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anyone try the cherry Dr. Pepper or Root Beer or Coke glaze for baked ham?

I've used Cheerwine with great success.

I know Cheerwine is a regional (NC area) but flavor profile fits the Dr Pepper Cherry family. We Used it more as a basting liquid than a glaze. The ham was very juicy and flavorful. It tempered the saltiness of the ham with out being overpoweringly sweet. Guests typically clean the bone and ask how it's prepared, so it also gives that unexpected twist to those used to clove and pineapple or cherry covered hams.

Good luck and please let us know your results. Happy Easter!

Apr 20, 2014
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

super budget meals

Chicken stock, can of beans (or dried beans), half cup of pasta (orzo, tiny shells, mini elbows etc), block of frozen spinach, quarter can of diced tomaotes. Add desired spices-thyme or a piece of bay leaf or basil. Squeeze of lemon juice and touch of salt to finish. I buy froz spinach when on sale and with coupons so can get it for 25-50 cents. Same with beans (prefer navy or cannelloni) -25cents/can. Tomatoes 50cents or use fresh if available in garden or on close out (produce scratch & dent section). Pasta, stock, seasonings, if no stock then bouillion (sp), salt, pepper, lemon are all staples.

Change spinach to any seasonal green when available by garden or cost availability. Add sausage when it's in your freezer ( italian sausage, tho I've been known to throw in andouille or kielbasa in a crunch).

Apr 14, 2014
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking


To sauté food you need a fat. Olive oil happens to be a healthier choice than others at the temperature needed for sautéing. At higher temperatures (deep frying for example) the cost of that much olive oil plus the loss of flavor/possible health risks of bringing the oil temp past 400 (deg F) is not worth it. A higher smoke point oil should be used then, and for the quantity needed to deep fry, a cheaper oil as well.

You could use butter in most places where EVOO is used, but your waist and arteries would feel the toll after a while. It is also not very vegetarian/vegan friendly. You could also use corn oil, or grapeseed oil if those are more affordable. Pay attention to what the end product is though. For example, if I am sautéing onions and garlic as the base for a tomato sauce (like for pasta) that will be simmered for hours, the type of oil I use is negligible because by the end you won't taste it. If I am sautéing garlic and shrimp for 3 minutes to be served over pasta or a crostini, I will taste the oil and using a good EVOO that has a taste is very important. A bland corn oil would not be positive. In another scenario, for things like vinaigrettes, I prefer a neutral oil like corn oil because the olive oil can have too much of its own flavor and that can fight with the flavor profile of what I'm making.

I left margarine out on purpose. The water content in margarine will often mess up a sauté, it is far better to use a vegetable oil to sauté than a hydrogenated fat like substance made from vegetable oil.

Another reason is that many TV cooks are preparing Western European based foods, which have flavor profiles that are accented by olive oils - Spanish, French, Italian and Greek influenced foods. I would be hard pressed to use olive oils to prepare Japanese, Chinese or Indian food.

Pioneer Woman

Urban as in lives in a metropolitan area with high population density or urban as in another way of saying black/non Caucasian.

At one point in time, a large portion of the western world also thought the world was flat. Map makers were able to get very rich and have successful businesses because the maps were only "yay" big, so costs were low to make them. I prefer to not watch people pander bad shticks to make a buck.

I am not suggesting she change her outlook, her way of doing things or her bad shtick. What I do think is that she should be aware that she alienates folks. She could be all about her husband without making it seem like she has to worship the ground he walks on or she will be beaten or left outside to sleep in the barn. I'm pretty sure when you make things without goat cheese, butternut squash or green beans, you do it out of love and if some one was in your kitchen and said "Hey Julez, why no chevre today?" you would probably say "Just 'cuz" or "Hubby doesn't do goat cheese" not "Hubby's job is to do the work and I just stay in the kitchen like a good lil woman is supposed to"

The same way, if someone asked me how to make fried rice, I wouldn't have a wildly inappropriate story filled with racial stereotypes before giving up a mediocre recipe. I could just give up the recipe. I could make up a story and give up the recipe. I could give a racially APPROPRIATE story and give the recipe. See there's a buncha ways to handle it without marginalizing a race of people.

Pioneer Woman

My disdain for PW is based off her writings and her words. I've provided examples of each behavior I've perceived and explained why I perceive it as a negative.

