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Mexican in Phoenix AZ

We are in Phoenix this week and are looking for Mexican. We spend some time in Baja, so we know what we like. Hole in the wall is OK. Cerveza or BYOB too. Finally, maybe a torterilla that sells stuff like a deli for take out, by the pound, along with beans, rice, tortillas, etc. so not necessarily a sit down place. We are at the south end (Tempe) for a while, then north near Scottsdale
Thanks in advance

Oct 30, 2013
phatface in Phoenix

Off The Beaten Palate: Lump Crab Cakes with no stuffing- hard to find!

Actually, the recipe on the can of Old Bay is pretty good. Instead of bread I use a leftover biscuit from Popeye's. One little piece of bread for a pound of jumbo lump crab is not too much.
Take your cholesterol for a ride

Mar 16, 2011
phatface in Home Cooking

Your top long beach restaurants

We ate at SmoQue a while back. Bland and mediocre. Bad service, bad food and stupidly expensive. You know you are in trouble when you see no prices on the beer menu. I could do a full review, but the place has NO reason to exist

Feb 17, 2011
phatface in Los Angeles Area

Kabob 'n' Karahi -- Better than Ravi Kabob?

I had never had "bad" service, but it sometimes is like watching paint dry. I have been there as the only customer, and watched my buddy Raj (tall, good looking, beard, ball cap) not have the items on hand, like pans, ingredients, etc. Having worked in a place where two of us turned out 70-80 lunches in an hour, t just pains me. Even the review from the Post, which was quite favorable said it required patience. Just hard to watch a line cook walk to the back and have to wash his own pans before he can start your order as two dishwashers stand there looking at him doing nada.

Sheraton Back Bay-Breakfast & Lunch

We are going to be there next week. No car, and not a lot of time to search. I am not in the mood for expensive hotel food. So, please, some nearby places for breakfast and lunch.
We will probably try Tratoria Toscana one night and Atlantic Fish one night cause they are close and familiar. So maybe another dinner spot. I wanted to try Butcher Shop till I saw the prices.
I will also have to beg a ride to Clam Box for fried clams.
Thanks in advance. If you point me to older posts that is fine too.

Mar 03, 2010
phatface in Greater Boston Area

Kabob 'n' Karahi -- Better than Ravi Kabob?

We live just down the road from Kabob 'n' Karahi. When it first opened I went in and introduced myself to the two main guys Rajah and Rejah(?)
The food is OK but the service is PAINFULLY slow. We always got take-out, and the process is like watching paint dry. The guys behind the counter are blissfully unaware of what's going on in front of them, the customer. While a counter guy was packing up my order, he stopped right in the middle, picked up a dine in order and proceeded to deliver it to a table. Of course they engaged him in conversation and he never came back to finish my order.
We regularly go to Maiwand Kabob in Burtonsville, and Moby Kabob in Olney. The specials are great in both places.

Wines like Pride Mountain?


I seem to have forgotten Hess. Not only similar cabs but they have a very interesting museum also. We try to go often

Sep 30, 2009
phatface in Wine

Wines like Pride Mountain?


We liked Opus for the atmosphere (think church) (bring a picnic lunch), Duckhorn and Heitz.
Stop by and see Dan at Back Room wines in downtown Napa. he has great taste,and can guide you well. He also has tastings (check the website). He has some great wines that you can only get in CA for under $20
How many cases of Pride did you get? And what types?

Sep 29, 2009
phatface in Wine

Cuban sandwich near Miami Airport

Thanks burgerbeast
#1 on my list

Cheap Eats, North Miami

Oh thanks for the note. I only go to visit and don't see much of the hood.
Yes that is the place I'm referring to, and have found the sushi-sashimi very fresh and fairly priced. We usually split the "boat" for $26, and a bottle of wine

Cuban sandwich near Miami Airport

We are driving from Ft Laud to Miami airport. I NEED a REAL Cuban sandwich (or three) to get on the plane with.
I lived on Calle Ocho for a long time, so I know what's good, but haven't crawled the streets for a long time, so I don't know where.
I assume we'll drive south on 95 to a west on the expressway and down LaJuene.
As an aside, I went to Versailles a while back and the food is still reliably just OK, no great shakes. We eat at Padrinos near University and the food is OK, but the sandwiches leave alot to be desired.
Any good take out hole in the wall is great as long as it is not far off the route.

