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Anchovies, Sardines, Kippers: are stinky canned fish interchangeable?

I recently found a great source for my favorite brand of kippers (Polar) and have stocked up accordingly, as in, I bought two cases of 18 cans last week.

I keep running across recipes that call for anchovies or sardines, and while I'm willing to go out and pick these up, I'm wondering if they would work with kippers instead. In general, the recipes in question are Mediterranean and call for the fish in some kind of sauce or topping for pasta, polenta, greens, bread, etc., along with other salty, intensely flavored ingredients like olives, garlic, capers, etc.

To me these are all in the "stinky fish" category, but I know their flavors are nuanced and not the same. Would the smokiness of the kippers mess up the flavor profile in a dish that calls for anchovies or sardines?

Mar 22, 2013
SighBorg in Home Cooking