I have not stereotyped her, clumped her in with others or supported the rants of others.

At this point, it can be summed up as "po-ta-tow" vs "pa-ta-toe"

You don't seem to see this, which is fine, but why nitpick my thoughts on it? I'm pretty sure I began my post with I wish her success I just wish she had some more sense.

Pioneer Woman

*sigh*. No, the action does not remove gender equality. Regardless of the gender of your spouse you should go out of your way for them. We all do. Like I mentioned before, lots of other FN personalities do this as well. Ree adds a dimension to hers that is unpleasant for me to watch (so I've stopped watching).

Not worked up about it. I'm just putting it out there. A woman in her 30's target audience is your SO's mom... Are you talking geographic or age/income/gender? For population density - geographic pandering won't sustain much. As for age/income/gender, yeah uh don't see that lasting too long either.

So just to make sure I'm not up in arms over this, not particularly bothered by it, but when in this thread it came up for a lack of concrete reasons why there is disdain for this TV personality, I added my 2cents and am defending it.

Pioneer Woman


I change the world one conversation at a time and that is enough for me.

I change the channel when she comes on. I read some more of her blog to see if there was anything redeeming (I didn't find it). I shared and defended my reasons here (a thread about dislike of the PW).

To be honest I didn't think her blog was still active, I did email FN my concerns, I guess that's why the black grandpa comment in the enchilada recipe went from being a broken hyperlink but hyperlink none the less to just text.

My intent is not to change the minds of anyone reading this, it's to bring awareness. We can all indulge in things that aren't good for us, but let's not act like they're healthy.

My use of pronouns is more the universal sense not personal, if that makes any sense.

Pioneer Woman

I think as a society we have banded together to say that there is gender equality (or should be), as well as racial equality. My personal standards wax and wane depending on many different variables. I think that American society has held pretty fast to those two ideals, even if at the end of the day they are just ideals, not always practiced.

Pioneer Woman

When it was just her blog that's fine. You have to seek it out to find it. She should not contain herself for her audience. When she decided she wanted to be on FN, and spread her ideas and thoughts further, that opens her up to more scrutiny. She also puts herself in more homes through FN than her blog did. So sorry if I want people in the public eye to give a damn about what information they chose to disseminate to the world.

I would not like her to change her views but can she do that responsibly?
From your posts here you demonstrate a much higher level of thinking. You have the ability to discern opinion from fact, truth from falsehood, perception from reality. The average person watching her show might not have that same critical thinking skillset. The young girls watching her show take in not only recipes but behaviors.

I also think radio stations need to edit more. Condom is bleeped out of rap songs but derogatory names for females/body parts/slurs are not. Alas that is far down another path.

Suffice to say what we put out in the world is cumulative. Some of us have larger platforms to address the world than others. Those with bigger platforms should be careful of the latent functions of their words/actions/behaviors.

Pioneer Woman

Perhaps because she could have phrased it as "I respect my husbands culture/religion/upbringing and save some dishes for when he's not around". Instead it was phrased as because I'm his wife (property) I must do his bidding. But he's gone so I can go crazy as women are prone to do when their menfolk aren't around to keep them in line."

It's not the alcohol or respect for his wants or dislikes, it's why do you think we need to teach the next generation that bull.

Edit for clarification
I put the alcohol because that example was the best one I had, at other times she has described how dishes were inspiration but because of his dislike of a particular ingredient she had to do it a different way. It's not that you can't acquiesce to the wants of your spouse, it's really the way she does it. Ina talks of Geoffrey as a partner, Giada talks of her husband, heck Rachel Ray makes 15 recipes off one variation set because of having to change bc of her family's wants/dislikes. They all do it without being 1950's a woman's place is in the kitchen.

Pioneer Woman

On my phone but will check out those links.

I only knew of this woman from food network. So when I googled chicken enchiladas to find out a recipe and it's the top link I click it. (This is 2 months ago btw). So in the recipe for enchiladas talks about the black grandpa and had it hyperlinked. Curious I googled "pioneer woman black grandpa" and came across the article. So she can delete hyperlinks but not add an "revised" or "update" at the top of the page to talk about her views now or clarify?

