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Merrick/Bellemore, LI - any decent pizza?

And at a recent visit to one of the 9 locations of Four Brothers, the one on Stockbridge Rd in Great Barrington, proves that the deliciousness of food sometimes depends upon location as much as anything else.
One bite of the chicken parm and I was transported to a era long past.
The whole entire experience of simple and delicious and properly made food was so pleasant.

If anything, anything at all, a single place on LI that will please melt mozzarella over anything that has mozzarella over the top.
The fully melted mozzarella here at Four Brothers was reminiscent of my days back at El Monaco in White Lake where two old Italian immigrant brothers produced the most delicious food during the 80's and 90's.

about 6 hours ago
Gastronomos in New York State (exc. NYC)

What really goes on in the kitchen.

Chowhounds don't have this as a top priority.

Chowhounders may be inclined to bother with this.

New Addition at Former Flying Pig? [Mt. Kisco]

Its a small spot, and it says for sale, so I guess this Little Piggy Went to Market...


"E.B. Elliot's as an example of the Mile's "classy seafood restaurants," Bracco's for its nightlife and Jeremy's Ale House as an ideal spot for cocktails at sunset."

New Addition at Former Flying Pig? [Mt. Kisco]

If it lands where you can see it, then it's a Spotted Pig

This is a must read thread from N.J. Board

you took the words right out of my mouth

Feb 25, 2015
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I left out Ground Beef Shepherd's Pie over night is it still good to it

I'm not sure if it's really shepherd's pie if you left out the ground meat. Peas and corn with mashed potatoes on top may be good, but it's not shepherd's pie. Maybe its a vegetarian version? "Gardener's pie" perhaps?
And I think shepherds pie is made with lamb, and cottage pie is made with beef.
It's a dish made of leftovers anyhow.
I'm unsure if it needs "overnight", mine usually takes just an assembly of the reheated leftover ingredients and a quick pop under the broiler to toast the stale mashed potatoes.

As to if "is it still good to it"... why are you asking us? Unless we can come over for dinner and try... I'll bring a nice very dry red wine...

Some questions for my NJ friends about our home board...


Feb 25, 2015
Gastronomos in New Jersey

New Addition at Former Flying Pig? [Mt. Kisco]

Oh. Sorry. I guess there's more than one. I didn't pay attention to the subject line closely enuff.

We've all hit the Pyrex ceiling


Feb 25, 2015
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Having breakfast on Long Island

Just a quick shout out to CJ'S coffee shop / luncheonette in RVC. What an enjoyable experience each time!

New Addition at Former Flying Pig? [Mt. Kisco]

Italian - Nassau

davmar77, how would you compare the standards to blue moon?

Italian - Nassau

Il Toscano in Douglaston! Wow! I haven't been in years! I could tell you some stories of when I was there...

Italian - Nassau

I'm on the south shore central Nassau

Italian - Nassau

No. Not that I recall...

Having breakfast on Long Island

It's hit or miss, maybe? It's still a great place, really. I'm very worried that the slips are increasing.
The fried chicken and waffle I had at my last visit, for example, would've written this place off my list. It's by far the worst thing I've had here.
There's so few in the nabe. I keep doing my legwork and hope that my own misses are few and far between, but that's part of the Chowhound deal. I'll be back again, for sure, but I will also keep looking to uncover some more hidden treasures and post about it, like I did this place.

We've all hit the Pyrex ceiling

Please refer to my first reply

Feb 23, 2015
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Merrick/Bellemore, LI - any decent pizza?

I'm unsure if the same owners are just renaming because of the strip mall refacing/uplift or they sold or lost their lease or whatever, but Luigi's is closed and a sign says Pepe's Pizzeria is coming in.

If the tomato sauce is as good as Luigi's, they'll be fine.
I could put that tomato sauce on a flip flop and it would taste good.
Let's hope for the best.
See you there!

Pakistani / Indian Outside of Hicksville - Lazzat, North Bellmore

Just another shout out to a good, not-Hicksville, Pakistani/Indian take-out restaurant with such a pleasing and friendly proprietor. It may not be the be-all / end-all of this cuisine, but a good neighborhood spot to avoid the drive up into Hicksville.
North Bellmore finds are rare and need a shout out if found.

Having breakfast on Long Island

An update on one of my favorite breakfast places, Morning Rose Cafe, Downtown Bellmore Village.
Still good, but Not what it was, or has been the past year or so since they opened. Besides the prices that have gone up a couple of dollars each dish, and with good reason, the kitchen is now resting on its laurels. My last few meals have come increasingly poorer in quality of preparation. The quality of ingredients is still there. The kitchen seems to have handed the reigns over to the dishwashers. Yeah. I said it. No culinary skill employed.
The taste of the food prepared by chef Roberto Baez is slowly, no, quickly fading away.
The kitchen is on auto pilot it seems. Just like the industrial factory diners.

