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LIE Roadside Food Guide/Comp

EXIT 39, Roslyn, MP TAVERNA - really Really REALLY tasty GREEK Cuisine in a modern atmosphere. Much as what is found in Athens Greece today. Casual and Comfortable.

EXIT 65, Bellport, SPICYS BBQ - fried chicken! Yeah!

EXIT 49, Melville, ROAST SANDWICH SHOP - tasty, but skimpy sandwiches. somewhat pseudo-hipster spot, not cheap!

EXIT 56, Smithtown, MAUREEN'S KITCHEN - Breakfast. Quality ingredients and quality cookery. Beats ANY diner. Anywhere.

EXIT 39/40, Bellmore, MORNING ROSE CAFE - Upscale Breakfast spot. Like a New England B&B. And VERY tasty food!

EXIT 39, Westbury, THOMAS' HAM AND EGGERY Diner - Popular spot. Not everything pleases everyone. Home fries are not good, but everything else is infinitely better than any Big Diner anywhere.

EXIT 63, Middle Island, THE COOK ROOM - Breakfast and more. Worth the trip.

EXIT 44S, Farmingdale, CARA CARA - Mexican upscale with upper quality ingredients and superb service in a comfortable and vibrant atmosphere.

about 7 hours ago
Gastronomos in New York State (exc. NYC)

Montauk end of October - where to eat?

Correct, coll. I was just talking to Andrea of Lunch / Lobster Roll last week about the closing for the season. This past weekend was it for now until next year.
It's better to call anyplace in advance.

about 8 hours ago
Gastronomos in New York State (exc. NYC)

Thanksgiving - 2014

I have read through many of the past couple of years worth of posts regarding dinner on Thanksgiving Day in NOLA and it seems that Commanders Palace is the place.

I would like to ask specifically about a family dinner on Thanksgiving with kids ranging in age from 3yo to mid-teens as I assume the earlier the reservation the better, but is there anything else I should know?

And, besides Thanksgiving dinner and a stop at Cafe Du Monde, anything in particular a family should not miss while visiting on Thangiving weekend?

Thank you for your help!

1 day ago
Gastronomos in New Orleans

Chicken Club Sandwich - On Long Island

for the prices they charge and the skimpy fillings (that are somehow always lopsided to one half of the sandwich) I have taken to sticking to only the daily specials they offer. And ONLY if it sounds appealing. everything on the menu, including soup, is tiny portions with a hefty price tag. otherwise they are the only sandwich shop in the area that I found in their category.

Chicken Club Sandwich - On Long Island

I will drop by Roast Sandwich Shop in Melville if I see their special sandwich of the day is worth a stop. Otherwise I keep driving.

Chicken Club Sandwich - On Long Island

Thanks. I haven't been back to the Brass Rail in a long while now and that may be the reason for me to return.

Grilled Chicken Club -15-
Bacon, fontina, lettuce, tomato, pesto mayonnaise

Chicken Club Sandwich - On Long Island

coll, you da best! I ain't a sandwich lover either. At All.

but when I gotta grab a bite and all's available is sandwiches...

I don't know of any "new fad", but if it is, I hope they take points from Johnny Rockets on how to do it right.

Chicken Club Sandwich - On Long Island

coll, they moved the post and they moved it back here to the Long Island Board, where it belongs. do you know if anyplace on Long Island makes a classic Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich so we can keep the discussion Long Island focused? I would love to grab one other than at Johnny Rockets.

Food jokes - list

thank you. that sums up everything I know quite well.

Oct 16, 2014
Gastronomos in Not About Food

Chicken Club Sandwich - On Long Island

So I'm at Roosevelt Field Mall. Not my usual hang out. I walk around the food court and I've already tried the Indian place. Its just fine for the Roosevelt Field Mall food court. I've also been outside to Bobby's Burger Palace a few times in the past. And so I grab a stool at Johnny Rocket's and order me a Chicken Club Sandwich. A REAL Chicken Club Sandwich. I know the versions in the Big Diners, the UK "Double Decker" AKA, in NJ, NY, CT tri-state area, "Triple Decker Deluxe" on much smaller bread than its UK counterpart, yet still cut into four now tiny very difficult to eat pieces with a tiny scoop of last week's potato salad all in the name of it being "luxurious" or "fancy" or whatever but good.
As I'm chowing down I start to realize how darn tasty this sandwich is. I had such low expectations as I also did not want a burger. The bacon fresh... The chicken seasoned and tender... "is this a chain?" I thought to myself. In the mall, no less. No Big Diner has ever produced such a thing for me in the past. Ever. And although it's been a while since I last bothered to order such a simple thing in a Big Diner I don't recall any rendition having this kind of Chicken Club Sandwichness. And the real big kicker... it's cut only in Half. Yeah. In HALF. So it's easy to pick up with ones hands and eat, like a sandwich. Luxury redefined... fancy can eat my shorts.

