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Carol Deptolla's 2014 Top 30 List (MKE)

Deptolla does tend to avoid giving low ratings to restaurants that she reviews; it's rare to see a rating below 2 stars (out of 4). I'm not sure if that's because she only reviews places that are expected to have a basic level of competence, tends to find something that she likes everywhere she goes, or wants to avoid publishing a review that could tank a business.

That said, she also doesn't hand out too many very high ratings, and it's hard to argue with her top 30 list. I've been to half of the places on the list and would recommend all of them. Personally, I'd put Wolf Peach and Crazy Water back on, but can't say which I'd take off without having visited the other 15 places. I'm ok with dropping Maxie's; it's a fun place with a great vibe, but in my experience the food is consistently good but not great.

For me, the list and the comments that have followed reflect very well on the quality of restaurant scene in Milwaukee. It's an exciting time to eat here, and there are new places opening up just about every month that I look forward to trying.

1 day ago
JGinWFB in Great Lakes

Upcoming trip to Madrid

Hi Everybody,

We're heading to Madrid next week to visit my son, who's studying there this semester. This board has been very helpful for identifying restaurants to try, but I have 2 specific questions I'd love some input on.

1. Where would you go for cochinillo asado? My sons and I are pork lovers and really want to try this.

2. My wife is a vegetarian and so we're looking for some vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly places.

Thanks much!

Mar 24, 2013
JGinWFB in Spain/Portugal