I hope it's temporary.
There is plenty of room to improve now.
Let's hope they make and take the effort needed to bring the preparation of the food back up to where it was. Not the indifferently made stuff by hacks, but that prepared by the deft hands of a chef at the helm.

Italian - Nassau

Thanks all. I hope more chime in. I've not tired of my favorite spot, Gino's of Elmont. Both for the tasiest pizza and their old school standards done deliciously right. It's just that it's not in my nabe and not my usual stomping grounds. Being practically in Queens doesn't help either.
I have now added to my list Riellas Homestyle in Levittown, Cafe Cardini in New Hyde Park, Luigi Q in Hicksville in addition to Benny's that I still haven't had the pleasure of. Time and money are hurdles to overcome for me, but I'll keep up as best as I can with all your help. Thanks again.
I find too many misses and few finds out there on my own that keep me asking questions of all y'all here. Again, thanks.

Steve's, Elisa's, etc are still out there doing their thing.
I'll keep prodding out there, a Chowhound, sharing my finds.

I'll keep looking for the kooks cooking up the good stuff. I've never met a great chef that wasn't crazy ;-)

A restaurant/caterer in the Farmingale (Long Island) that could accommodate a party of 20 or 30?

Mexican ok? Cara Cara has a bar and good food...

Favorite broccoli raab (rabe) preps?

The bitterness is the attraction. I haven't found broccoli rabe to be as bitter as it was years ago. In the '80's and '90's I was happy. Now I think they're growing less bitter strains, sadly.
Boiled in heavily salted water, drained, reserving the boiling liquid for drinking warm with my rabe, like broth or consome, or reserved to drink room temp later with olive oil. The rabe is placed in a bowl with some boiling liquid and drowned in olive oil and lemon juice.
Bitter, tasty, delicious.
This works well for dandelion greens as well...

Sauteed in olive oil and garlic, with or without sausage, over pasta.

Boiled to death and placed on a sliced pork loin sandwich with sliced provolone. Bread being very, very crusty.

Enjoy your bounty and count your blessings.

I bid you Peace

Feb 21, 2015
Gastronomos in Home Cooking

Italian - Nassau

There are plenty, I know.
I'm looking for old school done right.
Something that is as delicious as La Parmigiana in Southampton, but in Nassau.
La Strada in Merrick isn't doing it.
The packed La Piazza in Merrick makes me cry. Why do people eat there?
Cafe Baci in Westbury is a no go.
I haven't yet tried Elisa's in North Bellmore, but it has been recommended.
Steve's Piccola Bussola in Westbury is good, if only for the marinara sauce in a dirty fry pan.

Where do I go to taste the old school classics done right? Nona in the kitchen.

Pasta sauces, marsala, francese, parmigiana, scampi, marinara, oreganata, All of which make the entire dining room smell wonderful and appetizing.

We've all hit the Pyrex ceiling

I've never had anything in any restaurant anywhere that came close to the taste, flavor and hyperdeliciousness of home cooked food from the heart and soul. Nothing. Ever. Anywhere.

Home cooking.

I bid you Peace.

Feb 20, 2015
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We've all hit the Pyrex ceiling

Fried calamari, please.
No matter what cuisine the joint claims, fried calamari, please.
Confabulate the merits of coating.
Ventilate the various ill-conceived dipping sauces.
Just bring the fried calamari, please.
Then the ubiquitous burger or plain steak.
OH! Please! Do not forget the Ice Cold plate.
The Hot plates are reserved for salads...

Feb 19, 2015
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"What is YOUR favorite. . ."


Feb 19, 2015
Gastronomos in General Topics

The Orient Bethpage

I wasn't alone at Orient. It's just that those that I was with were more unfamiliar than I was. And they aren't as adventurous as me. Chicken feet, for example, for me is fine, not so much for them.
I've tried to win people over with Chowish food to no avail. Us Chowhounds are a breed of our own.
The only thing I was ever able to get others to try more than once was soup dumplings at a now closed place in Bellmore that made them.
I do like Orient and will return. I have a limited tolerance for asian food and between the Thai, the occasional sushi, Fortune Wheel and Kwong Ming, I have only so much room in my calendar for a return trip to Orient.

Some day...

The Orient Bethpage

robensliver, as I enjoy asian food only rarely, by choice, and I had only been to few dim sum cart places years back, I found the Orient to be good.
Had I been with a seasoned veteran perhaps it would have been better or less awkward.
I tried to convey my interest, albeit very subtle like, to them about the special cart, I got none. The family of 8 next to us did not cart it but had some large dishes of some fancy looking exotic stuff on the table that they all shared. I saw no rice on their table.
The non-asian family of 4 on the other side of us ordered from the menu and only specific things they came for from the cart.

I have no Chowhound friends or family. I'm a lone hound. Most everyone I know is indifferent with whatever is on the corner or is easy.

I look forward to a return. But not anytime soon. The rarity of it is the only thing appealing to me.