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Best diner on Long Island??

paradise diner

about 2 hours ago
Gastronomos in New York State (exc. NYC)

Food trucks in Long Island

good to know Scott_R. thanks. I drove by earlier today and saw a line. i'm gonna hafta make it a point to be in the area around lunch time...

about 16 hours ago
Gastronomos in New York State (exc. NYC)

Food trucks in Long Island

Has anyone tried "The Big Cheese" food truck?
I was told that although expensive, it's a large and tasty treat.

1759 Bellmore Ave
Bellmore, NY 11710

about 24 hours ago
Gastronomos in New York State (exc. NYC)

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

some pictures of smelts and other fish

2 days ago
Gastronomos in Outer Boroughs

Special Occasion Recommendation - Nassau County/Western Suffolk

Steve’s Piccola Bussola
649 Old Country Rd
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 333-1335
Is a popular spot for celebrations such as an 80th birthday.
Italian. Marinara Sauce some of the best on Long Island. Family Style and tasty. Moderately priced.

1043 Northern Blvd
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 869-8989
Is a very popular spot for a fish grill that is like a steakhouse, but with fish instead of steak. Keep it simple and order a pristine fresh grilled fish. Note: Service is some of the worst to be found anywhere. Very Expensive$$$$

1446 Old Northern Blvd
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 621-3700
Is another very popular spot for a fish grill that is like a steakhouse, but with fish instead of steak. Some say it's better than Limani. Keep it simple and order a pristine fresh grilled fish. Not Cheap$$

1363 Old Northern Blvd
Roslyn, NY 11576
"A modern interpretation of a traditional Greek tavern"
REALLY DELICIOUS GREEK CUISINE! Perfect for a party of 10!
Traditional Greek Cuisine in a modern atmosphere (no tourist posters on the walls)
Try anything and everything on the menu. It's all Very Greek and Very Delicious! (LAMB SHANK is a MUST try! ;-)

Sweet Surrender Bake House - Levittown

I do enjoy many things from Sweet Surrender Bake House on Wantagh Ave in Levittown. Not least of which the crannoli.

I was recently told that the Sweet Surrender Bake House on Wantagh Ave in Levittown has a truck running around Nassau County. Has anyone had the pleasure of the truck? I haven't been able to be in the same area as them.

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

Nov 12, 2014
Gastronomos in Outer Boroughs

Lil' Left Coast - Merrick

And another visit proves three is the magic number.
A "Grilled Portobello/Broccoli Rabe/Mozzarella $7"
proved to be a boiled portobello mushroom that was water logged and tough, chopped haphazardly and jammed into a small sub with broccoli rabe so bland that the semi-warmed, not melted mozzarella couldn't save this sandwich for nothin'. No sign of any of the menu listed "Italian dressing. salt and pepper." but the sliced tomato and red onion were pressed into the Side of the sandwich along with soggy wet hot lettuce. BLECH!

My friend opted for the Torta Grande. He did not finish it because the "egg is really disgusting" and "there's too much going on in this".
They ARE trying too hard. Maybe the focus should be on their making TASTY food. Simple seems to be the name of the game when kitchen workers are only there to collect a paycheck...

the Texas ranger in Freeport

Two tries:
1. A Ranger burger with chili. A note to self: Never order a chili burger here again!
2. A Ranger burger, chili on the side. A note to self: If nothing else is available in the area, get only a plain burger.

and I did not order fries because I was told that they come unsalted. Sorry, I'm not going to suffer because of others dietary restrictions, no less having to pay for the privilege .

Lake George and Surrounding area(s) - Thanksgiving 2014

The kids are Chowhounds. No kids menus.

Lil' Left Coast - Merrick

They're still sorting things out. The kitchen workers are a sad story. The people up front are nice, but not seasoned. My subsequent visit was a very quick stop in for an eggplant parm. While good, it was small, for the $8 they charged.
I've not yet had the pleasure at any hipster style joint of a decently cooked egg. The yolk might occasionally be creamy and somewhat runny, but when I see the crunchy browned crispy cellophane texture of the bottom and edges, I retch.

Lake George and Surrounding area(s) - Thanksgiving 2014

Thank you! It looks like it may be just myself, my wife and kids.
If additional family joins us at Lake George area then plans might change.
This very romantic looking place "Friends Lake Inn" may not be "kid friendly"?

Lake George and Surrounding area(s) - Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner in and around Lake George area? Is this a possibility? THANKS!

Lil' Left Coast - Merrick

So we tried this for lunch and we gotta say that it's not bad.
A Torta Grande (that comes up on the receipt as Torta Gigante) was a good sandwich. For $10 it has a decent amount of pork belly (not seasoned, just pork belly) ham, and lots of slaw and not much in the way of cheese or avocado, or gardiniera, but still good. My only quip would be the "fried egg". Besides being a bit "eggy" in flavor, I do forget that hipsters make dishwasher style eggs and they are not to my liking. An indifferently fried, poorly made brown and crunchy crispy cellophane texture egg is not pleasing in my sandwich (or Anywhere near me). The egg is also unnecessary as it distracts from the rest and makes the pork belly combo a bit too rich. But hipster places seem to just place these poorly cooked eggs ontop of or in everything now.

A Mediterranean Coast Salad was enjoyed by my partner and my taste of it showed that the brown dressing is the same industrial dressing I have come across at other hipster style joints around. Not bad, just a cop out. OH!, and rejoice all non-chowhounds! the dressing on ALL salads comes on the side! The chicken that topped the salad was good, but refrigerator cold. Her raspberry iced tea was not good.

I will return someday to try out a few of the other menu items.