The age of the articles are of no importance when it comes to google. Opposite to what might be thought I don't troll around to pick reasons to not like people. I googled she was #1 which shows some search engine optimization knowledge is being used. If when I googled "black grandpa" I had come across her original blog with something to the effect of "hey guys, having had the benefit of traveling the country, meeting new people or a genuine curiosity in to soul food as I researched for my cookbooks, I've realized how crazy this post can be out of context. Add some smoothing language talking about our non post racial society and how while she thought this at one point she is now glad to know there is so much more to being black than soul food, gospel and wearing certain clothes. Just like there's more to being white than bland food, aloof appearances and country music (tee hee). Hell add in an "and I will use this when having dialogue with my kids because if I had this misconceptions I want it to end with me "

Had I found something like that, I would hold her in greater esteem. I am also of the camp that what Paula deen said didn't shock or destroy me, but her inability to hire a team that would have stopped her from being her, so to speak, made me wonder what was really wrong with her.

Edited because of my phone

Pioneer Woman

I agree. While I had thought her schtick was gaudy but not for me or my cooking style, the constant man vs woman thing irked me, the racial issues just put me over the edge. I can take one or the other why both? Why either really.

Pioneer Woman

At some point on this thread it has been asked why the criticism of Ree...
I applaud her entrepreneurial endeavors and wish her luck. I just wish her team would help her rid of the misogyny and racist tones. As a woman and person of color, from watching her show where she can only prepare certain foods when her husband is away because he doesn't approve (alcohol). One day while looking for a baked enchilada recipe her recipe not only talks of her real Mexican uncle unlike her imaginary black grandpa.

Because people of color can only be known for gospel, soul food and we can't have babysitters or wear IZod. Now I have no doubt that she felt that way as a child but really... As an educated adult why put that on your blog as you want to go national. There was probably a better way to have described that experience without complete disregard for the heritage of others.

Edit phone cut off
Because as women we can only cook what our husbands allow. No, there's no such thing as parity or spousal equality. He says no she can only "sneak it" while he's gone.

Cream of Spinach from Almontaser (sic) or Yemen style

Thank you for posting this recipe. The dish had a yellow tint and a very distinct flavor profile, do you happen to know if there was any variations to the dish? I've experimented with curry, turmeric and annato to try to replicate the coloring but the flavor is never quite right.

Thanks again for posting.

Jan 04, 2014
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

Cream of Spinach from Almontaser (sic) or Yemen style

We ate there weekly for quite some time. If you are not able to give the recipe can you give an idea of the spices (not measurements) to get me a bit closer?

Jan 04, 2014
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

Cream of Spinach from Almontaser (sic) or Yemen style

I loved this restaurant in the Cobble Hill area, Brooklyn for many years. It's been closed since the 90's but I still crave their creamed spinach. It was a Yemen restaurant. I plead ignorance to the proper conjugation to turn it into a word to describe the people of Yemen descent (-i, -ese, -ian, etc).

It's more than just a bit of lemon and some nutmeg/cumin. Anyone with experience with Yemen food or this restaurant, your input is greatly appreciated.


Jan 02, 2014
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

What to do with a box of “cooked” vanilla pudding

Would you please share that cinnamon roll recipe? It sounds delicious.

Dec 10, 2013
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

Baked Goods as Gifts For Teachers, Etc.

I didn't scroll to read all responses, please excuse me if I'm echoing any other sentiments already expressed. I felt comfortable posting this how far down I did read. what I've done for teachers and adults in my kids lives who I feel deserve *something* are adult goodie bags. Typically individually wrapped candies. Lindt truffles, ghiradelli squares, almond roca & those choclate hazelnut balls (gold wrapper the name is escaping me right now). Chocolate espresso beans too if I can find the individual tubes. Looks nice when assembled and is identifiable as not home made and these brands are also "known"

To the teachers I know really well a few airline sizes bottles that when mixed will make a good drink or will be a tasty shot on its own.

To those I don't, an ornament or knickknack in place of alcohol.

