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Disappointed in Dillard

As far as I can gather from what I saw. They source alot of the produce from Atlanta markets, which a lot of places in the area do. As you said, there just not enough places to source locally for that kind of volume.

BTW, I am not with the ad business. I actually cook at one of the Local Country Clubs.
IN the summer we do get some stuff Locally. We use a produce company that also visits Atlanta to get their stock. We also get some very good goat cheese out of Cullowee, some organic produce from a company in Asheville.
As far as chow worthy food. I agree it is not something a Foodie would pursue. They serve alot of food, lots of it fried, but that is what they are know for.
I have not been into their seafood night. So I cannot comment on the fried items or the soup.
This type of place seems popular in this area. Their is a place in Dilsboro that also serves this style. There used to be a place, I believe it was called the Food Mill, never went myself, but it was another quantitiy place.

Mar 21, 2013
bonanacroi in Southeast

Disappointed in Dillard

I was recently in the Kitchen at the Dillard House. I can assure you that everything is made from scratch and that the owners go to the farmers market to purchase all the produce. I was amazed at size of the kitchen. They use the same recipes for the items. They age the hams in the original ham house, They have a killer bbq pit and smoker behind the kitchen. Before commenting on that" Dillard House's kitchen is sub-contracted out to a big corporate operator" check into your info. They do a brisk business and have been in business for a long time, they are obviously doing something right.

Mar 20, 2013
bonanacroi in Southeast