Cheap Eats, North Miami

You missed a good one.
The Thai-Japanese place next to Oggi cafe. Real - Real good sushi and Japanese. The thai side of the menu leaves a little to be desired (Americanized) and a REAL fair wine list

Scottsdale: Fine's Cellar

Mike answered the phone this time. They are closed on Sunday's and Mondays during the summer cause it's so slow. I asked his permission to post this and I guess we'll go a different night.
Thanks for the help

May 19, 2009
phatface in Phoenix

Scottsdale: Fine's Cellar

I get the whole thing about leave a res, check the website, etc.

May 19, 2009
phatface in Phoenix

A week in San Antonio by The River

I want to thank you for Cascabel. Exactly the food I was expecting, and definitely FUNKY
We went there with a twelve pack and gave a few bottles to the staff. The place was empty on a Wed nite. They did a total of six dinners
The next night we went to Mirador and had a great time. Stephen the waiter was fantastic and the food was just fine.
Thanks again

May 19, 2009
phatface in Texas

Scottsdale: Fine's Cellar

That's funny, I just called and got the machine at 4:22 PM

May 19, 2009
phatface in Phoenix

Scottsdale: Fine's Cellar

I don't know what's going on at Fine's. I read about on the hound and was dying to try it as I will be in Phoenix soon for the first time. I made a reservation on OpenTable for a Monday three weeks from then. A week later I get a confirmation from OpenTable, immediately followed by another email saying that Fine's had CANCELED my res and I should call them.
Sent them an email. no reply. Called on the telephone and got an answering machine that said I should make a res and they would call back. They never did. Are they on vacation, or out to lunch.
Looking for local knowledge here

May 19, 2009
phatface in Phoenix

A week in San Antonio by The River

We are staying in San Antonio for a week soon. In a large, ritzy hotel (we are not)
I really dislike spending $30 for breakfast, $40 for lunch and $90 for dinner in the hotel on in nearby must go tourist locations, which I assume is most of riverwalk. For instance Boudro's may be OK but too expensive, nothin' special and looks overpriced! Bottle of wine $50 two entrees $60 tax and tip$20 and now we're at $150
Would like any food for breakfast lunch dinner that is walkable (we can walk a ways) decent wine list (not overly marked-up) and casual. Etnic is great but it doesn't look like what we are after is close by, like family italian, greek, tex mex, real mex, barbque etc.
Can someone steer (haha) us please? Former posts (recent) will be fine. A little live music may be fun!

Mar 18, 2009
phatface in Texas

Seven Days In Yaletown

We have never been to Vancouver before, and it looks a little
pricey for all things, (although we just returned from Hawaii and eggs were $3 a doz(US)
anyway we need [places for lunch and dinner and will also want to see the city. Like we go Arlington, va for Vietnamese. Scandalized for Korean, Adams Morgan for anything and to get smashed. The "New "U" street for Ethiopian. you get my drift. We eat anything good and inexpensive that we haven't found around the world. I think $100 a couple for dinner is our limit.
So a few moderately priced lunches and a few moderately priced dinners and a taste of the cities "air"
And maybe some great bars with free food or reduced happy hours

Best Chow near Hyatt Regency

Stuck in the Hyatt Regency downtown on Wacker Dr. all week long!
Best chow nearby? Anything ( oriental, Italian ethnic, whatever) as long as the service and food are good, not overpriced.

Apr 28, 2008
phatface in Chicago Area

Smith Family Farms Beef -- Experiences?

