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A menu that is plentiful yet not excessive to obviate stress, in Nassau or Western Suffolk

Thank you EM23. Next in Glen Head, Heirloom Tavern!

A menu that is plentiful yet not excessive to obviate stress, in Nassau or Western Suffolk

Thanks EM23. I like you too.

To obviate stress even further, may I ask, what do I order at lunch on a weekday at Heirloom Tavern in Glen Head? I'm open for suggestions.


Need help navigating diner menu (LONG STORY WARNING)

<<"next time they order it for you, interject and agree with them that, yes, you like a well-done steak, and that a well-done steak for you is cooked medium-rare.">>

That's exactly what the "well done" crowds do!
(But reversed, of course)

The greater majority will order 'medium well' but they don't want a hint if pink in the steak, therefore... 'well done', which is what they really 'want' to order but *may* be shy of sounding like a rube.

And like the eggs they say they "like" them "fluffy" but what they make themselves are anything but... Including the pressing of the spatula down hard onto the overcooked eggs to "make sure" they're cooked...
When the brown crusty Dry omelet is served at the diner, they turn and look at me and show me that That's the way an omelet is made! Like I need a lesson.

And of course the usual suspects, those that get a well done omelet with just a little brown and they send it back to cook it more...

"No! I don't want it 'well done'!" But they cook it to death and if I dare hint at that fact... Death stares and comments and snarling and and and...

Maybe I'll just give in to daylong indigestion with a Dry brown omelet...
Rubes... 99%

Jul 28, 2015
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A menu that is plentiful yet not excessive to obviate stress, in Nassau or Western Suffolk

Outside of Morning Rose Cafe, we are seeking a menu that is focused and concise.
A menu that is plentiful yet not excessive which obviates stress.
This in hopes of tasting the products of the deft hands of a chef at the helm of a kitchen.
Hush Bistro, although we haven't yet been, seems to fit the bill, but is Chef Marc Anthony Bynum utilizing too many Asian flavors for my palate?

Thank you Chowhounds!

One Block East - Wantagh

Hmmm.... I seem to have omitted the fact that my above OP came from the mouth of the daughter of the former part owners... Mara's.

That and the Newsday review in today's paper... I wonder what truly happened.

I've tried this new place.
I know. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Dry brisket, was OK. At least that's what I'm told I should publish. She ate it, but wasn't WOW'd.

Pig candy was thick cut bacon in flavored corn syrup that should have been served in a soup bowl. Swimming in corn syrup.
The new menu describes the pig candy better than it did on our early visit.

We had an appetizer, but I guess it was forgettable. As were the OK beers.

Prices aren't cheap for a "cheap eats" place, but no place can purchase entrees from suppliers at a good price these days.

Has anyone other than Joan been?

The Hamptons

for the latter request of, "...and basic seafood, Italian, Continental..." I can recommend a stop by La Parmagiana in Southampton - 44-48 Hampton Rd, Southampton, NY 11968 (631) 283-8030.

Having breakfast on Long Island

About breakfast at Brownstone's and Krisch's.

"1950s-style diner featuring a lengthy menu plus many ice cream flavors & big sundaes."
Same indifferent breakfast food as any other diner but instead of impossibly fast, here you get to wait a long time to get your food. That's all I remember from our Long wait to get our food.

We've been here for ice cream and maybe a bite, but this was our first breakfast. It was more like "breakslow", and getting a coffee refill proved nearly impossible.

"Classy fixture with a 1930s-streetscape interior draws crowds for coffee, tea & refined brunch fare."
I gave in and tried again.
Same food, but the "breakfast potatoes" this time were luke warm. Better than the ice cold I remember from my first visit. This time I sat in a full room after a short wait and enjoyed friendly service. Unlike the empty space and empty headed server I had my first visit.

One nice touch was that my scramble came with salt *in* it. That was better than having to dump salt *over* it.
I'm still not impressed. At these prices I could take a drive to Maureen's...

I'm BORED with my food

Jun 20, 2015
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Taste The East End - Riverhead

Did this happen?

What's a Healthy Way to Prepare Soft Shells?

I'd go with broiling. A simple squeeze of lemon over the top afterward would be as good as it gets. OH! and a pinch of salt to taste...


Jun 15, 2015
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Taste the Technique - LI

I understand. Pan basting with a spoon would require a moment or two more than would a simpler, easier, quicker method of getting food out to the masses. Still, it would be nice to find a pan seared and spoon basted steak on LI. As it is, finding steak diane or pepper steak is no small feat.

Taste the Technique - LI

<<"None of the restaurants I worked at had the manpower in the kitchen to use this technique.">>

That's a shame. Was it, in your opinion, just about "manpower" or did it perhaps include a certain level of culinary skill that may not have been present in the kitchen or among the staff?

Why Greece Is Home to the World’s Other Great Pasta Cuisine

Very nice intro to Greek pasta. A good introduction to the world of Greek Gastronomy. Greek Cuisine is delicious

Jun 11, 2015
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What do I make with these ingredients?

Pork chops fricassee in an avgolemono sauce with lettuce over linguine. Spinach salad with charred asparagus strawberries radishes and rhubarb.

Brats in a warm sorghum syrup over Kale.

Flour for pan bread...

Jun 10, 2015
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Ethnic origins & cooking


What do you eat when you don't know what you want?


Jun 09, 2015
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North Fork strawberries

"jams", hehehe

What do you eat when you don't know what you want?

much of it, at any given time, yes. Come over! We'll have a little " kolatsio "

Jun 09, 2015
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What do you eat when you don't know what you want?

I usually just grab something Greek. It's tasty, satisfying, delicious and always right.
In fact, I'm gonna grab a frappe and a tiropita right now...

Jun 09, 2015
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Do you believe in being a food snob?

When I can have food that is as good, as delicious as home cooked food, in a restaurant, I'll understand the term "food snob"

Jun 09, 2015
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Ethnic origins & cooking


Taste the Technique - LI

Long Island Festivals

This is the oldest and most famous Festival. It features great home cooking Greek foods and fun for all. I recommend a stop at the Cypriot tavern for some Greek specialities.
This year also presents the second annual Celebrity Cook-Off featuring Michelin Star Celebrity Chef Michael Psilakis on Saturday and Sunday.
Good food from the taverna. Cypriot specialities and some of the best souvlaki outside of Greece.
It's a Chowhound dream!

Hempstead at the Garden City / Cathedral Gardens border.

110 Cathedral Ave

Today thru Sunday

Taste the Technique - LI

It's a shame about the Sous vide. Knowledge is key.

It's the pan basting with a spoon. That's what it's all about for me.

Spotted Pig owners opening rooftop locale atop 70 Pine St.

afraid of railings ?

May 27, 2015
Gastronomos in Manhattan

Spotted Pig owners opening rooftop locale atop 70 Pine St.

...that's the day I got the whisper in my ear and posted the OP. I guess we are all expecting something worthwhile?

May 27, 2015
Gastronomos in Manhattan

Taste the Technique - LI

Spotted Pig owners opening rooftop locale atop 70 Pine St.

May 27, 2015
Gastronomos in Manhattan

Are you THE cook in your family?


May 26, 2015
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please recommend [Will travel from Rockland and New Rochelle]

Yes. Looks like I had an old nonworking web link.
Varka is an upscale grilled fish restaurant in the steakhouse vein.
I'm unaware of any other restaurant they may be associated with. It is pricey, like a steakhouse.