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Restaurant suggestions in Lost Pine (near Hyatt)

Hi there. I am the PR director at Hyatt Lost Pines, and I can recommend several restaurants in downtown Bastrop, which is just 15 or so minutes from the resort. Among the best delights: Maxine's, Baxter's, the Bastrop Brewhouse and Lock's Drug Store for a milkshake or ice cream (and a gander at a drawer still marked for arsenic a la days gone by, but obviously filled w/ other items appropriate for nowadays). Additionally, a great and authentic BBQ stop is Benny's Barbecue, and it's only a mile east of our resort's front drive. If there's anything else you might need, our concierge team can make recommendations to you on-site! We look forward to welcoming you!

Mar 21, 2013
neverfier in Texas