Speaking of TenderLoin, BigH has it on sale for $5.99 per pound. Of course this is the whole tender (4-6lb) and untrimmed

Lamb Shanks

Thanks. Will spend more but shanks is shanks and I hate to go for $6 per pound for something that is 60% bone. Ya know what I mean?

Lamb Shanks

Looking for lamb shanks in the Baltimore, Howard, Mont county area. I am talking about big, fat ones, not the skinny little cryovaced things in Giant or Safeway. Lamb in general is grossly overpriced in this region, go to NewYork and it is always about $2 a pound. Here they have the cajones to charge $4. I might try the Hallal butcher down New Hampshire Ave in Cloverly, but being Halal will make it cost more. Any clues, anyone?

A week in Portugual

Oh boy I envy you. We spent a few weeks there last year and it was GREAT. It may be very warm so dress right & light.
We flew into Lisbon and drove to Porto (our fave) and flew out of Porto. If you can change plans this is best. Our drive took us through & into the following don't miss
Douro River Valley (wine country)
In both Lisbon & Porto take the hop-on hop-off bus for about $30 and take a tour of the whole city, well worth it. Then get on your walking shoes.
We took advantage of the Pousada five night package deal and stayed in Lisbon, Douro River, and Coimbra. Five stars all the way.
I could go on & on. Frommer's does a good job of it.
Great wine starts at $3 a bottle in the supermarket, and the big markets are mind blowing.
In Porto we stayed at the Albergaria Miradouro, VERY INTERESTING.
We ate at O Muro, Taverna dos Bêbobos, Don Tonho, all very satisfying. Go to the
Solar Vinho do Porto if you can find it! Watch the sunset at Foz Da Douro. In Porto you will see signs anouncing a fado performance hung in windows of Starbucks type places. These are usually put up Wed. announcing a weekend performance. Don't miss it. Much better than the touristy fado cafes that are way overpriced.
In Lisbon get to Belem for the pastry, but NOT on a Sunday!
Try Bonjardim,Cervejaria Trindade, for good food. Don't miss Castle St George, especially around sunset (take the trolley up and back).
And finally, good luck speaking Portugese!

Dec 12, 2007
phatface in Spain/Portugal

Baltimore greek and vietnamese food

Hard to believe, but try the crabcakes at Ikaros. For under $20 you get two large mostly lump crabcakes that are pretty close to the best around.

Iron Bridge Wine Co.

Ah! Iron Bridge. The food used to be a little better, the service too. Now most of the wait staff (save Nate behind the bar) seem to have developed a laissez-faire attitude.
We were there a few weeks ago, and what struck me was the way the wine costs for bottles and glasses have gone through the roof. The monthly wine special was a fair bargain, and now you can find the same wines at full retail for less than the IBW Co. sale price. The wine and atmosphere is the thing, just get there for early happy hour and hang out at the bar, or grab the back corner four-top behind the bar and chill.

Cheapest edible sushi in the area?

Todai buffet in Fair Oaks (Fairfax) mall. $17 lunch $30 dinner

Get me to a fishmonger!

It is (was) whole albacore. About 2 feet long and big aroung about the diameter of a basketball. I did not buy it cause it looked like it would come out to about 12 pounds or so when dressed. A little too much for our needs.

Get me to a fishmonger!

Bill: It's a bit of a trek, but I have to agree that only Bi H in Fairfax or the other Korean market on Gallows Rd fit the bill (sorry-haha) All the korean markets have a hugh selection of fresh whole or fillet or any way you want it fish, and will cut it your way.
Cannon's on 31st in Georgetown may still be OK but I needed a third job to pay for it.
When we want fish we still go out of our way to the Korean marts. Where else can you get a whole tuna (25lb) for $3 a pound? Live eels, 6 kinds of clams, sushi grade salmon & tuna, I could go on.

Smoked Turkey

Greenbergs Turkey in Tyler Tx. The Best. Sort of like a fine VA ham. They have a website, you may get it in time. $3.50 + shipping