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90 pounds of Pork Loin, shoulder and hams

I am in charge of all of the pork for a fundraiser next weekend....I did it last year and didn't write anything down. I have 2 boned and rolled shoulders, 2 boned and rolled pork loins, and 2 boned and rolled hams. I remember I dry rubbed them with some dizzy pig dust, and cooked some in roasters and some in my oven.....if anyone has ANY suggestions or tips for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Time, temp, etc. I'm quite nervous about this! We usually serve half bbq'd and half plain. Thanks in advance!

Mar 06, 2014
nwinterland in Home Cooking

Advice on slow cooking pork shoulders and loins!! 60 lbs in roasters and oven..

I'm in charge of slow cooking 60 pounds of pork for Saturday for a fundraiser. They will be in 10-12 pound roasts. I was thinking a rub on the outside and slow cooking at 225-250 overnight. Because of the large amount ill have to use roasters and my oven. They're shoulder or loins, mixed.

Any advice is appreciated and I'd like to make sure the planned temp is ok, how long, finishing temp I should remove, and what the resting time is. Also, I did one roast last year and it turned out great, but have no experience with roasters.


Mar 21, 2013
nwinterland in Home Cooking