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StL....Anthonino's on the Hill

Love their Gyros and they have great pizza also.

Fried Chicken - St. Louis

Very welcome...FWIW, I wouldn't say any of these places has a "great" atmosphere, as a matter of fact, I think only Frank and Helen's and Gallaghers serve drinks.

Fried Chicken - St. Louis

My favorite is Frank and Helen's on Olive east of I-170. It is not pan fried, it is broasted and it's the best I've found in Stl.

Also good is Young's in Valley Park and King Edwards in Crestwood...I don't think either of these is pan fried, but they are very good.

I hear Gallaghers in Waterloo, IL has great pan fried chicken on Sundays, but I've never been there on Sunday.

Best places to eat in St. Louis, period.

Prime Rib-Kreis's on Linbergh in Frontenac

Steaks (Prime)-Citizen Kane's in Kirkwood

Italian-Tony's (expensive) or Cafe Napoli in Clayton (not as expensive)

Burger-O'Connell's on Kingshighway

Deli-Lester's in Ladue

Fried Chicken-Frank & Helen's on Olive

Buffet-Harrahs Casino

STL...really good fried chicken

Where is Golden Corral?

Lent's long over - where's a good fish fry in the STL?

The Dubliner downtown on Washington has good fish and chips.

Chinese food in St. Louis

I agree about the Eat at Joe forum.

I do like Wan Fu on Manchester in Des Peres.

Sep 17, 2008
highcard in Great Plains

STL...really good fried chicken

Best in town is Frank & Helen's broasted chicken. They are on Olive, east of the Innerbelt.

Also good is Young's in Valley Park and King Edwards in Crestwood.

STL Recommendations - Italian

I like Trattatoria Branica in Frontenac.

STL - moving to St. Louis Hills- restaurants?

I wouldn't sweat FOTD's snarkiness...he gets it from hanging out at the St. Louis Post Discrap forums.

STL - moving to St. Louis Hills- restaurants?


steak in st louis?

Citizen Kane's is the BEST for steaks.

Kreis' is the best for Prime Rib.

Best Pizza in St. Louis – WITHIN Parameters

Gianino's on S. Lindbergh at Watson Rd....the best.

Aug 07, 2008
highcard in Great Plains

Eats before Riverport/Verizon in St. Louis

We went to the Doobie Bros/Chicago show a couple of nights ago and had dinner beforehand at Serra's.

Basically a pizza/italian joint...with fantastic pizza and good salad.

Not fancy, but really good pizza and very close to Verizon.

Go to Sauce Mag. online for directions.


I like Gianino's at Lindbergh and Watson. Also like the Italian place in Le Chateau Village at Clayton and Lindbergh...Tratatoria Bianco (or something like that).

Best Mexican Food in St Louis

Senor Pique on Manchester just West of 141.

STL downtown Charlie Gitto's, I don't get it

I'm not sure of the ownership, but I think it's the same owner.

The location on the Hill is much more upscale and it has a different menu.

The downtown location is a dump in comparison.

STL downtown Charlie Gitto's, I don't get it

Gitto's on the Hill is very good...the one downtown is not good.

Best Pizza in St. Louis . . .

Richard...try the New York Style at Ami''s great.

Just a couple of nights ago, I had a pizza at Giannino's on Lindbergh, just South of Watson. Really good...not quite thin crust, yet not really "hand tossed" thickness.

edited to change thinkness to thickness...doh

Nov 17, 2007
highcard in Great Plains

St.Louis: Nick & Elena's Pizzeria?

I like New York style (hand tossed), and my favorites are Frank and Helen's on Olive (East of the Inner Belt) and Ami's on Manchester in Rock Hill.