The hard debate over nutrition standards for food stamp benefits

No, my argument is that if we are going to become a Nanny state and dictate whats healthy or how people can spend foodstamps because of the justification of its our tax dollars, then fuck it lets go balls deep and do it. Lets not half ass and stop with the tired, hungry and poor, lets hit every population that ends up being a fiscal burden. So logically that was the gun industry. It just grinds my gears everytime someone with a gun decides to shoot innocent people. Don't they understand as a taxpayer I'm footing the bill for those emergency medical costs, I'm paying overtime for those first responders, that's network news coverage diverted that's interrupting my 5pm news intake. The nerve of those people. <sarcasm/>

I think as a society when we begin to deprive rights from others we need to have a damn good reason. So my rights are just as equal as your rights sir. Now lets be very clear, I own guns and I don't receive foodstamps. I pray that my financial situation maintains so I don't have to worry about this being a personal right. However as an American citizen who has been deprived of my rights arbitrarily in other social aspects, I will wholeheartedly support protecting those who are usually not in a position to defend themselves.

The hard debate over nutrition standards for food stamp benefits

Also, think less Foodlion/pathmark/publix/aldi. Think more mom & pop grocery attached to a gas station. Or cornerstore/bodega when thinking about where this "fraud" is happening where the store is an active participant.

The hard debate over nutrition standards for food stamp benefits

Yes, it is illegal for someone to "buy" use of the EBT card as well as to "sell" use of the card.

Grocery store fraud happens in a few different ways. The nefarious route is when the store owner scans items but they don't leave the store and give cash or tobacco/alcohol in its place. Typically this is not a $1:$1 more $3food : $1 other.

Other stores will do more the same practice but instead of cash it's toiletries, soap, toilet paper, diapers, laundry detergent, tampons/pads. That is also usually a more favorable exchange rate of 1.5-2$ ebt : $1 toiletry.

Pregnant and Miserable

Sleep! You need it. You are growing a person. It's hard work.

Pregnant and Miserable

My baby is 6 months and she gave me horrible nausea. Smells would drive me crazy. I feel your pain.

Ginger was helpful. I'd make ginger tea by slicing it and putting a few in hot water with sugar to taste. There is ginger gum near the sea bands at CVS or Walgreens. Tj maxx usually has choc covered ginger and Asian markets for crystallized ginger.

Mashed potatoes. Instant can be made with no smell and quickly. When no one else is around.

Plain toast. Rice with a small pat of butter and salt. The lean cuisines top chef steamer ones were also edible. Just don't eat more than 2/day (the salt).

Clementines/oranges. Cold and peeled.

My mom came to town during a particularly bad spell of it and she made stuff from childhood. It helped - not sure if you have a loved one that could do that for you.

What to Eat When you are Expecting was a great book to give a guide of what you need and ways to get it. It also stressed the fact that when you are sick, don't worry about what you're eating just eat whatever canstay down. So like someone said if its milkshakes - eat that.

Congrats, the time flies, and it does get better.

The hard debate over nutrition standards for food stamp benefits

For many, the convenience factor out weighs nutrition. The majority of families on Food subsidy work. So what can be available for the kids to eat while the parent(s) are gone. Combined with what will kids eat. Could they put on a crockpot of beans /protein and tell the kids to eat it. Absolutely. But lets be honest, how many kids in your lives want to come home to eating beans every night.

At my neighborhood store when it's the first of the month sandwich meat/bread, chef boyardi, cereal, milk, oodles of noodles, Mac & cheese are the first to empty off the shelves. As are ready made drinks along with hamburger helper and ground meat.

It's not always a lack of knowing whats good it's also having the time. Time to shop. Time to plan and prep and execute meals. Plus having the appliances and apparatus to store, cook and clean.

It's cheaper to buy food at Walmart but most people going to this grocery store don't have cars and are walking to this grocery store. Combined with the fact that corporate purchasing is abysmal - whenever meat goes on sale they never have enough. Thanksgiving Turkeys went on sale week the of for $0.47/lb. this store got 10 of them. The one across town that is in the biggest shopping district next to 3 other grocery stores - they had 300. The grocery store in my neighborhood is the only one for about 10 miles in the most populated direction, 15-20 if you go into the country.

People on food stamps are struggling with more than just trying to pick something nutritional.

That being said your idea works for me. If it is applied to everybody equally then fine. It's the picking on one group of people that grinds my gears.

The hard debate over nutrition standards for food stamp benefits

And I'm just going to put this out there - if someone wants to link nutritional value to the health and public good. I will point out that we live in a society that despite there being more shooting related deaths that frighten and scare us, but there's still no universal background check.

