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Basic Steamed Artichokes

I am making them tonight! A family recipe, passed down: We would clean them like above, except leave a good amount of the stem- it is delicious. We stretch the leaves out (spread them open a little, as well as the top). Then pour olive oil over the artichoke and season it with: sliced garlic (inserted in 3 or 4 leaves and one in the center on top). We use Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Then salt and pepper the entire artichoke and last, sprinkle (liberally), crushed mint leaves, so they would fall inside the leaves and center of the artichoke. Steam them for about 40 minutes- until a fork poked into the leaves proves tender, or the leaves begin to fall, or the stem is very tender. Try it, it is delicious!

Apr 08, 2013
SerendipityC in Recipes