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Big family trip to Lahaina, Maui

My two cents,

Re: the luau. I have been to the Old Lahaina Luau (OLL) several times and the Feast of Lele(FL) once. I thought the show for the OLL was better as it involves more dancers and a larger space but the food at the FL was better. However, I enjoyed the food at OLL for what it was. Either way, I think the multi-generational family you are bringing will enjoy it. My wife and I brought our parents(60s), sibling (40s) and nieces (teens) a few years back and they loved it. Yes, it is expensive but if it is in your budget I would recommend going

Some of my favorite experiences (as others have also pointed out),

Hula Grill Barefoot bar, reasonable for Maui, feet in the sand, food is not bad for a chain, and around 2-6pm usually there is a musician playing hawaiian/folk songs which adds a nice ambiance

Mamas Fish House, probably the most expensive place we eat on the island but we have never had a bad meal. It is 45-55 min from where you are staying but so worth it for the food and the atmosphere

I like the food at Roy's quite a bit but haven't visited since they changed locations. It might fit the bill for your smaller dinner

For sushi, Koiso is really good but I doubt you could get a reservation for a party of 9 and it is far from Lahaina. I know a lot of people talk down about Sansei in Kappalua and while it is not in the same league as Koiso, they usually have a couple of specials for nigiri each night from local fish and it is fairly close to you.

I like Star Noodle but the hype generated by Top Chef may leave you disappointed. If you eat at an off peak time you might get a large party to eat at the communal table but i don't know

Also far but worth it for lunch or dinner on the way back from Hana is Flatbread Co. Really good pizzas with organic ingredients and salads when you want a change of pace from island food

I really like Lahaina Grill and Amasia but not must do's in my opinion and Amasia is quite far

Mar 24, 2013
65roller in Hawaii