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

I too like the indie food places. Do you have any suggestions that are similar to what one might find in a Cracker Barrel? (preferably better;-)

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

The "nice cajun style dinner place" I was referring to is RS Jones in Merrick (open only at dinner hours). The "terrible version at some odd place I tripped over" is Biscuits and Barbeque where I was served one of the worst renditions of CFS yet. Mara's doesn't do it for me, at all, at either of their locations.
I'm not a chain kinda guy, but like many of us, we gotta do what we gotta do sometimes. And that brings us back to seeking out good chow. Chain or not.

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

Lacking alcohol, perhaps?

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

<<"Surely there must be someplace else that would serve the purpose...">>

Since this is only about food, what do you suggest as "someplace else"?

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

Quick Service Restaurants.
The trade term for fast food restaurants.

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

It ain't just the rural south, they are in Upstate New York and in Eastern Connecticut, outside the NYC surrounding area. And as mcsheridan says, "highly traveled Interstates with easy-on, easy-off exits and a fair amount of real estate dedicated to their customer's parking."

Just keeping up hope they will find a place to open on Long Island. I'd gladly visit often.

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

Lately there have been places to score a Country/Chicken Fried Steak on Long Island, from a nice cajun style dinner place to the chain Texas Roadhouse to a terrible version at some odd place I tripped over.
That said, the food (Chicken n' Dumplins; Homestyle Chicken®; "Country Fried Steak - A generous portion of our USDA Choice Steak breaded and deep-fried then topped with our own Sawmill Gravy.) and the price point of Cracker Barrel Restaurant is more than welcome anywhere on Long Island. Chain or not.

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

yeah. that link is the same as their facebook page i posted.
i was just looking for something to eat... :-)

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

I read somewhere that there once was a Cracker Barrel on Long Island, but I can't find anything to back up this statement. I do stop by Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Country Store in Fishkill, NY and Hamburg, Pa and whatever other locations I've stopped in once or twice.

This facebook page:
makes it clear they want one in Ronkonkoma.

This one:
makes it clear that there are people who would welcome a Cracker Barrel on Long Island.

Either way, Long Island has the most QSR's per square mile and/or per capita than any other place in the USA. Sonic and DQ have finally found their way onto Long Island.

There's Texas Roadhouse in East Meadow and a whole heck of a lot of whatever chains everywhere.

Why not Cracker Barrel? It's been my experience that it beats the others hands down, for a chain...

Poke Sallet...any northerners ???? [Long Island]

It can be found on the South Fork on the East End in the dunes and such. A good hard boiling, draining, reboiling and draining can produce nice greens for uses such as a warm salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice pinch of salt; an omelet; and other culinary preparations.

Poison is in the dosage.

How Do You Pronounce "Gyro?"

Two quick notes. One, in "America" finding good yogurt was nearly impossible, until just recently. And even now, any brand of yogurt, "Greek" or not, is nowhere near as sour or as tasty as yogurt in Greece. It's good for dessert, if that. But not for savory applications such as a traditional Greek tzatziki made with cucumber garlic and sour cultured milk/cream.
Two, sour cream, has been a very reasonable substitute for watery "American" style yogurt. It's thick, cultured, and blends well in traditional Greek tzatziki made with cucumber garlic and sour cultured milk/cream.

Jacques Pepin in an episode of one of his shows blends both "Greek" yogurt and sour cream with cucumber and garlic to make Greek tzatziki. He claims it tastes much more like the tzatziki in Greece.

There has been a trend for about 15 years or so for Greek food service establishments in America, and now abroad, to strain yogurt to an overly thick wall paper paste and add a little chopped garlic and call it "tzatziki". An unsuspecting and unfamiliar dining crowd doesn't know that it's not "real" tzatziki.

I'm sure that many will find much more misinformation out there than truth. As most of these discussions prove.

And let's not forget the source of information. A local gyro joint that sucks real bad has a guy telling everyone that the food he serves is "authentic" and everyone ELSE is pulling the wool over their eyes...

Yeerdos for the weirdos

Best diner on Long Island??

yep. 20+ pages, front and back, with inserts. what could POSSIBLY be fresh or Made properly?

Best diner on Long Island??

I don't think this pick is from a LI diner, but it's a somewhat similarly too large and confusing menu type thing... instead of the LI typical 20+pages with inserts and ....

Best diner on Long Island??

Breakfast, hot and cold sandwich lunches and three "Blue Plate Specials" of the day at lunch define a diner. Operating from early morning hours to 3 or 4 pm the latest.
These Big Box "Diner Restaurants" have changed the definition in NJ, NY and surrounding areas, adding 24/7 hours and somehow omit places such as Maureen's from being labeled as a diner. Even Thomas's Ham and Eggery changed their name to include "Diner" in their title and now stay open and serve food at dinner hours (but not 24/7).

<<"I've found that breakfast any almost any diner can't be beat!!">>

"almost" being the operative word in that statement.

Best diner on Long Island??

For those that enjoy dinner at a diner (an oxymoron to us) the South Bay Diner on Sunrise Hwy in Lindenhurst is claimed by many to be one of the best. YMMV

Best diner on Long Island??

I believe the source of the breakfast sausage at the Baldwin Coach Diner is the deep fryer. The same deep fryer used for many things like fries and anything they want done fast.

I find that at 4am, in a drunken stupor, the diner provides some of the tastiest cheese fries.

The Lighthouse Diner on Sunrise Hwy in Wantagh is especially adept at providing a plate of fries, fried in the same oil as the sausages and everything else, topped with a semi-melted blanket of mozzarella cheese and a small monkey dish of brown gravy on the side. YMMV