Lil' Left Coast - Merrick

from their page:

<<" Starting.............Now, These are some of the Daily offerings at LLC.
Bar Pie: A Cali Joint with Pepperoni, Pineapple, Chicken and Melty Cheesy Goodness on a Thin Crust. $11.00
Seasonal Side: WooHop Bock Choy, Stir Fried Bock Choy and Kale with Thin Sliced Ginger, Garlic, Sesame and Fish Sauce $4.50
Toasted Rueben: Pastrami, Kraut, Dijonaise, Swiss and Mozz Griddled Crisp on two Pieces of Hudson Bakery "Health" Bread $8.50
SOUP: Minestrone with Garden Veggies, Tomato Broth, Butter Beans, Toasted Pasta and Parmesan Cheese $5.50 ">>

the Texas ranger in Freeport

the Texas ranger in Freeport

"As merchants on the Nautical Mile, we all know this
winter has been a long, cold and hard. But as always, spring
comes, the days get longer and the hardships of winter fade to
memory as it gets warmer. But this winter’s hardships will not
fade as fast as the spring warms, because this winter we lost
two very special people who blessed the Nautical Mile with
their character and charisma. Arnim Jagnow and Michael
When I bought the Texas Ranger in 1996, there was no EB
Elliot’s and no Tropix, I can’t even remember if the Captain
Lou had a Roman numeral after it and if you wanted to hear
outdoor live music on the waterfront the only place to go was
Otto’s pioneered what I call “The Nautical Mile Long Bar.” An outdoor bar with a
kitchen at one end and a long bar running out from it. A setup which can now be seen
not only at Otto’s, but Tides and EB Elliot’s as well. So much has changed on the Mile
since then and so much of that change can be attributed to these two wonderful men.
The first I consider a founding father of the modern Nautical Mile, and the second a
carrier of the torch of expansion and modernization.
Arnim came to America from Germany in 1952 at age 21, to work for Otto, the
owner of Otto’s Sea Grill. Otto and his daughter, Barbara, went to meet Arnim at the
boat when he arrived. Apparently it was love at first sight as Arnim and Barbara eloped
two years later...."

"Shake Shack Eyes New Hyde Park" (LI)

Agree with the westbury location. If needed I goto Bobby's outside the mall for a better burger than shack in westbury.

Greenport Oyster and Beer Festival - 3rd Annual

Who's goin'?

"Give the pumpkins a rest and come to Greenport for some Oysters and Beer at the Original Brewery on Carpenter Street. We'll be serving fresh oysters from local harvesters, along with food and the return of our Oyster Stout to accompany all. Listen to a little bluegrass courtesy of the East Bound Freight Band and slurp away."

Greenport Harbor Brewing co.
234 Carpenter St, Greenport, New York 11944

massapequa farmingdale itilian restaurant

Mercato Kitchen and Cocktails is a popular spot in Massapequa.

Ciao Baby for 20 people works well with the family style platters.

and if you aren't set in stone on Italian, CaraCara in Farmingdale is one of the best spots

Embarrassing question

Oct 10, 2014
Gastronomos in Site Talk

Embarrassing question

It definitely does now!

Oct 10, 2014
Gastronomos in Site Talk

Embarrassing question


Oct 10, 2014
Gastronomos in Site Talk

Embarrassing question around the turn of the last century NYC was expanding and looking to take Queens into the inner city. Queens was not yet a boro of NYC and had no *defined* borders and somehow extended into what is now Nassau.
at some border, that has changed through the years, folks east of the border opted out and somehow became "Nassau County" and NOT a boro of NYC.
it *used* to be that Nassau was a "suburb" of NYC. white picket fences and all.
most everyone I know living in Nassau County today, where i was raised, now refer to it as "Queens east".
Suffolk still has some areas that are not *yet* city-like...
And **YES** Long Island DOES deserve it's own board!

Oct 09, 2014
Gastronomos in Site Talk

Grateful Deli Southold

By rec of a friend who knows a Chowhound is ok with really delicious food, I was told to drop by Grateful Deli in Southold for some delicious food.

I might not get there within the next few weeks, but when I do get a chance to head out to Southold, I'd love another Chowhounds opinion on the food at Grateful Deli. THANKS!

Long Island: Went to Chowder Bar and White Cap, any other places to try along Montauk Highway between Babylon and Patchogue?

That looks AMAZING!

FAX CHIX Farmingville

Thanks coll. I guess the portion size makes up the price?

Long Island: Went to Chowder Bar and White Cap, any other places to try along Montauk Highway between Babylon and Patchogue?

Most renditions these days of Manhattan Clam Chowder are disappointing at best. For unknown reasons carrots are often added, ruining the classic taste and flavor of true Manhattan Clam Chowder. I guess carrots are a bulking agent? They do NOT belong in Manhattan Clam Chowder. And that is just ONE reason many don't care for (bad) Manhattan Clam Chowder.
A Rhode Island Clam Chowder, clear, NO dairy and no tomato is a thing of beauty. But even more difficult to pull off than a Good Manhattan Clam Chowder.
Enjoy your Chowdah making competition!

FAX CHIX Farmingville

Anyone got a word on this spot called Fax Chix in Farmingville?

Long Island: Went to Chowder Bar and White Cap, any other places to try along Montauk Highway between Babylon and Patchogue?

Although the Manhattan Clam Chowder at Southside is hit or miss, it generally follows a classic Manhattan Clam Chowder recipe. Not too many potatoes, just enough clams and proper seasoning - thyme is an essential Manhattan Clam Chowder seasoning. They also use a classic Manhattan Clam Chowder "holy trinity" and NOT a "mirepoix". And for THAT I commend them.

As for potato soup with clam seasoning, I'm sure there are some misplaced New Englanders or Red Sox fans trolling our island (LOL) but if I ask for "a cup of clam chowder" on Long Island, I would almost always expect Manhattan Clam Chowder without question.

1st date night away from our baby! (L.I.)

850 Franklin Ave
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 877-2177

Rehearsal Dinner for 30-40 Babylon area

Sandwich Shop Menus

Oct 03, 2014
Gastronomos in General Topics


olive oil is good for you. inside and out. but most of the stuff available commercially is doctored up oil that is not from olives. or doctored pomace oil. good thing most of us Greeks have our first pressed olive oil direct from olive groves in Greece in 17.5L containers...

Oct 02, 2014
Gastronomos in General Topics