So how about this - if we are going to become a Nanny State even more and dictate food choices, lets go ahead and pass those gun laws restricting automatic weapons and making background checks and mental health checks mandatory. Certainly because as a tax payer I pay for the Emts that respond to shootings, those public hospital bills, not to mention the cost of police hours and judges/prosecutors who investigate gun related violence.

It's easy to talk about loss of personal liberty when it's not your own at stake.

Need a tried and true LEMON BAR *small batch* recipe

These are amazing. I hate lemon desserts but a neighbor made these and I got hooked. Now we make a few batches every year. Good luck.

Dec 03, 2013
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

The hard debate over nutrition standards for food stamp benefits

As people start to weigh in on this - have you ever applied for foodstamp benefits?

Have you ever had that fun experience of sitting all day with your bank stubs, copy of your lease or mortgage, birth certificates, utility bills and pay stubs in a crowded, dirty county office waiting for your appointment for a low level beaurucrat to deem you eligible or in eligible for a card to buy food? To be threatened with loss of benefits and jail if the information is incorrect.

It's goddamn humiliating. Do some people do it to live without hard work - absolutely. But the rest are trying to survive.

The majority of recipients are missing hours from work to make sure they recertify for their benefits which happens every 6 months. Or they're elderly. Or serve our fucking country. Or work jobs that we haven't had to work or even worry about.

That person with the cart of soda and chips - guess what - they're probably not going to smack the foie gras out your hand, or the coffee beans picked by elves or that prime, grass fed, organic free range meat out your basket.

See the majority of people getting benefits paid their dues. I'm not going to judge them or their choices because they've already gone through enough. Just as I don't want someone judging my shit because you don't know jack about it.

I have a millionaire aunt who wants to critique my food choices every goddamn time she's at my house. She's gluten free, non GMO, organic macrobiotic. I work my damnest to make sure she has choices to partake when she stays. But the last time she critiqued my pantry I took her to Whole Foods- had her pick out appropriate substitutes for what I had at home and quantities that matched our consumption rates and made a giant shopping list to the tune of $600 for about 2 weeks of food. Then I said to her, since she was so concerned about my family's eating - when can I expect her to send payment for this new lifestyle choice.

I'm still couponing, shopping at Aldi, Harris Teeter and the Asian market.

It's real easy to stand on a pedestal and look down at the choices of others, but when given a chance to do something is it one you are prepared for?

I'm not cooking and planning meals for any one else's household.

I pay my taxes but I can't tell the corn farmer how to work harder or the dairy farmer how to milk his cows or the giant agri conglomerate not to use hormones and pesticides to maximize their profit without giving us all cancer. I trust in that those government checks and balances are working and someone is making sure those corporate subsidies and tax breaks are doing the right thing for our GDP and economy. For the portion of "our tax dollars" that go to food stamps- it's a bit like my aunt, that $100 in the Christmas card is great and I'm ever so appreciative. But it's not enough to give her the right to dictate what or how I buy.
Ill get off my soapbox now. Sorry for the rant.

N. Myrtle Beach and on to Hilton Head in January

Greg Normans was decent. I was gifted a few trips there, a fancier Capital Grille? Good seafood, nice sides, excellent cowboy ribeye. Wine list ranged from $25 btls to $2-300. For the area I'd say it was a solid bet. Was it life altering? No. But we also had a condo for a few weeks in January and thought fresh seafood would be widely available for purchase - it wasn't and the winter restaurant scene leaves much to be desired. So compared to what else was open, it was a win.

Dec 02, 2013
ncghettogourmet in Southeast

What do you wish you could do that you've never been able to master?

Would you care to share that recipe?

Dec 02, 2013
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking

What do you wish you could do that you've never been able to master?

What I've found is have a nicely oiled pan, preheated on a slightly lower than medium burner. Pour one pancake in the center 2.5-3" diameter. Watch for bubble formation. You want uniform bubbles throughout the pancake. When they stop forming at a constant rate, flip. Sort of like popcorn in the microwave burns after the consistent popping stops, it's the same idea. You want the bubbles to keep popping. When it lags, that means its cooked and ready to flip.

If the pancake color isn't up to snuff, adjust the pan temp accordingly. Higher temp yields darker, lower temp more blonde.

Dec 02, 2013
ncghettogourmet in Home Cooking