's -- we went about 3 weeks ago and got sorrel, purple basil and lemon balm.

graduation dinner for 11, close to Red Line

In Davis Square, maybe Foundry or Saloon?

In Central/Kendall Square, maybe Cuchi Cuchi or Area 4?

Pierre Ferrand Dry CuraƧao??

I bought a bottle at Magnolia a few months ago. Delicious stuff!

Visiting Boston for first time-would love some Foodie help

Agree with the Gran Gusto recommendation, though I would also consider Posto in Davis Square -- fantastic pizza and pastas.

For bakeries, you might also want to check out Hi-Rise in Cambridge (the original location on Huron Ave; there's also a location on Mass Ave which is more of a coffee shop). They have fantastic breads, cookies, and sandwiches.

Is there anyplace nearly as good as Wilson Farms further North??

I think it depends on when you go -- in winter, most of their produce is from far away, but in later spring, summer & fall much of what they have is their own produce, for decent prices (their prepared food does get expensive). It's also a fun "experience" if you can get there when it's not too crowded -- especially in the fall, when they have some of the best pumpkin / gourd displays around, and delicious fresh cider donuts.

Lamb Sandwiches

Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Sq has two lamb sandwiches: a cold lamb in a pita wrap and a hot lamb on panini. The pita is pretty good but the hot lamb sandwich is fantastic.

Ramps 2013

They were at Russo's over the weekend at about $20/lb. I've also seen them at Formaggio recently.

Where to find chickpea flour?

I have bought it at Christina's in Inman Square before.